55 Days Of Cafe: To Drink Or Not To Drink?

welcome back, penn state. It’s the Monday after spring break, which means two things:

  1. graduation is less than two months away.
  2. today is the first day of 55 days of coffee.
  3. 55 Days of Coffee is now in its eighth year and has become a staple among graduating seniors, with 304 people completing the challenge last year. This Penn State tradition is a marathon event in which students ages 21 and older go to the 210 West Cafe for 55 days in a row, beginning the Monday after Spring Break and running through the end of the semester.

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    The rules are pretty simple. Participants must purchase at least one menu item (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) every day, sometime between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. m. and 2 a.m. m.

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    all official rules can be found here. read them carefully so you don’t inadvertently ruin your chances of completing the challenge. those who last 55 days will have their names inscribed on a plaque, which will be proudly displayed in time for the art festival.

    Just like last year, the dates have been changed to accommodate graduation weekend. Day 55 will be the Monday after graduation weekend, May 11. Saturday and Sunday of that weekend will not count toward the 55 days. Easter Sunday is considered a day off.

    We have given you advice for surviving the 55 days of the past. (the key to not spending a ridiculous amount of money is to go during the day, so you don’t have to pay coverage fees). however, this year, we’re going to tell you about the pros and cons of participating in 55 Cafeteria Days.

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    As someone who has fallen for the marketing gimmick completed the 55-day challenge twice, I feel qualified to give you a few things to consider before making your decision.


    • you get your name on a plaque that is permanently on display at the 210 west cafe. For me, the thought of leaving Penn State was truly terrifying, so it’s nice to know that in this small way, your name will stay in Happy Valley for years to come (or you could just buy a brick >). Eternal glory is really the goal of all this challenge.
    • there is a private party on the 55th with free food and drinks for those who complete the challenge.
    • This event gives you an excuse to go to a bar for 55 days straight. most likely you are in the last year of the second semester. There will probably never be a time in your life when you can go to a bar 55 days in a row without your friends and family thinking you are an alcoholic.
    • Honestly, it’s tempting – if you get a good group together to complete the 55 days, this Penn State tradition can be a lot of fun and a real bonding experience.
    • cons:

      • you need to spend money that college students blew up and just don’t have. there is no way around this, because the rules require participants to purchase an item every day. A server once told me that the cheapest item on the menu is celery sticks, but who eats celery sticks 55 days straight and really calls themselves a champion? if he’s looking to save money, go during the day when there aren’t any cover fees, because a late-night $5 cover at the cafe can quickly become the bane of your existence.
      • Going to the bar 55 days in a row becomes a nuisance. it’s raining. Are you sick. you have an exam the next day. sorry, you still have to go to the cafe.
      • the “private party” of the 55th has gotten progressively worse every year. I was expecting unlimited food and drinks but instead was handed a ticket for two free drinks and two free beers while my hero zero rang at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. and trying to get food while 300+ people are fighting over popcorn, hot dogs and nachos isn’t really my cup of tea.
      • senior, whatever your decision is, coffee or no coffee, make sure you take advantage of your last two months. trust me, it goes faster than you think.

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