11 Small Batch Roasters Every Seattleite Should Know

From Caffe Vita to Espresso Vivace to Starbucks, Seattle has produced many coffee giants over the decades, and up-and-coming mergers like Fulcrum are responsible for some of the best beers around. but it’s important not to forget about the smaller roasters that provide some of the most delicious bean bags the city (and surrounding areas) has to offer. During the pandemic, many of these companies, some of which only have an online retail presence, were able to stay agile, reaching consumers directly through social media and providing subscriptions for homebrewers.

Even now that cafes are starting to reopen, it’s worth taking a look at the dynamic roasters powering Seattle coffee. many emphasize coffee traceability, source products from historically underrepresented regions, and partner with sustainable farms. Even when talking about “smaller” roasters, there are a variety of sizes represented, from a long-time company in Fremont to a small operation in Hillman City. however, no matter what the palate prefers, one thing all of these roasters have in common is that their coffee produces a very good cup. they are listed below in alphabetical order.

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this operation offers what very few seattle roasters can offer: ethiopian coffee sourced and imported by ethiopian roasters. Many of their offerings come from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, known for its rich chocolate flavor with bursting notes of berries. co-founder solomon dubie has an instinctive sense for taste, having observed the ethiopian coffee ceremony at a young age. Its Brighton location is closed, but Cafe Avole is moving to a new outpost in the Central District’s Liberty Bank building and its Georgetown-based roastery is expanding. easy to drink selection, but the paradice avole souf (a collaboration with a local designer) has a lot of complexity, and the arty bag looks fantastic on a counter. how to get them: the avole central district cafe will eventually sell roasts, but for now customers can order bags online through the official website. (Those passing through Sea-Tac airport may also want to go to the Africa Lounge, which is associated with Café Avole.)

flower coffee roasters

Formerly Vashon Coffee Roasters, Blossom has been consistently roasting award-winning coffee for nearly 20 years. certified organic, the roaster painstakingly develops various flavor profiles, painstakingly enhancing the nuances of each meticulous selection (blossom says he tastes more than a year’s worth of coffees to pick a handful). roasts to try: Current essentials include the fruity incuti from burundi, a country that has gained more attention as a coffee producer, as well as the dark side of the moon blend, a favorite in restaurants and bakeries (has a dark chocolate flavor with a caramel finish). how to get them: for non-locals who don’t want to take the ferry to vashon, the bags can be purchased for delivery on the official website.

convey coffee

This small-batch community roaster has grown in popularity over the last 11 years, with locations in Roosevelt and the Central District, along with a new collaboration with Temple Pastries. The light-filled Yesler spot serves beer and wine in addition to its popular cup of joe, while the Jackson Street roasting space offers free public tastings every Monday.

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Roasts to Try: Brilliant Colombian Tunja is an excellent medium-light roast that uses the coveted Castillo coffee variety, and there are affordable blends such as the floral crossfade and the dark roast request. online.how to get them: In addition to the temple, streaming bags are available at a variety of cafes and markets around the city, plus subscriptions are available online.

dorotea coffee

conor mahoney, formerly a roaster at zoka coffee, launched this company in 2016, originally working out of his home in central district, before moving to a warehouse in georgetown. Nanoroaster Logbook Coffee eventually teamed up with Mahoney, and the two collaborated on a rebranding, including plans to expand and build a roaster in Mount Vernon. Dorothea’s roasting approach aims to introduce consumers to new varieties that are both full-bodied and accessible. don’t overlook ernesto perez from veracruz, mexico, a rich coffee with hints of cocoa, brown sugar, and citrus. how to get them: dorothea’s coffees are available online and served in the damn weather at pioneer square and champagne diner in interbay.

elm coffee roasters

Established in 2013 by Brendan Mullally, who had previously helped launch Joe Pro Coffee Shop in New York, this roaster’s philosophy is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to coffee preference. For those who want to explore a full range of coffee varieties, Elm is an enthusiastic guide on that journey. The production is based in Pioneer Square, with a great cafe near Denny Triangle. roasts to try: farmer vanessa quintero makes a classic colombian coffee with added complexities of stone fruit and molasses; and gogogu bekaka from the guji region of ethiopia lives up to the area’s world-class reputation.how to get them: in addition to elm’s two locations, there is a local delivery service, which carries named after mullally’s terrier tammy, which includes not only stellar roasts, but also lattes, teas, and even a handful of bottled wines.

