The Best Cafe Racer Jackets For 2023

Motorcycle jackets have come a long way since the heyday of ton-up boys. in the ’50s, it was all black leather, metal studs, and club patches. modern motorcyclists are no less interested in looking cool, but premium materials, modern styling, and advanced safety features now appeal to more than just extravagant style.

Today we take a look at some of the most exciting motorcycle jackets currently on the market. Read on to learn more about the best cafe racer jackets in 2023.

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what is a cafe racer jacket?

The lines have definitely blurred when it comes to defining cafe racer style, from the motorcycles themselves to the gear their riders wear. as always, however, the team that reinvents classic styles still fits better.

however, you’ll also find new styles on this list that fit both vintage cruisers and modern classics. so whether you ride a 1972 kawasaki z1 or a 2021 kawasaki z900rs, you’ll look good in either of these cafe racer jackets.

leather cafe racer jackets

When it comes to leather, there’s no comparison. Leather continues to offer some of the best impact protection and abrasion resistance around. These days, riding gear manufacturers are using fur from all kinds of animals in the design of their jackets, each offering unique benefits. however, what matters most is how well they blend together and how well they look on the street.

spidi premium jacket

The Spidi Premium Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The name says it all. The Spidi Premium Leather Jacket is a premium item in every way. The jacket features classic styling and a slim tapered cut. accordion panels along the rear torso enhance rider comfort and add to the jacket’s classic look.

the premium jacket is made in italy (the home of spidi) with leather from one of the oldest (600+ years) and most respected tanneries in the country. The jacket’s 1.1-1.3mm leather construction has a protective riding jacket certification, and Spidi has backed it up with multi-tech armor at the shoulders and elbows. diagonally oriented chest pockets function as cooling air vents on warmer days, and there’s a removable thermal liner for winter rides.

When it comes to leather jacket styling, the Spidi Premium Jacket is the epitome of classic.

  • features: genuine Italian leather / removable 100 g thermal lining / class aa safety certification
  • where to buy: revzilla
  • roland sands [email protected]#k luck punk racing jacket

    RSD Punk Race leather jacket

    roland sands designs have had their finger on the pulse since the brand’s inception. Your riding gear looks great on and off the bike, without sacrificing protection. In typical RSD style, the new [email protected]#k luck punk race jacket boldly flips its middle finger towards mainstream styles.

    The Roland Sands [email protected]#k luck punk race jacket features a full cowhide leather exterior that ranges from 1.1 to 1.3mm in thickness. For added comfort on the bike, the sleeves are rotated and pre-curved, and you’ll find flex panels on the sleeves and sides of the jacket.

    Additional protection comes in the form of knox ce armor at the shoulders and elbows, and there’s room for an optional back protector. Additional features include an internal waterproof device pocket, bold red lining, zippered airflow vents on the shoulders and back, and a lower back zipper for attachment to riding pants. but what we like most about the roland sands [email protected]#k luck punk race jacket is its style.

    The combination of a short waistband, large areas of continuous black leather, asymmetrically placed zippers, and quilted panels finished with lightning bolt stitching make this the ultimate cafe racer jacket for us in 2022.

    • features: lightning stitching/aggressive cut/pant connection system
    • where to buy: revzilla
    • schott perfecto 118 leather jacket

      Schott Perfecto Leather Jacket

      if the schott perfecto 118 jacket looks a lot like one of the jackets guys like marlon brando wear in old movies, that’s because it is. schott nyc is the original manufacturer of motorcycle jackets, and their flagship product is still among the best in the industry today.

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      Crafted entirely from premium nude cowhide leather and with an insulated quilted nylon lining, the perfecto 118 offers fantastic protection in a slip and admirable resistance against the elements. the leather is even specially treated to withstand wet conditions, so you won’t have to worry about ruining it in the rain.

      you might be put off by the lack of armor (in fact, the perfect one doesn’t even have pockets to add it as an option). but take it from a guy who actually fell off his bike in a schott jacket and hit the pavement – the only parts of my body I didn’t hurt were the parts this jacket covered.

      make no mistake about it: these jackets are as tough and strong as they are beautiful and timeless. Plus, if you really want to double your protection, you can always buy a size up and wear your jacket over an armored baselayer.

