Are Cafe Racers Good for Beginners? (9 Things You Should Know)

cafe racers are powerful, lightweight motorcycles optimized for speed and handling.

Named after regular diner patrons who challenged each other to street races, Cafe Racers are tempting for anyone who gets excited about motorcycles.

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if you’re new to riding, you may be wondering if this style of bike is right for someone of your level of experience, and this article will address just that.

here’s why cafe racers are good for beginners

cafe racers are a good choice for a first bike. A first bike should have a comfortable riding position, exemplary handling, inspiring styling and the right size engine, and cafe racers have all of this and more.

Below are some of the advantages of getting on a cafe racer as a beginner, and I have also listed some disadvantages.


  • mid-foot controls and low seat make learning easy. A bike with mid controls feels like a bike: feet square with shoulders. Forward controls mean your legs are extended in front of you, tilting your upper body back slightly into a subtle recline. rear controls (like a sports bike) mean your legs come back behind you, leaning your upper body forward.
  • The riding position makes handling easier and turns less intimidating to master.
  • cafe racers are iconic, with their own style. For many, this style is classic modern motorcycle styling.
  • cafe racers typically have a mid-range engine size, perfect for comfort in every speed range.
  • parts for a cafe racer are generally inexpensive, and its simple vibe makes it easy to customize.
  • cons

    • cafe racers have limited space for storage required for long trips. As the name indicates, the cafe racers are designed for rides around the city.
    • the cafes start to feel uncomfortable after a decent period of driving. again, they’re built for city streets.
    • Old cafe racers are unreliable, although today many of the top brands offer a modern cafe racer-inspired bike, and they are just as reliable as any new bike.
    • Are café racers comfortable to drive?

      cafe racers are at home riding the way they were meant to be driven: around town.

      long rides on a low seat that squats you over the intermediate controls will hamper even the most experienced rider’s style.

      however, for the city they are perfect.

      A low, lean frame with an upright stance makes it easy to jump, park fast, and as sleek as the bikes when it’s time to dodge downtown obstacles.

      How does a café racer compare to other bikes?

      When it comes to the frame, cafe racers fall somewhere between a sportbike and a mid-size cruiser.

      let me be more specific for any welcome newcomers who are interested in bicycles. a sports bike is like a kawasaki ninja and a small cruiser is like a harley sportster.

      Cafe racers are smaller and lighter than cruisers, but bigger and bulkier than sports ones. again, I mean the shape of the bike, not the power.

      Horsepower varies by era, but a typical cafe racer has an engine size between 300 and 1200cc.

      Modern 1200cc Caf races are fairly comparable to a mid-size cruiser in speed and power, though the Caf’s light weight often results in a slightly higher top speed, depending.

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      which café racers are good for beginners?

      twin street win

      price: $8700

      triumph has recently revamped its historic line of cafe racers, outfitting them with contemporary features like abs, riding modes, traction control and a more powerful engine, all under the same vintage styling.

      honda cb100

      price: $10,999

      The Honda CB series is arguably the ultimate cafe racer, and if it isn’t, it’s certainly still the most sought after. His CB1100, while having the gripper styling, now features a big 1142cc fuel injected engine.

      norton commando 961 cafe racer

      price: $19,995

      when people tell stories about rockers running from cafe to cafe in egland back in the day, chances are someone by their name rode a norton. Its 961cc parallel twin engines power the bike with 78 horsepower, working together with Ohlins adjustable suspension and Brembo dual disc brakes to create a smooth and elegant ride.

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      what is the typical cost of a café racer?

      The price of a cafe racer varies depending on the era, size, make, model, the number of original parts it has, and the general condition of the motorcycle.

      for the sake of clarity, let’s look at the cost of new and old cafe racers separately.


      A new cafe racer costs between $5,000 and $20,000, depending on what you’re looking for.

      times have changed since the days of rat racing, and the modern cafe racer comes equipped with all kinds of high-performance parts.


      For the sake of brevity, I’ve listed prices for vintage cafe racers that are ready to go and modest in the $2,000-$12,000 price range as an example.

      With older cafe racers, the difference in price range is drastic, considering the condition of the parts used during the rebuild and the added collector value. you can find great deals on project bikes that don’t work at all if you know how to build them yourself.

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      you will also find old cafeteria buildings that are sculptures, works of art, more than vehicles.

      Let’s take the middle road and examine some functional, ready-to-drive cafe racer builds.

      maintenance costs

      An oil change costs between $100 and $200, depending on the size of the engine (and how much oil it needs), and most standard routine maintenance, like an oil change and the service, they are about the same on old and old engines. new coffee bikes.

      however, rebuilding carburetors and replacing parts on a vintage cafe racer adds more financial stress on a more regular basis.

      Are café racers reliable?

      again, this depends a lot. In the case of classic bikes, it depends on how well the bike was maintained by previous owners, how they stored it, how often it was sat on, how often it was ridden, and what parts it was rebuilt with (and by whom).

      Modern technology like fuel injection, advanced suspension and cpu make the new cafe racers much more reliable.

      Are café racers good for commuting?

      commuting is where they shine.

      cafe racers are excellent city bikes; these bikes were designed for commuting.

      Their agility makes dodging downtown obstacles a piece of cake, and their size makes parking a coffee bike as simple as parking a bike.

      Are café racers good for long trips?

      this is where its brightness starts to dim a bit.

      These bikes are small and simple.

      They were not designed to be long-distance road roosters. these are city bikes through and through, and don’t have a lot of room for luggage.

      Sure, you modified a coffee cycle with sissy bars and overnight bags, but by now, you’re bogged down with extra weight and spending a lot of money, so you might as well opt for a midsize cruiser.

      what is the difference between a café racer and a bobber?

      the main difference between a cafe racer and a bobber is that bobbers are cruisers that have been trimmed down for cosmetic reasons, usually without the suspension in favor of a sprung saddle (which rocks up and down when you ride) , while the cafe racers were modified to be fast and agile.

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