Dog Cafes, Cat Cafes, and Pet Cafes — Ho Chi Minh City

When the French brought coffee to Vietnam in the 19th century, I wonder if they ever thought of a “drinking coffee with pets” subculture. would evolve. It’s a fascinating side of Saigon that I quickly fell in love with. Here’s an overview of cat cafes, dog cafes, and other pet cafes in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

Please note that some of these cafes may close and new ones may open. write in the comments if you find any changes or if you have personal recommendations to add to the list.

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Food: If you have food, you are popular. some of the cats & dog cafes will sell you food for a few dollars. it’s worth it! cats will crawl all over you and dogs will be your new best friends. (some of the cafes may not allow food, ask the staff beforehand)

Hours: Call ahead or check their facebook page to make sure the pet cafe you’re trying to visit is open. their hours vary and some days may be closed. It seems that their respective facebook pages are up to date.

When to go: during the week, during the day is probably the best time to visit if you expect fewer people. on weekends and holidays the cafes are busier but still fun to visit.

Hygiene: Each cafeteria will require you to sterilize your hands with alcohol spray when you first arrive. You will also need to remove your shoes and wear the provided slippers. sometimes cats or dogs like to pee to mark their new territory (your stuff!), so be careful where you put your stuff. I got cat pee on my motorcycle jacket (do you know how spicy cat pee is?) and a dog tried to pee on my backpack.

Drinks: All cafes will require you to purchase drinks. prices are average for coffee and other drinks (by Saigon standards). 30k — 60k ($1.50 — $3).

(formerly ailu cat house cafe)

First cat cafe I visited. the one that started my quest to visit the other pet cafes. very attentive staff and they had hedgehogs when i went! they let me hold a hedgehog (definitely recommend gloves) and let them roam while the cats sniffed at them curiously, quite entertaining to watch.

address: 284c nguyễn trọng tuyển, p.10, q.phú nhuận, tp.hcm, việt namhours: 10:00 am — 9:00 pm (closed Monday)phone: +84 8 3997 0299facebook:

lots of stuffed animals & friendly dogs on the first floor with a pug who will be on your lap in 30 seconds if he sees you sitting on the floor. cats in the second floor loft, including a sphynx cat who was quite friendly and wanted to sit on my lap, perhaps because we are both hairless, we bonded instantly. there were also two kittens that looked like little ewoks to me.

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address: 58 đường d2, phường 25, q. binh thạnh, phường 25, tp. hồ chí minh (address is a bit strange on google maps. search for yuna alaska coffee)hours: 8:00 am — 10:00 pmphone: 090 863 62 89 facebook:

kens house cafe has about 12 sled dogs of various breeds: husky, malamute, etc. on the second floor. there was a very friendly little toy dog ​​on the first floor who greeted me when I walked in, not sure if he’s always there though. they also sell dogs on the first floor. I asked to play with one of these dogs as they probably don’t get much attention. he was so happy to be out of his cage for a while.

one of the guys gave me food to feed the dogs. this made me a bit more popular, but not as much as it was at cat food cafes where they climb all over you. they were listening to loud music that made it difficult to talk. I’m not sure if this is common, but you can probably ask them to turn it down. Or maybe it’s just that I’m getting older and don’t want to feel like I’m inside a club with 12 dogs (that’s one idea. “dog club” spinning the latest edm with roaming huskies). I guess if they were blaring “who let the dogs out” it would be more fun.

address: 231 phạm văn hai, phường 5, tân bình, hồ chí minhhours: 9:00 am — 10:00 pm phone: 093 208 01 84facebook:

There are 2 hachiko cafes. I went to the one at 1531a Đường 3/2. Of all the dog cafes I’ve visited, they definitely have the largest variety of dogs, large and small. the cafe was full of people when I went. the dogs are very friendly although they seemed thirsty, licking the condensation from the cups.

Named after the famous Japanese Akita dog “hachiko”, known for waiting for his master at the train station every day for more than nine years after he passed away.

address: 1531a Đường 3/2, phường 16, quận 11, hồ chí minhfacebook: coffee/158249691397870

another coffee for hachiko dogs:

address: 14 hoa sữa, phường 7, q.phú nhuận (khu phan xích long) ho chi minh cityhours: 7:00 am — 10:00 am 30 pmphone: 090 647 83 89facebook:

a dog cafe that I didn’t get a chance to visit.

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address: 106a nơ trang long, phường 14, bình thạnh, hồ chí minhhours: 8:30 am — 10:30 pm phone: 097 329 23 18facebook:

the other dog cafe I didn’t get a chance to visit.

address: chu văn an, phường 26, bình thạnh, ho chi minh cityhours: 6:30 am — 10:00 pmphone: 094 442 04 04 facebook:

a reptile-focused cafe with a giant iguana as its main attraction. you can also see water dragons, bearded dragons, geckos, snakes, frogs, turtles and spiders. they even have some cats and dogs. it is family friendly and most alligators can be collected. I even saw kids between the ages of 3 and 5 petting the big iguana that probably outweighed them. the cafe itself is a bit run down and not very clean but if you’re looking to interact with reptiles it’s a good place.

address: 93/18 phạm văn hai, phường 3, tân bình, hồ chí minh hours: 9:00 am — 10:00 pm phone: 093 306 93 99 facebook:

A great animal cafe for families and kids that focuses on birds. there is also a squirrel, some rabbits, a big turtle and some snakes and lizards. It is very well maintained and very clean, with a small playground for the children. the staff is very attentive and can help you hold the parrots. just watch out for their shiny buttons and jewels, they’ll grab hold of them and not want to let go!

They call it a mini zoo in the heart of Saigon and it feels exactly like that. a zoo where you can interact with a large number of animals.

address:198 nguyễn văn hưởng, thảo Điền, quận 2, hồ chí minhhours: 9:00 am to 8:00 pmphone: 091 707 66 77 facebook:

I visited this cat cafe in February 2018 but since April 1, 2018 it is permanently closed

address: 221/2 trần quang khải, tân Định, quận 1, hồ chí minhfacebook:

This Alice in Wonderland-themed cat cafe is no longer open. I read it on a list of cafes and searched the entire building where it used to be, only to find that it wasn’t there anymore.

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