6 Increíbles Baños color café y beige

currently in decoration it is allowed to place almost any color in the bathroom of the house, you can find red bathroom pieces, and even beautiful lilac or raspberry wallpaper, to turn the bathroom into an original corner and out of the ordinary.

but if you are one of the people who bet more for the classic tones, and you do not want to go too crazy in the renovation of the old bathroom, here we show you several bathroom styles that you can combine two common and functional tones for any time, they are coffee and beige.

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classic bathroom in brown and beige

classic bathrooms are beautiful, they add style and elegance to any home, which is why many people prefer to maintain and renovate them, rather than subject them to a complete remodeling that will destroy their essence.

if you want to incorporate a classic bathroom into your home, beige and brown tones will be perfect on walls and floors, we recommend tiles and not porcelain pieces because they would clash a bit with the decorative style. likewise, look for elements in basic wood and colonial style. If you want to give it a more French touch, you can always place hand-painted ceramic vessels or accessories.

rustic bathroom in brown and beige wood

Having a bathroom that allows you to feel close to nature will always be an excellent option when you have a lot of space, as it can make the bathroom look cozy, and not a bit cold and distant.

Here they brought out the wood at its best by placing it all the way up to the ceiling, which is ideal for keeping the bathroom warm during cold seasons. the double sink with a beige countertop adds spaciousness, while the stone floor is rough enough, but not too rough, so as not to restore delicacy to this charming bathroom.

brown and beige bathroom with plants

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Simple bathrooms can be highlighted by strategically placing certain accessories that completely change the landscape. A good option is to incorporate plants, which, in addition to being decorative, will tend to give a jungle look, especially in the case of vines.

here the light tones, such as the beige of the stone on the wall and the white of the bathtub, contrasted very well with the incorporation of a mirror with a dark wood frame, a game with the door.

The plain floor plan that occupies much of the wall is definitely the highlight, and the dark wrought iron is characteristic of classic Italian bathrooms.

small chocolate and beige bathroom

You can make the most of a small guest bathroom with elegant elements in beige and brown colors. Being small in size, almost everything in this bathroom is light in color, the walls are beige, except for the one in the background, which is stone with veins to provide texture.

also the entrance door, and the bathroom pieces have a beautiful ivory color, and are in a classic style, and they intertwine perfectly with the elegant and eye-catching golden ceiling lamp with warm light.

the antique sink cabinet in that dark brown is the key piece to make this bathroom a unique and unrepeatable place.

spa bathroom with beige and brown tub

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The dim, warm lighting makes this bathroom the perfect place to relax after a long day at work. the long and wide tub is perfect for taking a wonderful foam bath while contemplating the beautiful wall of mosaics, placed in such a way that they generate a very authentic and original design.

because the light is low, it was also decorated with candles and dedicated to bathroom pieces in light colors, except for the brown wooden floor to match the open-concept sink cabinet that is very modern, simple, and allows you to appreciate the entire wall with beige mosaics on a larger scale.

brown and beige tile bathrooms

An original way to decorate the bathroom in your house is by incorporating different tiles and mixing them to obtain an unconventional and quite interesting design. The tiles can be placed in the shower or on all the walls of the bathroom, as well as on the floor, it is at the discretion of the user.

This example is fresh, elegant, and above all very original, and it is perfect for large or small bathrooms. You can use the tiles in the guest bathroom or master bathroom, and it will look very modern and elegant. the taps and sink are modern, and the brown of the wooden shelf stands out very well.

if you’ve been wanting more decoration, take a look at these articles:

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