10 Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Without Pods

If you live alone, using a single-serve coffee maker without pods is definitely a cheaper and much smarter option. a single-serve machine can easily make it easy to make a cup of coffee for one person without supervision. If you are looking for the best single-serving coffee maker without a single-serving unit, we have compiled a list of the best options for this year.

If you prefer a coffee maker that pulls a shot of espresso that won’t cost you a fortune, be sure to stop by our best coffee machine rounded down to less than 100.

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how we analyze the single-dose coffee machine without a single-dose

We start our search by compiling a list of products that meet your criteria; in this case, single-dose coffee machines without capsules. we highlight the best artists in the category for performance and overall value; then sort them in order.

Next, we searched every corner of the internet for relevant data and customer feedback on the products that made the cut. then we compile the data and form your detailed review.

In each review, you will find:

  • We rate our top-rated products out of 10 in terms of their features, ease of use, durability, build quality, and overall value for money so you get a good idea of ​​what to expect at a glance.
  • Whenever possible, we provide a video so you can do a hands-on demo.
  • We provide important product statistics in one convenient place.
  • We have made a list of pros and cons for you to consider when reading customer feedback. we’ve selected the most common problems and listed them as pros and cons so you can see what works and what doesn’t with each product.
  • our top 3 picks for 2022

    Not all coffee makers can deliver what they promise. That is why it is necessary to examine each feature and ensure that you select only the best coffee maker. that’s where we can help. We have studied and compiled a list of the 10 best coffee machines according to their characteristics, size, capacity, flavor and other attributes.

    We found that the most outstanding among all the machines is the hamilton beach scoop coffee maker. it can brew faster, hotter, and much tastier coffee, making it an instant hit with coffee lovers. With a fast brew speed of just 90 seconds for an 8-ounce cup, the machine produces super smooth coffee with sheer versatility.

    Another brilliant machine that caught our attention is the ninja specialty coffee maker. not only does it come with a dazzling and luscious exterior, but the lush coffee production is sure to melt your tongue. you can save hundreds of dollars each year without the need for pods, and with multiple sizes and brew types, you can easily brew barista-quality coffee every day at home.

    Our single-cup coffee maker tests show that these high-performance brewers are the best. however, there are other brilliant coffee makers that may be more suitable for your needs, including black & smaller single decker service. Let’s take a detailed look at the 10 best single-serving coffee machines without a single serving.

    our qualifications & detailed reviews

    In this section, our team of testers dives into the details and demonstrates why they would be a good fit for your lifestyle.

    1. hamilton beach scoop single serve coffee maker

    The one solution for all your single-serve, automatic, quick drip coffee maker needs is the Hamilton Beach Scoop. all you need to do is take out your coffee, put it in the machine and wait for it to brew. brews 8 oz. cup in about 90 seconds and 14 oz. in 2.5 minutes. a stainless steel spoon can act as a pourer and strainer basket, and the adjustable cup holder can handle regular-sized mugs and taller travel mugs.

    Although it offers universal options, the coffee maker also does not employ any additional equipment or fancy buttons, making it manageable even for hobbyists. you can drink any coffee you enjoy with any coffee to water ratio and in any grind you like. a built-in “bold” setting allows you to have premium grounds. if you’re in the mood for much simpler coffee, there’s a “regular” setting for auto drip.

    The stainless steel material is very durable and cleaning is very efficient with its simple assembly. The single-serve coffee maker also comes with a wide drip tray on the bottom that keeps your surroundings clean with its spill-resistant drain in case of excess coffee. Lastly, a computerized function turns your machine off after brewing. For a brewer without pods, the single-serve coffee maker capable of brewing hot coffee in just two minutes is remarkable!


    • make coffee: 8oz or 14oz
    • easy to use and clean
    • adjustable tray with spill-resistant function
    • Steel mesh scoop that doubles as a strainer
    • multiple settings for different strengths of coffee
    • durable stainless steel
    • auto power off function
    • 2. single serve ninja specialty coffee maker

      While the Ninja isn’t particularly cheap, the satisfaction and service it provides over the years makes it worth it. can be the perfect long-term investment, saving your everyday expenses on barista-quality beverages.