      • features: nude cowhide leather construction/insulated quilted nylon lining/adjustable waist belt
      • where to buy: revzilla
      • spidi clubber jacket

        Spidi Clubber leather jacket

        Buffalo leather has grown in popularity among riding apparel brands in recent years. It’s as tough as it looks, yet remains flexible, making it an ideal material for protective clothing. However, the buffalo leather on this Spidi Clubber Jacket is a little different. That’s because Spidi imported the leather and tanned it in Italy using an ancient process.

        The spidi clubber jacket features a 1.0-1.1mm buffalo leather outer layer over a premium tartan print cotton lining. Warrior Lite armor at the shoulders and elbows provides certified protection without detracting from the jacket’s slim profile. and the jacket’s removable 80g thermal liner makes it suitable for use in any season.

        Another notable feature of the spidi clubber jacket is that it is available in classic black or a very elegant green. The green clubber also features contrast stitching, ribbed design details and embroidered Spidi retro badges on the sleeves. wearing this jacket is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd.

        • features: green color/italian tanned buffalo leather/removable thermal lining
        • where to buy: revzilla
        • cafe racer textile jackets

          When temperatures rise, textile motorcycle jackets can offer some much-needed relief from the heat. but even in colder conditions, they can also be insulated very well and weigh significantly less than leather alternatives.

          Although textile motorcycle jackets don’t have the same timeless appeal as leather jackets, manufacturers have been doing great things with tech fabrics recently. here are some releases that appeal to our cafe racer aesthetic.

          First Manufacturing Qualifier Canvas JacketFirst Manufacturing Qualifier Canvas Jacket

          if you only know the first manufacture for their great leather goods, you’re missing out on this cute canvas jacket they call a grader.

          Made from 20oz raw canvas, the Qualifier is a simple, clean and tough jacket that’s perfect in mild weather. The sturdy cover is easy enough to move around thanks to the underarm gussets and expanding side zippers. The clean lines have two zippered chest pockets, two zippered side pockets, and two concealed carry pockets.

          The first build includes a full set of armor, meaning this is a jacket you’ll look good in and feel confident in.

          • Features: 20oz. raw canvas/hidden carry pockets/armor inserts included
          • where to buy: revzilla
          • laugh it up! stealth 2 hoodie


            hooded motorcycle jackets should look good both on and off the bike. are a great choice for urban commuters and the rev’it! the stealth 2 hoodie is no exception.

            true to its name, the rev’it! The Stealth 2 Hoodie has a sleek, minimalist finish in black or blue, but there’s nothing minimalist about the protection it offers. don’t be fooled by its casual appearance; That outer shell is tough Cordura stretch denim and is backed by Rev’it’s abrasion-resistant PWR Shield! in high impact areas.

            Seesmart armor covers the shoulders and elbows, and there’s room to accommodate back armor as well. a thermal vest liner prepares the stealth 2 for winter conditions, and it can also be worn on its own as a stand-alone garment.

            rev’it! They’ve also laminated a layer of their waterproof Hydratex to the Stealth 2’s chassis to keep you dry. reflective details make your presence known to other motorists, and a snap-on connector at the rear secures the hood in place at higher speeds.

