A Guide to The Coffee Shops of Jersey City

If you’re looking for a new place to grab your morning coffee or afternoon snack, read on. hoboken girl has looked for some great places to get this coveted drink in jersey city, whether you frequent downtown, bergen-lafayette, mcginley square, the heights, or anywhere else, jersey city has something for everyone when it comes to of caffeine. here’s your guide to jersey city coffee shops:

9 coffee bar | 18 erie street & green street 200 in the urby

9 bar coffee jersey city

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With two locations in Jersey City, 9 Bar, named for the amount of pressure needed to make a perfect espresso, is home to a variety of hot and cold classics like machiattos, cortados, and nitro cold brew. There are also delicious selections for breakfast and lunch, including quiche, muffins (both regular and gluten-free), cookies, and Italian-style sandwiches.

dairy-free milks available: oat, almond, soy, coconut

beech wood coffee | 290 grove street & 18 avenue overlooking the park.

beechwood cafe jersey city

with a full restaurant for breakfast and lunch located on grove street and the kitchen of the b18 cafe near harsimus cove, the team at beechwood has you covered. the coffee here is on point, with a slightly bitter flavor and hints of vanilla (definitely try the iced coffee). Beechwood also offers egg sandwiches, wraps, and Korean bowls with bulgogi or bibimbap for an afternoon meal.

coffee butler | burrow street 350

butler cafe jersey city

(photo credit: @butlercafejc)

Enjoy a tête-à-tête in the comfy chairs, pitch a tent at the communal laptop table, or simply enjoy the outside view from inside over coffee. They offer a wide variety of hot and iced beverages, as well as savory and sweet food options. Whether you’re stopping by for your morning coffee, lunch, or an afternoon snack, they’ve got you covered.

dairy-free milks available: oatmeal, almond

bwe coffee | 140 river leads south

hoboken girl blog bwe kafe coffee

With locations in Jersey City and Hoboken, bwè features coffee beans sourced directly from Haiti, with two delicious methods of brewing, including the “pour-over” method for hot coffee and the Japanese slow-drip method for coffee. iced coffee. pair it with savory treats like cheddar cheese scones, a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin, or any of the gluten-free treats available.

dairy-free milks available: oat, almond, soy

madelaine coffee | 34 coles street

With coffee and tea, this café also has uniquely French options like les croques (fried and baked sandwiches with ham and lots of gooey cheese), as well as quiches and homemade sandwiches on flaky baguettes.

dairy-free milks available: almond, oat, coconut, soy

shock or pain | 530 jersey ave. & 330 palisade avenue

With downtown and high-rise locations, this is the perfect place for freshly baked breads and pastries like flourless chocolate cake, macaroons and apple pies. Check out the daily changing breakfast and lunch menu that includes quiche and croissants, and pair classic coffee drinks like cappuccino, lattes, and American coffee.

dairy-free milks available: oatmeal, almond

cocoa bakery | 275 Great Street & 475 central avenue

cocoa bakery jersey city

With no shortage of varieties of cookies, cakes, and pastries, the Cocoa Bakery also has plenty of coffee and tea, as well as hot chocolate and hot mulled cider (perfect for fall!). Don’t forget to buy a cake truffle on the way out.

dairy-free milks available: oat, almond, soy

ladies espresso bar | 581 jersey avenue

With juices made daily and baked goods like mini almond croissants and banana bread, dames also offers tasty beverages like caramel lattes, espresso, and tasty iced teas (hibiscus lime anyone?). there’s also a lovely garden out back for a nice day of coffee alfresco, and the baristas take their art of frothing seriously.

dream view | 177 york street

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dream vista(Photo credit: @dreamvistajc)

This charming place is the sister of the vista cafe in hoboken. Visitors here can enjoy an Insta-worthy setting while sipping beers from the Abbotsford Road Roastery. the coffee menu has all the classics, and a special section that includes Turkish blends, in honor of the owner’s native country. A variety of loose leaf tea blends are also available, as are an incredible array of flavored syrups, including pumpkin and butterscotch, perfect for the fall season.

dairy-free milks available: oat, almond, soy

foam in franklin | 85 franklin street

This cozy little cafe offers hot and iced beverages like matcha tea and cold brew, and some pretty stellar pastries with treats like a chili cheddar twist pretzel and vegan (and gluten-free!) chocolate donuts. .

dairy-free milks available: oat, almond, soy, coconut

gregory’s coffee | 10 place of exchange & 532 washington blvd

With locations near the exchange and newport path stations, this popular new york chain brews its own (pretty strong) coffee with flavors like gregs house blend made with colombian coffee and house blend Gesha prairie with floral and fruity notes.


dairy-free milks available: unsweetened hemp, oat, almond, silk soy

coffee with hidden grounds | 141 1st Street & 276 street 1

hidden grounds coffee hoboken

With two locations in downtown Jersey City, Hidden Ground serves its custom coffees in flavors like Brazil Decaf (lemon, butter and chocolate notes) and Easton Espresso (milk chocolate and cherry flavors), as well like a variety of tea blends.

