Top 10 Coffee Shops in Denton

western oak coffee bar

denton coffee shops

near the heart of downtown, west oak was founded by two firefighters and stands out aesthetically among denton coffee shops with its cool vintage vibe, earth tones contrasted with ornate exposed brick walls with revolving artwork and ample furnishings constructed from reclaimed materials, modern light fixtures, hardwood floors, occasional touches of greenery, and convenient amenities for a productive coffee day.

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West Oak’s java beans are diligently sourced from the world’s top growing regions and roasted to perfection on-site by a talented team. Whether you’re looking for your next “regular” or a seasonal special to help mix things up, their baristas will be more than happy to guide you through an array of tempting prospects.

children’s coffee

when the sons of liberty marched aboard british ships anchored in boston harbor to pour tea into the murky depths just before the american revolution, they did so unwilling to compromise or abide by the status quo. Although his momentous spirit of rebellion is most often attributed to the birth of the greatest country on earth, it also led to the substitution of coffee for tea as the beverage of choice for true patriots. Building on that cultural influence, sons coffee pays homage to those who thrive on the precipice of human ingenuity.

This urban-industrial abode sports a minimalist interior with an emphasis on the things that matter most, loved ones, and the humble art of artisan coffee. Creative visionaries can find exceptional accommodation here, considering the large communal tables, super-fast Wi-Fi, abundance of outlets, and quieter corners to work. last but not least, the oatmeal flatbread is a divine mix of cinnamon-dusted horchata and oat milk on tap.

jupiter house coffee

residing in one of the many vintage storefronts that line downtown’s locust street is jupiter house, a two-story hallmark among denton coffee shops frequented for its spacious and artsy interior, intricate tile floors black-and-white tile, red accents, and ample seating arrangements. In addition to serving your traditional caffeine-rich favorites, they also make a variety of breakfast shakes, smoothies, and bagels.

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While it would be hard to imagine a superior atmosphere for productivity, in addition to optimal functionality, the attention to detail that has gone into designing this café with its perfect balance of charm and utility makes it an easy place to daytime meetings with coworkers, long overdue coffee dates, or solo work sessions.

coffee & cocktails

Located near Texas Women’s University, Golden Boy features black walls accented by shimmering gold bees, stars, and honeycombs, modern light fixtures mounted on a high exposed ceiling, and numerous wooden tables. not only can you expect to find delicious versions of your typical morning fix, but they also make craft cocktails that pair brilliantly with the alternative decor and probably a cake too.

java rocket

java rocket started out as a cafe-on-wheels operation, neatly housed inside a retro-style teardrop trailer. They now have a new home inside the Harvest House at 331 E Hickory Street with a full line of coffee, espresso, tea, fresh juice blends, and smoothies.

Located just east of downtown, Harvest House is Denton’s largest concert venue, bar, and beer garden rolled into one. feel free to lounge on your expansive outdoor patio with ample seating, fire pits, and amazing live musical talent. the backyard or side yard features a variety of games including pool, corn hole, darts, jenga, and giant connect four.

high ground

This adorable little self-service double abode located on the breezy corner of University Drive and Sunset Street is one of the prettiest coffee shops in Denton. What the high grounds may lack in size, it certainly makes up for in spirit, decor aesthetic, photogenic appeal, and an intimate common area where guests can mingle with friends and sample a fantastic brunch. plus, they have signature fusions enriched with flavor profiles ranging from snickerdoodle to recess, oatmeal cookie, and lavender honey.

avocado coffee roasters

Gaelic for “the big mouth,” avoca takes on a whole new meaning in the Dallas-Fortworth area. From its otherworldly concoctions like the Coca-Cola-infused Charlie Sheen Cold Brew to dependable classics, this roastery has been pushing the java figurative envelope of excellence since its founding in 2011. The recently opened Denton Cafe features minimalist white walls, warm earth tones, light-wood furniture, and an outdoor patio with cushioned seating.

zera coffee

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A non-profit organization operating under Denton Freedom House, Zera is run entirely through volunteer efforts with all profits going to running a residential program that supports men coming out of prison and addiction in hopes of breaking free of brokenness through community, love, and service. , and the truth. Dotted with plenty of booths, comfortable sofas, and tables, the eclectic atmosphere is a great place to study, meet up with friends or colleagues, host your next special event or gathering, or just kick back for a bit.

brown aura

this space has served as a trusted java haven among Dentonites for years, with that being said, aura serves up counterculture coffee, real fruit smoothies, quality teas, local baked goods, and culinary delights for breakfast amidst a Wonderful atmosphere, perhaps the highlight. by diverse furniture, pretty potted plants and a zen spirit. Their signature drinks are also one of a kind, with creations like the almond rock-enhanced ziggy stardust, the coconut-hinted kool keith, and the cinnamon-sweetened horchata iced coffee, your taste buds are sure to be tempted to embark on a packed adventure. of flavor.

seven mile cafe

seven mile cafe is a popular sit-down brunch destination featuring an espresso bar known for its coffee cocktails and other delicious signature creations, such as the trademark seven mile latte, a perfectly balanced harmony of sweetness and tartness clean, and chocolate. coffee cream, consisting of vanilla ice cream mixed with cold beer and chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream.

Their upscale home cooking features delicious takes on the familiar breakfast and lunch dishes we all crave, not to mention vegan options are also available. bingo, this is the hip abode where pancakes drenched in berries and syrup can dwarf the radius of a human face, plates are packed to the brim with all the usual fixings, and refreshing fruit juices complement the weekend mimosas hard-earned.

If you enjoyed this guide to the best coffee shops in denton, be sure to check out our list of the top 10 coffee shops in plano!

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