            • features: sanity with protective pwr reinforcement/hidden and document pockets/wearable thermal vest
            • where to buy: revzilla
            • long gore-tex belstaff jacket

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              Long Way Up jacket

              during their latest cross-continental motorcycle adventure, the long way up, ewan mcgregor and charley boorman are outfitted in belstaff gear. ewan is wearing one of the brand’s tried and true waxed cotton trials jackets, but charley is carrying an entirely new addition to her range.

              the belstaff long way up gore-tex jacket features the timeless style we’ve come to expect from belstaff, but beyond its looks, there’s nothing vintage about it. This jacket is one of the company’s most advanced items of riding gear and packs an extensive list of features.

              during his adventure, boorman was exposed to extreme weather changes, from freezing cold to blistering heat, and this jacket allowed him to face it all head on. For a more detailed explanation of the features included in the Belstaff Gore-Tex Long Jacket, please read our detailed article here.

              in short, this is the jacket you need if you like to go riding no matter what awaits you outside.

              • features: fantastic waterproofing / ce level 2 shoulder and elbow armor / ce level 1 chest and back protectors
              • where to buy: revzilla
              • roland sands ridgeline ce jacket

                Roland Sands Ridgeline CE jacket

                Another offering from Roland Sands, the Ridgeline CE Jacket combines street style with important comfort and safety features. For one, the finish, seams, lining, and pockets are all waterproof, allowing you to ride in a variety of conditions without discomfort. but this is so much more than just a waterproof hoodie marketed to the biker crowd.

                The 600d material used for the outer shell ensures this garment offers great abrasion resistance in the event of a slip, and key impact areas are reinforced with 500d/1000d n66 cordura fabrics. This jacket also has pre-curved sleeves to improve riding comfort and adjustable cuffs with a lycra inner layer to protect the wrists and upper arms from the elements.

                Branding on this jacket is also minimal, so you won’t find any massive logos or flashy designs to detract from that no-fuss cafe racer style. in fact, roland sands was so sure of the crowd they were making this jacket for that it only comes in one colour: a sleek and simple shade of black that will look fantastic on top of any bare bike.

                • features: shell 600d/waterproof finish, water repellent seams, lining and pockets/cuffs
                • where to buy: revzilla
                • cafe style biker shirts

                  riding shirts have come a long way. the best designs are nearly impossible to tell apart from regular shirts, making them an ideal choice if you’re heading out on the town or want to travel light. Best of all, they now come in styles that complement classic and custom rides while offering impressive levels of protection.

                  exo covert scorpion wax riding jersey

                  Scorpion Exo Covert Waxed Riding Shirt

                  There’s no way you can tell at first glance how many features this understated riding jersey packs, but that’s the point. Reinforced with a DuPont Kevlar lining that provides excellent abrasion and heat protection, this riding shirt also features a waxed lining to protect against rain and mesh armor pockets that allow you to insert optional CE Sas-Tec armor. to help resist impact.

                  With a timeless look reminiscent of turn-of-the-20th-century work shirts, this garment is as flattering as it is functional, all without being in the least unpleasant. Whether you’re jumping on the back of your Bonneville Triumph or jumping to fifth on your custom Harley Street 500, you won’t feel out of place in this.

                  • features: waxed finish/low profile armor/kevlar lining
                  • where to buy: revzilla
                  • icon upstate flannel riding shirt

                    Icon Upstate Flannel Riding Shirt

                    Flannel shirts are the ultimate in casual fashion for milder conditions. The Portland-based riding gear icon took everything he loved about style and applied it to his upstate riding flannel shirt.

                    icon has achieved the single-layer shine with its design, adding even more comfort and flexibility to its use. The Upstate Flannel Riding Shirt is made of Cordura-reinforced heavyweight flannel with impressive abrasion resistance properties. A relaxed fit ensures comfort in any riding position you take, while ventilation points and windbreaks are built in to help manage unexpected ups and downs.

                    The Icon Upstate Flannel Riding Shirt is available in an orange or blue flannel design. Paneling at each elbow adds additional abrasion resistance and reflective details increase low-light visibility. As we’ve come to expect from Icon, the Upstate Flannel also comes with a full set of low-profile d30 armor (elbows, shoulders, and back) included in its very reasonable price.

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                    • features: single layer design/d30 armor set/all day comfort
                    • where to buy: revzilla

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