hi em

When this little Saigon cafe opened in January, it had lines out the door for its well-brewed Vietnamese coffee and began offering whole beans for purchase. Co-owner Yenvy Pham roasts in-house about five days a week in small batches, using mostly Robusta, a kind of coffee that tends to be bitter, but higher in caffeine and more resistant compared to Arabica varieties. Other shops around town serve similar Vietnamese coffee, but only two at the moment (hi em and coffeeholic) roast their own beans. , Ethiopia and Oaxaca with delicate flavor notes, best enjoyed neat; anh is a single origin vietnamese robusta that goes great with cream (milk or egg).how to get them: bags are available at the same cafe: 1227 s weller street.

kuma coffee

This direct trade micro roaster has an interbay-based operation, but if coffee fans haven’t heard of them before, that’s partly by design. owner and head roaster peter mark ingals and the team at kuma often eschew public relations and are instead happy to hone their singular focus on sourcing the best coffees they can find and precision roasting beans in a loring kestrel 35k , one of the most energy efficient. world roasters. Kuma was one of the first companies in Seattle to roast on the lighter side and since its inception in 2008 in a garage in Bellevue, the roaster has won two fine dining awards and took second place in the best espresso in america competition at 2013. Roasts to try: Single origins are the name of the game here, with offerings that vary by season. As of September, Kuma had received fresh harvest coffees from Honduras and offers nationwide shipping (free with the purchase of two or more bags).How to get them:You can purchase Kuma’s seasonal selections or set up a subscription on your website. Roasts are also available at a handful of Seattle cafes and restaurants, including Fremont’s Milstead & Co., Anchored Ship Coffee Bar and Rachel’s Bagels & burritos

lighthouse toasters

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This 28-year-old Fremont-based roaster grew up in the heyday of Seattle’s burgeoning coffee scene, but he never outgrew his pants. there are blends that appeal to a wide range of palates, as well as special roasts aimed at the most discerning palates. The attention to detail hasn’t wavered after all these years, using an antique cast iron roaster in their small facility every day. the jirgacheffe offering. And Captain Bert’s Breakfast Mix is ​​a great way to start any morning, especially with a French Press. How to get them: Faro Beans can be found throughout the city at various grocery stores, but are also available to purchase directly from the online store. the company roasts small batches throughout the day right in their little shop, and is open for pickup daily.

looking home

This Madrona-based roaster separates its coffee into three main categories: dark, espresso, and lighter drip. it also emphasizes a dedication to rigorous quality control (roaster jake deome personally visits coffee partners to help them refine brewing techniques) as well as transparency, offering to share detailed roast profiles to anyone who requests it.roasts to try: There are hints of caramel in the vernal creation, derived from the obata hybrid plant (which helps farmers produce higher yields resilient to the impacts of climate change), and the roaster even offers a coffee instant, which is so much better than sounds.how to get them: whole beans are available at union coffee in the central district, at the coffee shop (a stall near cal anderson park), and on the official website .

wave origins

This five-year-old company in South Seattle has a small roastery and coffee shop tucked away in Hillman City, and its goal is to create more capital for farmers. Founder Scott Tupper says that growers are not only paid based on their harvest, but also receive a cut of “every cup of coffee sold,” so it’s almost as if they have a piece of the store as a partner. (some have even come to make peaches for sale). The coffee also turns out to be stellar, available in bags or as individual offerings, and the Tupper team are on hand to advise on home-brewing methods. roasted by farmer ivonne herrera, and enrique navarro’s costa rican coffee won a cup of excellence award, one of the highest honors in the specialty world.how to get them: customers can head to the cafe on rainier avenues to shop and drink, individual roasts and subscriptions are also available online.

stamp law

This small-batch operation from former Seattle barista Andrew Kent (who also founded a coffee company in Singapore) features a variety of specialty roasts, but also blends selections that may have broader appeal. Stamp Act’s imprint is slowly growing as of late (it recently did a pop-up with the much-heralded Mt Bagel Bakery), and finding one of the grill bags with the revolutionary war-era artwork on the front lines can be a fun treasure hunt. .roasts to try: In addition to the fantastic Ecuadorian “cider” with deep plum flavors, there’s an espresso blend called “old school,” a crowd pleaser with a medium chocolaty roast you may remember To some of Seattle’s coffee days of old.How to get them:Squirrel Chops, Central Coop, Forest Coffee, Harry’s Fine Foods, Wings of Glass, and Seal Picks Win Whales.

mark van streefkerk is a freelance journalist based in south seattle who frequently covers local news, lgbtq+ issues and specialty coffee. you can find him at markvanstreefkerk.com or on instagram at @markthewriter.

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