7 Best Instant Decaf Coffee Brands 2022 – Reviews, Top Picks & Guide

Picture of decaf coffeeYou’re looking for a cup of joe that’s quick, easy, and decaf. What do you grab? The most convenient option is instant decaf coffee. Instant coffee has a long history and can be a great option for busy coffee lovers.

If you’re looking for the best cup of instant decaf coffee, you’re in the right place. To help you save money and find a brand that suits your needs, our team has tested several instant decaf coffees and put together this list of our top seven picks. We’ve written detailed reviews of each brand and included a Buyer’s Guide to give you an idea of ​​what to look for. keep reading to find your new favorite instant coffee!

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our favorites (updated in 2022):

Top 7 Decaf Instant Coffees:

1. Decaf Instant Coffee Nescafé Taster’s Choice: Best Overall

NesCafé Taster’s Choice Decaf House Blend

The decaf house blend chosen by nescafé tasters is our top pick due to its bold flavor. decaf instant coffees generally lack boldness. the decaffeination process can strip coffee of its flavor. When you eliminate the process of grinding the coffee beans prior to extraction, you’re missing out on two of coffee’s main flavor enhancers.

However, with the decaf house blend chosen by the nescafé taster, the lack of freshness is masked. produces a full-bodied mouthfeel along with a bright aftertaste. it is light to medium roasted, so the flavor is more fruity than salty. This decaf blend also comes conveniently in individual grab-and-go packets. In general, it is a very balanced coffee. the only negative we’ve found is that it’s decaf, but chances are that won’t be a problem for you.

in short, we think this is the best decaf instant coffee of 2021.

2. Starbucks Italian Roast Instant Decaf – Best Value

Starbucks VIA Decaf Italian Coffee

starbucks via instant italian roast is the complete opposite of our top pick when it comes to flavor and roast profile. this instant coffee is also bold. however, its flavor and roast profile are on the darker end of the spectrum. for all you dark roast enthusiasts out there, this one is for you. Italian roast has a strong aroma that contributes to its bold flavor. is made with 100% Arabica beans, so this instant coffee holds up well to cream and sugar.

starbucks also offers this roast as a whole bean coffee and is available in the store. we’re happy to say that the taste is pretty much the same. it’s hard to tell instant coffee from freshly brewed. For that reason, the Starbucks via Instant Pot Italian Roast is our number two pick. the only thing we didn’t like about this one is the slightly astringent mouthfeel and the price.

3. folger’s classic decaf instant coffee

Folger’s Classic Decaf Instant Coffee

folger’s classic decaf instant coffee is just that: a classic blend many are familiar with. it has a bold nutty flavor like its caffeinated counterpart. it is a dark roast, so it has that characteristic smokiness characteristic of dark profiles. This instant decaf wouldn’t bother those looking for bold, savory flavors in their cup. it also has a low level of acidity.

folger’s classic decaf also comes conveniently in individual packets. On those mornings when even making instant coffee takes too long, you can just grab a serving to go. this coffee also stands up well to cream and sugar. the reason it’s number three on our list is the dull feeling it leaves in the mouth.

4. Cafe Altura Decaffeinated Instant Coffee – Best Organic

Café Altura Organic Decaf Instant Coffee

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For those looking for an organic option to decaf instant coffee, Café Altura Organic Decaf Instant is our top pick. This decaffeinated blend is made up of coffees from Indonesia, South America, and Central America. it has a balanced and neutral feel. it is light on the palate, but crunchy. This is another delicious decaf that tastes pretty much the same as its caffeinated counterpart.

We highly recommend this coffee for those looking for an organic coffee and who don’t mind a light-tasting coffee. We believe that just because a coffee tastes light doesn’t mean it’s not a great cup of coffee. Balance is key, and Cafe Altura Decaf Organic Instant Coffee has exactly that.

5. joe coffee nightcap house instant decaf

The Nightcap Joe Coffee decaf

joe coffee company is the newest coffee roaster to our list of decaf instant coffees. What’s exciting about Nightcap House Decaf coffee is that it’s the only coffee on our list that uses the Swiss water process that many third-wave quality coffee roasters use. the word that best describes this concoction is delicate. This coffee is a lightly roasted single origin from El Limoncello, Nicaragua. We recommend it for those who enjoy a smooth, lightly roasted coffee that includes all the nuances of the terroir. It has a light caramel aroma with a bright, fruity flavor. it also presents a balanced mouthfeel.

it is evident that the coffee roaster made this coffee meticulously. the only downside to this specialty instant coffee is the price. there are quality whole bean coffees that cost less than this brew. therefore, we only recommend this for those who truly appreciate the nuanced flavors of single origin coffee.

