DIY Funny Coffee Mugs Free SVG Cut Files

make your own fun coffee mugs with these free svg cut files for your cricut or silhouette machine! personalized coffee mugs are a great quick and easy gift idea for friends, family, teachers, neighbors and more! @folgers @walmart

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I’ve been working a lot with vinyl and my electronic cutting machine lately, and even though I’ve been using it a lot, I still can’t seem to get enough of it! vinyl projects are super quick and easy, and even better, they’re relatively inexpensive, so I can totally justify doing all the stuff (right?).

A few days ago, I was cutting vinyl for a fun shrink plastic jewelry project I was working on, and as I sat sipping my morning coffee, I decided my boring latte cup needed a face wash too. vinyl face. . I mean, everything is better when it’s covered in vinyl, right?

“supermom. super wife super tired.” Yeah, that pretty much sums it up! I used my electronic cutting machine to cut the phrase out of black permanent vinyl, used my weeding tool to remove the excess, and used a small piece of transfer tape to apply the vinyl to the mug.

Tip: When applying vinyl to a curved surface, it’s helpful to cut the design into strips (between lines of text, leaving a center “hinge” uncut) and apply each strip one at a time to ensure proper placement.

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easy and super cute! in fact, it was so easy that I made two more vinyl designs for the remaining blank mugs in my mug collection!

These personalized coffee mugs turned out great and I love this awesome and creative way to upgrade a cheap dollar store mug! I wish I had about a million more blank mugs because I have so many more fun designs I want to try!

Working is so much more fun when you have one of these fun coffee mugs on your desk!

also, dollar store mug + vinyl = a super easy and inexpensive gift idea! One of these mugs packaged with a gourmet coffee bag would make a fantastic gift for friends, family, and neighbors. It would also make an awesome thank you gift for teachers!

while walking down the coffee aisle at walmart the other day, i saw these new folgers, simply naturally flavored gourmet coffees, and had to grab them! I know most people would have probably picked one variety to try, but they all sounded so delicious I couldn’t decide! which one would you have chosen? natural chocolate, natural caramel, natural cinnamon or natural vanilla? all those descriptions sound amazing! the best part is that they have no artificial flavors! one of these naturally flavored coffee bags + a DIY fun coffee mug, and you’re all set to gift (or keep for yourself…I won’t judge!)!

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So far I’ve tried the plain vanilla and plain chocolate flavors, and I like them just as well…although plain chocolate also makes an amazing frozen blended mocha, so I think one might have a slight edge over the competition . ! my coffee-loving son says the aroma of natural vanilla reminds him of birthday cake so that’s his favorite. I’m sure the caramel and cinnamon flavors will be just as delicious!

I had so much fun making these fun personalized coffee mugs, and I’m sure they’ll be on our homemade gift list this year.

make your own funny coffee mug with these free svg cut files:

download the “we drink the coffee first” svg cut file

download “super tired” svg cut file

download “today’s good mood” svg cut file

Note: All files are for personal use only! Mugs will soon be available in the Happiness is Homemade shop!

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If you like these coffee svg files, don’t forget to pin them!

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