How to Clean the Ninja Coffee Bar – The Fast & Simple Way

How to Clean Your Ninja Coffee Bar

Like all coffee machines, the Ninja Coffee Bar needs regular cleaning and descaling to function well. When the clean indicator lights up, you may be wondering how to clean the ninja coffee bar, quickly and easily. the good news? with the push of a button, it cleans itself!

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Keep reading for our complete guide on cleaning your ninja coffee bar, from the water tank to the carafe. your ninja coffee bar will be sparkling clean before you know it.

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how to clean a ninja coffee bar

has the cleaning indicator come on? It’s time for a deep clean! To get started, you’ll need your ninja coffee bar, descaling solution or white vinegar, and water.

1. pour in a cleaning solution or vinegar.

How to Clean Your Ninja Coffee Bar

Pour the descaling solution into the empty water tank. dilute with water, according to the instructions on your descaling bottle.

If using vinegar, fill to the 16-ounce travel mug line. then add water until you reach the max fill line.

2. place the carafe under the filter basket.

Place the clean, empty carafe under the filter basket. select full carafe brew size.

3. press the clean button.

How to Clean Your Ninja Coffee Bar

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the clock will count down and then the machine will automatically begin its cleaning and descaling cycle. this takes about 60 minutes. do not unplug or turn off the machine while the cycle is running. once your machine has finished cleaning, the clean light should turn off.

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4. empty and rinse the carafe, water tank and filter.

remove the water tank and wash it well with fresh water. rinse carafe and filter to remove cleaning solution.

5. run a rinse cycle.

How to Clean Your Ninja Coffee Bar

Fill the water tank with water and replace the carafe. select the classic full carafe brew option and let your coffee bar brew as normal.

that’s it! your ninja coffee bar is now cleaned, decalcified and ready to brew a fresh cup of coffee.

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clean a ninja cafeteria regularly

To keep your coffee bar looking good and producing delicious cups of coffee, you’ll want to rinse it regularly. Rinse the carafe, permanent filter, and portafilter each time you use them. Nobody likes to waste time washing up, so make it easier for yourself by not letting the brewed coffee sit in the carafe for too long. if you spill it on the heating pad, wait until it cools down and then wipe it up.

If you see any coffee buildup inside the carafe, wash it well with soap and water. To avoid scratching the glass carafe, you’ll probably want to use a soft bottle brush or sponge. Ninja sells one, or you can pick one up at the grocery store. you can also place the carafe on the top rack of your dishwasher.

You may also want to clean the outside of your machine. use a paper towel or damp cloth to wipe up dust and smudges. Be careful with the hot plate, which is a more delicate part of the machine.

milk frother

Your milk frother, in particular, needs regular cleaning. To quickly rinse your steamer after use, fill a cup halfway with warm water. hold the steamer below the surface and turn it on for 20-30 seconds.

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How to Clean Your Ninja Coffee Bar

for a deeper clean, unlock the beater and slide it out. in the sink, you can wash it with soap and water. you can also put it in the top rack of your dishwasher, along with the brew lid and water reservoir.

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frequently asked questions

Is the ninja coffee bar dishwasher safe?

Although not the entire Ninja Coffee Bar is dishwasher safe, many components are! You can safely wash the glass carafe, frother, brew lid, water reservoir, and coffee spoon on the top rack of your dishwasher.

what does descaling do?

The water you make your coffee with may contain minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Over time, these minerals can coat the inside of your coffee bar, clogging tubes and filters. descaling removes buildup, cleans the internals of your coffeemaker, and ensures that you can continue brewing without issue.

how does this work? Vinegar and commercially available descaling solutions dissolve the minerals left behind in your water. to do this, they charge the mineral particles, attracting them to the water particles and making them easy to rinse.

Ninja Coffee Bar clean light

where can I buy cleaning solutions?

you can buy ninja’s descaling solution on their website. You can also check with your favorite online retailer or try your local grocery or kitchen supply stores.

can you make ninja coffee bar cleaning solutions at home?

yes! if you prefer not to buy a specific cleaning solution, you can substitute white vinegar. For the Ninja Coffee Bar, pour white vinegar into the water reservoir up to the line on the travel mug, which is 16 ounces. then fill it to the max line with water.

How often should you decalcify your ninja coffee bar?

ninja recommends doing a deep clean every time the clean light comes on.

where can you find the ninja cleaning instructions?

If you misplaced the instructions that came with your ninja coffee bar, you can find them here. If you’re wondering how to clean ninja coffee bars, the user manual is a great place to start!

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