6. colcafe decaffeinated instant coffee

Colcafe decaf coffee

colcafe decaffeinated instant coffee is one of the favorite decaffeinated instant coffees in latin america, most likely because the beans are 100% colombian. that’s what makes this beer stand out from the rest. It has that bold flavor that is characteristic of Colombian coffees. unfortunately, however, it’s easy to tell that this is instant decaf coffee. we like it, but it lacks quality.

What we like about it is that it’s well balanced and has those dark roasted and smoky notes, as well as the cocoa notes from the beans. It’s a bold cup of coffee that stands up well to cream and sugar. we suggest this coffee for those who enjoy Colombian beans. if you can get past the poor quality and astringent mouthfeel, colcafé instant decaf will not disappoint.

7. sanka decaffeinated instant coffee

Sanka Instant Decaf Coffee

Sanka coffee was one of the first decaffeinated instant coffees to hit the market. It grew in popularity over the years, and remains one of the most widely consumed (if not the most widely consumed) decaffeinated instant coffees. although it is popular, it is at the bottom of our list due to its quality and taste. our team had a general consensus that sanka coffee had a little too much going on in the flavor department. not a balanced cup of coffee at all.

We recommend it to those who prefer coffee with cream and sugar. its flavor stands up well to those add-ins, but that’s about all it can do. however, we did notice that it has a full-bodied mouthfeel, which probably explains why it gained popularity. there was a time when it was uncharacteristic of a decaf instant coffee to have a strong mouthfeel, but sanka coffee changed that, and it’s one of the reasons we appreciate it.

buyer’s guide: how to find the best decaf instant coffee

A lot of people who say decaf instant coffee tastes bad haven’t even tried it. They believe that since instant coffee lacks freshness and decaf lacks flavor, decaf instant coffee is doubly bad. our top pick for instant decaf, the decaf house blend of choice for nescafé tasters, alone debunks that myth. decaffeinated instant coffee is widely consumed around the world, and roasters are constantly improving the flavors.

It’s wise to try the coffees for yourself, but that’s not really the cheapest way to go. With our top picks listed, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out for you. however, we are aware that our choices are not suitable for everyone. In the next section, we’ll cover some criteria to consider when choosing a decaf instant coffee.

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Unfortunately, you can’t tell a coffee tastes just by looking at it. so how do you decide? You can start by reading the flavor descriptions and customer reviews. then pick a brand and try it out!

Words to consider when determining flavor primarily have to do with the roast profile and origin of the instant coffee. dark roast is bold, smoky, and more bitter. medium and light roasts have balanced and subtle flavors that depend more on the country of origin of the coffee.


The mouthfeel is another characteristic that you can’t tell just by looking at the packaging. it’s also talked about less in consumer reviews. but if you come across any information on mouthfeel, you’ll generally want to be interested in instant coffees with full or round mouthfeels. mouthfeel basically describes the “texture” of the coffee. If you taste instant coffee that is dull or flat, you are describing your mouthfeel. luckily, a few options on our list have a full-bodied mouthfeel. If this is of great interest to you, check out folger’s classic decaf instant coffee or nescafé’s taster’s choice decaf house blend.

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If you like to drink decaf coffee on the go, individual packets are your best bet. these packs are particularly convenient for traveling and camping, but not all brands offer them.

combination vs. single source

This category isn’t as common in the world of instant decaf coffee, but with the third wave upon us, it’s only fair to mention single origin coffee. blends are less expensive and more prevalent in instant decaf options. the blends tend to have a balanced and round flavor.

single origin coffee is made from coffee beans that come from a single farm. Single origin coffees are typically lightly roasted and prized for their unique flavor notes, depending on where the coffee beans were grown. Joe Coffee Company Nightcap House Decaf is a great example of a light roast single origin instant decaf coffee.

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final verdict

what’s the bottom line? If you’re looking for the best decaf instant coffee available this year, we suggest our top pick, the Nescafé Tasters Choice Decaf House Blend. It’s an amazing instant coffee that you may think is better than some regular coffees. For those looking for a bold dark roast, Starbucks Instant Pot Italian Roast may be your new favorite.

The world of instant decaf coffee can be daunting, so we hope our in-depth reviews and buyer’s guide helped you find a great instant decaf coffee. you won’t have to sacrifice taste or budget for a quick and healthy cup of delicious decaf coffee.

we really hope our article helps you find the best decaf instant coffee for your palate. enjoy your tasty coffee!

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