13 Of The Best Espresso Distribution Tools For A Better Brew

Most people consider distribution an afterthought. coffee is relatively flat; that’s fine, right? well, if you intend to make the best cup possible, you might want to consider an espresso dispensing tool.

A coffee distribution tool is a small tool used to make sure the grounds are evenly distributed throughout the filter. knowing which ones are and which ones are the best on the market can give you a great cup every time.

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Proper distribution and packaging are important in any real cup of coffee, but are particularly necessary for espresso due to the extremely fine grind used; it means you’re getting every last drop of flavor from your coffee experience.

read on for our picks for the best espresso dispensing tools.

at a glance: our top 5 picks for the best espresso dispensing tools

types of espresso distribution tools

Espresso dispensing tools come in different forms, each with its own brewing purpose. this is what each one does:

  • Levelers are designed to… well, level. flatten the top of your land.
  • manipulators are used to compress the bed of ground coffee and make the final flavor more intense.
  • Agitators are used to improve consistency.
  • The funnels ensure that none of the ground coffee spills while you dose your espresso or distribute it with a stirrer.
  • simple distributors that do almost all of that in one handy handy tool.
  • is a lot to consider. The right tool for you depends on your enthusiasm for making coffee and how perfect you want your shot of espresso to be. you might consider getting one of each type if you’re interested in making sure your espresso comes out perfect every time.

    the best espresso distribution tools

    If you’re considering upgrading your coffee setup but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got a few recommendations for you.

    We chose these products for their utility, aesthetics, and overall customer appeal. they are the best of the best when it comes to making the perfect cup of espresso.

    These are our top picks for the best espresso dispensing tools on the market.

    the 58mm apexstone distributor

    This reseller is at the top of our list because they are the highest rated reseller on amazon and for good reason. The Apexstone 58mm Distributor is as affordable as it is effective at its job, which means you don’t have to spread a lot to get perfectly distributed beans.

    This tool is adjustable and low profile, designed to work with most major brands of coffee machines. It has a steel base for precision and easy cleaning. We also really like that it comes with a one-year warranty, so you can try it out without worrying about it breaking.

    the 53mm matow distributor

    Another great steel dealer option, and it’s even more affordable. 53mm matow distributor can be adjusted up to 54mm if needed. it even has an adjustable depth to suit whatever density of espresso beans you need.

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    This dealer’s design is what sells it. It’s low-profile for easy storage and easy to use, with no levers or wrenches needed to make adjustments. it’s as easy as set, twist, push, remove.

    the double sided 53mm beymill coffee dispenser

    This device is an improvement on the classic distributor design. The Beymill 53mm Double Sided Coffee Distributor has, as the name implies, two sides. one is a three-flange distributor; the other is a flat tamper.

    This dispenser is a standard size so it will fit on almost any machine. Both sides are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and food safety, and both sides are adjustable. just turn, move and turn back.

    zaldia’s espresso distribution tool

    We liked this one for its unique design. Like the other distributors on this list, it has a three-flanged steel distributor plate that sits on top of a black plastic body. however, unlike the others, the zaldia espresso dispensing tool comes with a detachable coffee tamping surface. it’s flat and made of food-grade silicone, so it’s just as easy to clean as steel plate.

    This tool and accessory are 58mm, so they are on the larger side. the metal plate is finely sanded for smoothness and quality, and its casing is designed for easy grip, making it a good all-rounder.

    the matow espresso shaker

    Going in a slightly different direction, an espresso shaker is a great way to get even distribution and a better overall consistency, as it breaks up big clumps that would otherwise get too steep. The Matow Espresso Stirrer does just that with its four-pronged metal whisk.

    Prongs end in loops so they won’t scratch the basket and are made of heavy-duty stainless steel so they won’t rust or degrade. this design also makes it extremely easy to clean. the ergonomically designed handle allows you to hold it comfortably and ensure the best possible blending and leveling.

    the mekinmil espresso coffee stirrer

    Another great option for stirring is this beauty with a wooden handle. The Mekinmil Espresso Stirrer has a beautiful walnut handle that makes it easy to grip and move, while the three rounded needles ensure your ground coffee is as even as possible.

    What do we like the most about this little gem? comes with its own stand! that means you don’t have to go looking for it in the drawer or, more realistically, leave it lying on the side of the sink.

    the normcore espresso stirrer

    For a slightly more modern design, you can try the Normcore Espresso Stirrer. It has a simple and elegant black handle and three straight needles for easy breaking and raking.

    It’s about five inches long, which means you have plenty of room to dig deep and pull it out in one easy, controlled motion. normcore recommends combining it with a dosing funnel to prevent spillage, which brings us to our next product.

    the 58 mm matow dosing funnel

    If you’re using a stirrer, you’ll need this espresso dispensing tool. The Matow 58mm Dosing Funnel is perfect for keeping your grounds exactly where they’re supposed to be. It’s made from a single piece of food-grade steel that can be quickly rinsed between uses.

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    Using a funnel like this is a great way to get consistent weights for your coffee beans as it means you don’t have to worry about overfilling and making a mess or overfilling and getting too little flavor.

    the 58mm fdit espresso dosing funnel

    This funnel is another great design that can make cleanup a little easier. The 58mm fdit espresso dosing funnel is angled more steeply than other funnels, resulting in less sticking when pouring in ground coffee.

    They recently redesigned the funnel, removing an unnecessary lip to simplify the tool and make it even better. it now comes in three high quality aluminum colours: black, gold and red, making it a little more personal to wear.

    the omgogo coffee handler

    Are you looking for something much more classic? try a tamper! the omgogo coffee tamper is ridiculously simple: it’s just a wooden handle on a stainless steel base. classic and simple. you tap it on the top of the coffee to level the top and compact it.

    Using a classic tamper like this (which comes in four different sizes) gives you a little more versatility between machines. it also gives you more direct control over the pressure you’re putting on the ground, so you can compact as much or as little as you need.

    hic double sided espresso tamper

    With an even simpler design and twice the functionality, the hic double-sided espresso tamper is made from a solid piece of aluminum, which is excellent at resisting the acidity of coffee over time. it is also easy to wash; just lather it up quickly and voila!

    It has one 50mm end and one 55mm end, which means it can fit almost any coffee maker filter basket. At just 4 ounces, it’s super easy for even the newest barista to use.

    the 58 mm motalius espresso tamper

    This tamper is another solid piece of metal. this time it’s stainless steel, so it’s easy to clean. The 58mm Motalius Espresso Tamper is rotated rather than shot for a smoother finish, which means easier leveling.

    This tamper is larger, making it ideal for larger, more professional machines. It’s also hilariously advertised as a great paperweight, so hey, if your coffee-loving friend already has a manipulator, you’re still giving them an awesome gift.

    the asso jack coffee leveler

    this is interesting. It is advertised as the successor to the classic distributor, with the ability to fully level and compress in one go. the asso jack coffee leveler is adjustable in height and 58.5 mm at the base, which means it is ideal for professional machines.

    These tools are made in Italy and come in a nice variety of colors and patterns, giving them a little more personality than your standard dealer. the base, which has four tabs instead of the usual three, is made of stainless steel and the top is covered in aluminum with a beautiful artistic design.

    happy caffeine!

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