10 Best Coffee Shops in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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fort wayne has much to offer to locals and visitors alike. Beyond the exciting atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, there’s something else you’ll find at the heart of this amazing city: coffee culture. Located in the heart of Fort Wayne are some of the best coffee shops in the area. Whether you love locally roasted beans, traditional espressos, or delicious lattes, these shops have something for you. here’s a look at our picks for the top 10 coffee shops in fort wayne, indiana for you to check out.

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Top 10 Coffee Shops in Fort Wayne, Indiana:

1. the friendly fox

the friendly fox embraces community and togetherness. run by four local shop owners who live close to the property, great coffee, local craft beer and even wine on the menu. many of the drinks rotate seasonally, but you’ll always find a favorite on tap.

2. crescendo coffee and more

Crescendo Coffee and More logo

conveniently located near the heart of fort worth, crescendo is relatively new but offers coffee and food all day and night. if you just want a good cup of coffee or feel like relaxing after seeing a show, this is the place for you.

3. vintage crown coffee roasters

Old Crown Coffee Roasters logo

If you want fresh roasted coffee, great food, and friendly staff, then Old Crown Coffee Roasters is the perfect stop for you. the coffee at this location is roasted on site. you can enjoy a hot or cold cup during your visit or order a to-go bag. the full food menu will be tempting enough for you to stick around and enjoy a bite each time you visit.

4. fortezza coffee

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The modbar system is the perfect way to bridge the gap between customers and baristas. Fortezza Coffee puts this “under the bar” coffee brewing system to great use by making some of the best lattes and coffee drinks in town. if you’re looking for a great drink, snack, and interaction with friendly servers, this is the place to be.

5. firefly cafeteria

Firefly Coffee House logo

Firefly Cafe may be a favorite with local college students, but the atmosphere is perfect for anyone who wants to visit. This inclusive store is focused on building great community and showcasing what local artists and artisans are capable of. you will enjoy the scenery when you stop by for a cup of coffee or brunch.

6. Midwest Cafe

West Central Coffee logo

Free Wi-Fi, perfect seating, and a spooky story come together to make West Central Coffee the place to be. While this shop may seem small, you’ll find plenty of space to have friends and associates over for coffee. If you’re interested in some spooky local history, ask about the history of the building. you won’t be disappointed.

7. utopian coffee and kitchen

Utopian Coffee and Kitchen logo

utopian coffee and kitchen is the perfect way to not only enjoy coffee and delicacies, but also give back to a community in need. on their menu, you’ll find coffees that give back to Colombian farmers trying to get out of the drug business and make their way in the world of coffee.

8. conjure coffee

Conjure Coffee logo

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If you want locally made coffee and snacks, conjure is perfect for you. their approach is all handmade locally. Amazing coffee, tasty food, and a cozy atmosphere await you at both locations. choose the one that best suits you and give it a try.

9. mocha lounge

Mocha Lounge logo

mocha lounge offers people on both sides of fort wayne the opportunity to enjoy their coffee and snacks. with breakfast, lunch and baked goodies that you can stop by to eat or treat yourself throughout the day while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee at the same time.

10. bon bon coffee

Bon Bon’s Coffee logo

Although the cafe de bon bon is best known for its campfire mocha, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a long list of delicious coffee drinks for you to enjoy. Whether you prefer espressos and lattes over traditional coffee or iced over hot, you’ll find what you’re looking for at one of this coffee shop’s four locations.

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in conclusion

as you can see, no matter your coffee preferences, fort wayne, indiana has something for everyone. Whether you want a quaint shop to sit and reflect on the day or a lively gathering of fellow patrons eager to make new friends, you’ll find something for you on this list. best of all, with all the options that fort wayne offers, you can enjoy a different shop and a unique cup of coffee every day.

featured image credit: jazmin quaynor, unsplash

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