hudson grill | green street 160

(Photo credit: @eatthg)

Located in the financial center by the harbour, this is the perfect spot for a cup of lavazza coffee with nuts before work or for an afternoon break. There are also many options of omelet and bagel sandwiches for breakfast, as well as weekly lunch specials.

dairy-free milks available: oatmeal, almond

hybrid coffee & kitchen | 398 manila av.

hybrid coffee jersey city

(photo credit: @drinkhybrid)

chilltown’s first coffee shop on wheels opened a physical location with the same delicious coffee options and an expanded food menu. the owner is bnr in jersey city. from the coffee to the food to the store design, everything is chic, fun and will keep you coming back for more.

dairy-free milks available: oatmeal, almond, macadamia

lacakawanna coffee | 295 grove street & 140 bay street

located near grove street path station with a lovely back patio for outdoor seating, check out the wide variety of distinctive beverages on offer here including black sesame latte, honey latte from wild flowers or Japanese-style iced coffee, along with delicious freshly baked scones and cookies.

dairy-free milks available: oatmeal, almond, macadamia

little dove coffee | 589 palisade avenue.

lil dove cafe pumpkin spice

Decorated with a mix of soft furnishings in neutral tones, with pops of color thanks to amazing greenery and vintage wallpaper, Lil’ Dove Cafe is every coffee drinker’s dream place to grab a sip, linger a hanging out with his people or doing work is located on the heights and has top notch avocado toast if that’s your thing too.

dairy-free milks available: oatmeal, almond

modcup coffee company | 479 palisade ave., 25 senate place and exchange place

With a location on the heights, journal square and a coffee cart located near the food court in the financial center by the port, modcup has a variety of coffees with rich and complex flavors from places like guatemala, honduras, costa rich and more

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dairy-free milks available: macadamia, oats

prato coffee & bakery | 371 4th street & 150 bay street

Is there a better pairing than coffee and cantucci? we don’t think so, and we are lucky that there are now two places in Prato to enjoy this classic combo. cantucci are small, biscotti-like cookies that are the regional specialty of prato, italy. enjoy one or several with any of the delicious coffee drinks on offer, hot or iced. we like the cioccolatte, a coffee with milk made with nutella.

dairy-free milks available: oatmeal, almond

sam a.m. coffee | 112 morris street

This is a lovely little place on Paulus Hook to enjoy your brunch and coffee, especially on the weekends. check out the roast sam a.m. homemade or cold brew coffee and pair it with tempting baked goods {sticky pecan buns, anyone?} or hearty breakfast sandwiches.

dairy-free milks available: oat, almond, soy

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go away | 61 series street

(Photo credit: @scramjc)

This Hamilton Park store is open Thursday through Sunday, but the queue on weekends speaks to its popularity. Scram Brews Lounge Coffee, a Brooklyn-based roastery, and often offers specialty teas or homemade sodas. There is no indoor seating, so plan to take your order home or walk to nearby Hamilton Park for a picnic.

the cliff | 38 congress street

the cliff jersey city avocado toast

Another great spot in the heights, El Cliff has both vegan and gluten-free breakfast and lunch options. check out the “bowl of…” with quinoa, harissa, feta cheese, yogurt sauce and kalamata olives, yum! The Cliff also offers refreshing beverages such as mint and watermelon juice, matcha lemonade, and smoothies. iced coffee and pastries are also a must and are baked daily. if you happen to be there on a day when they have gluten-free donuts in stock, you’re in luck!

dairy-free milks available: oatmeal, almond, coconut, soy

the grinding shop | 360 Ave. comunipaw.

hoboken girl of the week shane

This coffee shop in Jersey City’s Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood is your one-stop shop for all things caffeine and sweets. The Grind Shop serves Cafe La Colombe and Donut Plant Donuts (which look and taste heavenly). Dairy-Free Peeps: There are options for you, too, including oat milk, which is always a win.

dairy-free milks available: oatmeal, almond

treehouse coffee shop 434a west side ave.

treehouse coffee is a jersey city gem, located on the west side streets of jc. coffee makes customers want more every time they visit. If you’re looking for a unique coffee drink, try the Vietnamese Redeye: cold brew, radicchio, vanilla, brown sugar, choice of milk, and espresso. you won’t regret it.

dairy-free milks available: hemp, oat, almond, soy, coconut, macadamia

the cabin | av. monticello 136

(Photo credit: @thecottagejc)

The cheerful yellow canopy is the signal that it’s time to relax. order one of the cottage’s homemade cakes and a coffee drink, and head out to the back patio for a relaxing afternoon. the cafe menu covers all the bases, from a simple hot cup to a caramel macchiato, and there are plenty of non-dairy options for vegans and vegetarians. there’s live music on the weekends and usually some sort of seasonal focus on the menu. this fall, it’s apples.

dairy-free milks available: oat, almond, soy, coconut, cashew, hemp, pistachio

what’s your favorite place to grab a cup of coffee in jersey city? Share with us in the comments below!

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