      The ninja specialty coffee maker has a sleek finish and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen. the body comes in stainless steel, with a plastic cover in some areas, giving it a transparent look. This multifunctional coffee maker gives you plenty of options, like hot or iced lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and your other favorites. You can brew six different sizes, from a single cup to a full glass carafe, with unlimited variety to suit your desires. proves its importance with a plethora of brew modes: simple, special, rich, iced and strong coffee. the addition of a “deferred brew” option allows you to brew your coffee at a specific time.

      the ninja includes a 50 oz bottle. glass pitcher with plastic handle and lid for straining. There’s also a permanent gold filter, an ergonomic spoon, a removable water reservoir, a foldable frother that transforms milk into a silky foam, and a guidebook that includes a recipe manual. some of the notable features include temperature, a pre-soak cycle to moisten the floor, and a “stop drip” button that turns the coffeemaker off after two hours of inactivity.


      • built-in folding frother
      • can prepare coffee in any quantity
      • a large number of sizes and preparation types
      • easy to use controls
      • option of glass carafe or metal carafe
      • permanent filter and without capsules
      • removable water container for effortless cleaning
      • fits most kitchen décor
      • recipe manual to try new delicious flavors
      • 3. black & double deck coffee maker

        A well-known famous brand in the home appliance industry, black & decker have proven it once again with this nifty little coffee maker. have created a sleek design that fits into any compact space while incorporating numerous ancillary features. It comes with a 16oz thermal travel mug and easily fits in all car cup holders. It’s a perfect way to start the day.

        The machine comes with a removable permanent filter for ground coffee, and you don’t need to worry about replacing it like paper filters. Although you can use paper filters regardless, the metal filter works efficiently with all grounds.

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        This coffee maker uses a one-touch operation, convenient for people with a busy lifestyle. you will get your favorite drink in the cup directly if you have your grounds ready and pre-programmed. Auto power off feature ensures you conserve power if you forget quickly. It goes without saying that a built-in optimal brew temperature setting ensures that the water is heated to the correct temperature, resulting in the perfect taste. With its compact size, all these features come in a lightweight body and it’s easy to store away when not in use.


        • dishwasher safe parts
        • auto power off function
        • easy maintenance
        • compact and portable
        • ecological without paper filters
        • simple programmability and controls
        • comes with a travel mug
        • optimal brew temperature for superior flavor
        • 4. krups just makes coffee to go

          A simple yet effective coffee maker, the Krups produces excellent coffee with the push of a button on its base and an illuminated on/off switch on the side. you can easily pour ground coffee into a permanent filter and brew coffee without the need for capsules or paper filters. prepares a single serving up to 14 oz. of drip coffee with enough room for milk or cream if you wish.

          The body is made of a plastic material with a predominant black and stainless steel silver accent, giving it a sleek and elegant look in your kitchen. At the top, it has a large opening and water compartment for easy refilling, and a built-in travel cup doubles as a water storage container.

          The double-walled stainless steel thermal mug with a capacity of 12 oz. capacity helps you take your coffee with you wherever you go while keeping it hot at the same time. once you’re done, cleaning the machine isn’t a big deal. place a cup underneath, pour in some water and press the start button so it’s ready for your next drink.

          With a compact design and minimal footprint, the Single Serve Coffee Maker will blend seamlessly into any kitchen. its versatile base can hold coffee cups of all sizes, and the travel tumbler with its elegant frame is sure to complement any kitchen.


