17 (Creative) RV Mug Storage Ideas – To Save Space in Your Camper

If you love a cup of coffee in the morning, you’ll need to have coffee mugs in your RV! Most trailer kitchen cabinets are deep and don’t have many shelves. this makes safe storage of coffee cups difficult and takes up a lot of unnecessary space. These clever and creative ideas for RV cup storage will help you use every inch of your RV.

When we first moved into our fifth wheel, we planned to have a cafeteria. We quickly realized that our dog needed her own space, so we needed to figure out how to store our coffee cups. Luckily we haven’t broken any of them yet, but finding a space to keep them safe wasn’t easy.

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How do you store coffee cups in a caravan?

There are two ways to store coffee cups in the trailer:

  1. as part of your decoration
  2. hidden in rv kitchen cabinets
  3. You’re probably looking for RV cup storage ideas because your kitchen cabinet shelves are really awkward. Whether you want your coffee mugs to be part of your décor or you want to maximize your cupboard space, these storage ideas will help you make the most of this small space.

    cup storage idea for 18 motorhomes

    1. stackable mug gadget

    These are an awesome way to use up all that extra space in your cabinets. this 6 pack means you can store 12 cups of coffee. I love that you can also use them for cups of different sizes. All RV owners need these to make more space in their RV kitchen cabinets!

    2. cup hooks under cabinet:

    These are perfect for displaying your mugs or utilizing the awkwardly tall shelves in your RV kitchen. They can be placed on the bottom shelf of your cabinet, so your mugs are displayed under the cabinet. you can put it on one of the inner shelves, so you can store something flat under them, like plates!

    One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t have heavy coffee mugs hanging from here. if you travel often, you may want to invest in some lightweight mugs, like metal ones!

    3. wall cup holder

    Hanging your mugs on the wall means you can save tons of cabinet space. If you have coffee cups you’d like to display, this is the perfect cup storage for your RV.

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    Although this is very nice and will add a homey touch to your RV, you will need to find a place to store them while you travel. I use collapsible containers while we moved and haven’t had anything broken (yet haha).

    You can screw this into the wall of your RV, but be aware that they are very thin. then you don’t want heavy cups of coffee!

    {How can you make your RV kitchen feel like home? do these 12 things!]

    4. cup rack

    if one of your walls is empty, you can put a shelf to store your cups. There have been rvers who have created open shelving to store their kitchenware. if you are renewing, it would be great to install it.

    The only thing to keep in mind is that if your mugs are heavy, they can rip the shelf off the wall. RVs are made with very thin wood paneling, which isn’t great when holding something up against the wall.

    5. cup tree

    if you’re standing still and have counter space, you could make a cute coffee bar with this mug tree! It takes up much less space and is a cute way to display your coffee mugs. You also don’t have to worry about the weight of your cups, which is a big plus!

    again, if you are traveling, this may not be the best option because you need to keep them safe while you move.

    6. display them next to your coffee maker

    This isn’t necessarily storage per se, but if you have a couple of cute coffee mugs, you can display them next to your coffee maker!

    Especially if you don’t have (or need) more than this, it’s a cute way to make your space feel a little more homey.

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    check out some cute coffee shop ideas on pinterest!

    7. stackable coffee cups

    if you haven’t bought mugs yet, get some that are stackable! you can get coffee mugs that sit inside each other or sit on a shelf.

    These are the best stackable options:

    stackable coffee mugs for your cupboard

    set of stackable coffee cups with grid for your counter

    what to do with broken coffee cups when traveling in a motorhome?

    If you need to have a glass cup for your morning cup of coffee, you need to store it properly when you are on the go. the worst feeling is arriving at your destination only to find that your glassware has broken.

    When we’re on the go, I have collapsible bins that I put all my breakables in. then once we’re parked I stash those bins under the couch! I have a padded storage box for some of my favorite things, just to make sure they’re extra secure.

    These are the best ways to keep your coffee cups safe when you travel:

    1. use a padded coffee cup storage box

    2. get a pack of collapsible containers.

    3. if you leave them in your closet, get a non-slip liner.

    4. wrap them in their kitchen towels and put them in the sink.

    Final thoughts…

    Finding a way to store your coffee cups in a caravan is not easy. they tend to take up a lot of space, which is not ideal when traveling in a caravan. These RV cup storage ideas are a great way to utilize your space and even make your trailer feel more like home!

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