          • easy to use and maintain
          • simple operational interface
          • double wall construction insulated travel mug
          • compact proportions for small kitchens
          • takes up minimal space during use and storage
          • elegant look perfect for all places
          • resistant material and good build quality
          • 5. hamilton beach single serve coffee maker

            The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker brews a quickly customizable cup to your needs with very little effort. its operation is brief and requires adding your ground coffee, lowering the lid and pressing a button for a hot cup of coffee. the coffee maker allows you to brew a 10 oz cup. with a k-cup package or up to 14 oz. travel mug with motifs.

            the design on the front has a water window that lets you know how much water is available to use in the water reservoir. the reservoir itself has been ergonomically positioned for easy filling and you don’t have to worry about over-pouring. An adjustable cup rest not only lets you use any size cup, but also comfortably holds k-cup packs or the brew basket when removed.

            The machine comes with a travel cup, stamped needle holder, single-serve packet holder, and funnel. hamilton beach has emphasized the use of the funnel during the preparation, since it prevents the coffee from spilling on the counter.

            The cleaning process is made more accessible with its easily removable parts, demonstrated in the included quick start guide and user manual for proper device care. It comes with all the necessary information about the machine’s parts, their safety features, and instructions on cleaning and troubleshooting.


            • can prepare up to 14 oz. with motifs
            • water window for the water tank
            • removable cup that doubles as a storage container
            • effortless cleaning
            • makes cups up to 8″
            • compatible with small paper filters
            • negligible footprint
            • 6. cuisinart ss-10 single serve coffeemaker

              Another of the fastest appliances among those selected, this coffee maker can prepare a coffee in less than a minute and a half. with 72 oz. capacity, the Cuisinart Premium Single Serve Coffeemaker is ideal for any home due to its versatile programmability and easy operation.

              the cuisinart offers a variety of delicious hot beverages with multiple cup sizes of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz. It also consistently brews the hottest cup at a hefty 172º F. Plus, it uses a hot water setting that can make tea, soup, hot chocolate, and more.

              The removable water reservoir is large with a capacity of 72 oz. capacity and eliminates the requirement for periodic recharging. In addition, it also comes with a reusable carbon filter strategically placed away from external visibility. a built-in rinse setting instantly cleans the brew chamber and keeps the inside of the machine spotless. it is also possible to disassemble the machine and clean it thoroughly without getting dirty.

              The system also features a blue backlit LCD configuration interface with a programmable clock, making it even more impressive and unique. Although the material is made of plastic, this machine is durable and lasts impressively for a lightweight coffee maker. it’s relatively inexpensive, has compelling attributes, and has a programmable interface that makes it an instant choice among coffee lovers.


              • large water capacity
              • fast and efficient preparation time
              • rinse function instantly cleans interior after brewing
              • versatile and convenient
              • three year warranty
              • charcoal water filter
              • removable drip tray for travel mugs
              • five different drink sizes
              • 7. single-dose mixpresso coffee maker

                the 2-in-1 mixpresso coffee maker looks very modest on the outside, but it’s designed to produce great results in every cup. mixpresso has also been careful to call out cheap imitators of their products for copying their simple yet elegant design.

                mixpresso offers two options for making coffee. all you need to do is add water to the tank, add ground coffee, and savor hot, delicious coffee in minutes. A 1,000-volt motor ensures water is heated to your preferred temperature, and a touch button will start or stop your coffee brewing in an instant. this is complemented by an automatic switch-off function, the best option for people who want to have their coffee ready when they rush to work.

                The body is modeled with environmentally friendly materials, and taking into account all kinds of formal and informal settings, it blends naturally into all environments. It’s especially useful for campers and travelers who want to take a quick break to cool off in the middle of anywhere. its assembly is also suitable for quick cleaning, thanks to its removable filter and drip tray.

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                This machine takes three minutes to brew a sizzling cup of coffee, choosing from dozens of types and flavors. Reasonably priced, the mixpresso coffee maker is easy to use and will leave you satisfied.


                • perfect for people who prefer their drink extra hot
                • 14 ounce water tank capacity
                • compatible with most travel mugs
                • 1 year no questions asked warranty policy
                • powerful 1000 volt motor
                • quick brew system
                • 8. adirchef grab n’ go single-dose coffee maker

                  The name itself conveys that this is a coffee maker for those on the go. place your travel mug on the base and prepare a delicious coffee in 5 minutes.

                  Simply open the top cover, pour ground coffee into the reusable filter and add your water. turn on the coffeemaker to start the brewing process. you can get on with your day once brewed, as the machine shuts off immediately after your 15 oz. the cup is loaded with your coffee.

                  The body measures 6.7 x 5.1 x 10.1 inches and is made of plastic and stainless steel in parts, making it extraordinarily light and easy to carry. You can also choose from a variety of colors from black, red, crystal blue, green, orange, ruby ​​red, and bitter green. As well as being nearly weightless and coming in your favorite colour, the material is durable and strong and will withstand any challenging conditions. A portable mug made of stainless steel comes with each machine, and other mugs can easily fit in the space, considering you’ve placed them in the center.

                  again, as the name suggests, this highly portable coffee maker can be enjoyed anywhere, be it in your office or while camping outdoors. the only precaution you need to take is that it requires a rest time after preparation to cool down. Otherwise, there could be a risk of burning or overheating the water. Rest assured, adirchef individual service is exceptionally affordable and incredibly affordable.


                  • comes in refreshing colors
                  • 15 oz. insulated tumbler with comfort grip handle
                  • dishwasher safe
                  • compact footprint
                  • stainless steel construction
                  • permanent filter
                  • steaming coffee in minutes
                  • 9. bella single scoop coffee maker

                    bella one scoop is more suitable for those who are not obsessed with coffee. it’s simple and makes delicious coffee for a single cup.

                    bella’s one scoop is ergonomically designed to save space and includes a reusable filter. although it comes with a ceramic cup, the base can be lifted to prepare smaller cups. this prevents coffee from splashing as the drip tray can accommodate travel mugs and smaller mugs. the brewing process is simple and over quickly for a reasonably compact machine.

                    The coffee maker is exceptionally easy to operate and its multi-functionality is a pleasure for a short break. not in the mood for coffee? You can use the machine to make hot water for tea, oatmeal, hot chocolate, and even water for cup noodles.

                    Made of plastic, the coffee maker is quite delicate and would need careful use to last for many years. the same goes for the 14 oz. water tank, which requires proper handling and regular cleaning. Fortunately, its dimensions make it easy to clean, and frequent cleaning with a damp cloth will be more than enough.

                    Overall, this machine is ideal because it takes up little space and can be easily stored when not in use.


                    • brew size up to 14 oz
                    • easy to clean
                    • small space
                    • no auto power off
                    • multifunctional use
                    • comes in a variety of colors
                    • includes a ceramic mug
                    • 14 ounce water tank capacity
                    • 10. chulux single-dose coffee maker

                      We found that the single serving of chulux has a moderate brew time and delivers a delicious cup of coffee in 2-3 minutes to fuel your morning.

                      It has a simple process and you just need to turn on the power button and adjust the top knob to start brewing. all sizes of cups can be placed in the machine, and the drip tray can be removed to create more space.

                      comes with 12 oz. built-in water tank made of stainless steel. your coffee is served extra hot and makes up for the extra brew time. the unit then turns itself off after three minutes without stopping you from getting on with your day.

                      as for the body, it has a simple design and is mainly made of plastic. While you do need to handle the device with care, it’s not a big deal as it’s lightweight and holds 12 oz. it also employs a 3.5 bar pump and a locking mechanism on the top cap for added protection. With dimensions of 7 x 4.3 x 9 inches, it fits in all compact spaces, whether in your home or work space. This machine is easy to use and clean, reasonably priced, and definitely worth a try.


                      • simple and compact design
                      • overheat protection
                      • auto power off after three minutes
                      • locking mechanism to open/close the lid
                      • low maintenance
                      • 3.5 bar pump
                      • lightweight and can be easily stored
                      • final thoughts

                        All of the above coffee makers are great and you should now have a clear idea of ​​which one best suits your needs. While the eco-friendly feature of these machines is commendable, pod-free machines also give you more control over the strength of your coffee.

                        Good luck choosing your favourite!

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