7 Best Mug Warmers in 2022

The best mug warmer we tested was easily the mr. coffee home office mug plus heater. This mug warmer features three temperature settings, to suit a variety of tastes, and is made from heat-resistant and flame-resistant materials. We also loved that it includes an auto-off feature for added safety.

To help you find the best mug warmer for your coffee, tea, and other hot beverages, we’ve tested a multitude of top models, testing their heating efficiency and making sure they managed to keep your drink warm. heat for long periods of time and durability, preferring mug warmers with high-quality heating surfaces that can withstand licking without stopping. we also liked the aesthetically pleasing mug warmers and the ones that automatically turn off after a predetermined amount of time. Read on to learn more about the vobaga coffee mug warmer and other high quality mugs available to buy. And if you want to shop around, check out our list of the best cookware.

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the 6 best mug warmers

#1 mr. coffee cup warmer for home and office

prize: best choice

Why we like it: Beverage warmer with a handy indicator light that lets you know when your drinks are hot and with a large easy-to-clean surface and a high-power 17-watt heating element .

this mr. The coffee mug warmer for home and office is a simple option that gets the job done, with a 17-watt heating element that quickly heats beverages and a handy indicator light that lets you know when your beverage is ready to drink. . We also loved the large surface area, which is not only easy to clean, but offers enough space for larger-than-average coffee cups and bowls.

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This is a simple yet effective design and as such does not have an auto power off feature so you will need to remember to do this yourself. Plus, there’s only one temperature option available, which heats beverages to about 135 Fahrenheit, depending on the thickness of the cup. you might want to read our review of the best keurig coffee maker.

#2 bestinnkits smart coffee cup heater

award: honorable mention

Why we like it: Great multi-pack that ships with a high-quality mug warmer and ceramic mug, with the warmer made from fire-retardant and waterproof materials, for safety.

This smart coffee mug warmer from bestinnkits is a great multi-pack that ships with a high quality warmer that gets hot enough to serve as a candle wax melter or a hot plate and a ceramic mug that blends in perfectly. we loved the cup warmer’s flame retardant and waterproof materials and gravity induction technology, which automatically turns off the unit when the coffee cup is removed.

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Although this mug warmer will work with third-party mugs other than the ceramic mug it ships with, be sure to only use flat-bottomed mugs, as concave and other designs may not get hot correctly. Also, this is a wired design, which may slightly affect portability. This mug will always keep the coffee from your best drip coffee machine hot.

#3 bestinnkits smart coffee cup heater

award: best multipurpose

Why We Like It: The large diameter, powerful heating element makes it a great hot plate or candle wax melter, as well as a mug warmer, with an extremely safe design that complies with fcc & ul certified.

This smart coffee mug warmer from bestinnkits is a great multi-purpose warmer, with a powerful 19 watt heating element, which is suitable for heating beverages and for use as a hot plate and for melting candles. We also loved the patented gravity induction design, which automatically turns on the warmer when a cup or ingredient is placed on top, and the availability in six unique and attractive color options. this is also a highly safe and durable heater as it is fcc & ul certified and waterproof.

Although this mug warmer is small enough to fit in a backpack for portability, it is a corded design, so it must be near a power outlet to use it. Plus, there’s only one temperature option offered, which heats to around 131 Fahrenheit, depending on the size and thickness of your mug. If you want a fresh way to make coffee in the morning, check out the best pour-over coffee maker.

#4 norpro decorative cup warmer

award: best on a budget

Why We Like It: Inexpensive mug warmer with lots of high-end features, including a powerful 24-watt heating element, an easy-to-clean, nonstick design, and a neon light indicator , to alert you when your drink is ready to drink.

This norpro decorative mug warmer is value priced and offers features similar to more expensive mug warmers, including a powerful 24-watt heating element that quickly heats beverages and an easy-to-use, non-stick coating. clean design. We also loved the built-in neon light indicator, which lets you know when your cup of coffee has reached the desired temperature.

Although this mug warmer heats up quickly and efficiently, there is no auto-off feature, so you’ll need to remember to turn it off when you’re done. additionally, the unique cracked pewter design may not suit all consumer tastes. If you have a Keurig in your home, you’ll also want to read our review of the best coffee pods.

#5 nicelucky coffee mug warmer

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prize: most powerful

Why We Like It: Extremely powerful 25-watt heating element that can raise the temperature of a beverage to 176°F, with an auto-off feature, and a compact size that fits on any desk .

This nicelucky coffee mug warmer features a powerful and efficient 25-watt heating element that can raise temperatures up to 176 fahrenheit, with multiple temperature options to suit a variety of tastes to keep coffee warm. We also loved the compact size and light weight of this mug warmer, making it ideal for sitting on a narrow computer desk, for example. This mug warmer also features a handy temperature display, so you know exactly how hot your drink will be before you take a sip.

While this mug warmer is suitable for most common coffee mug designs, it doesn’t work as well with double glass, stainless steel, or plastic mugs, so be careful. also, this mug warmer beeps rather loudly every time a cup is removed from the unit, which we found to be somewhat annoying. it can be disabled but the process is rather intensive and we’d recommend looking it up on youtube. if you can’t drink caffeinated coffee in the morning anymore, this mug warmer will keep your best decaf coffee warm.

#6 nomodo qi-certified wireless cup warmer

prize: most exclusive design

Why We Like It: Excellent USB cup warmer with a number of unique features, including the ability to cool and heat beverages and charge smartphones and related devices, via a built-in Qi charger. .

This qi-certified wireless mug warmer from nomodo is the best wireless mug warmer we tested, thanks to a battery that charges via usb and allows for hours of use before needing a recharge. We also loved the unique features on offer, including the ability to chill and heat drinks and charge smartphones and other devices, via a built-in Qi wireless charger. ships with a 12-ounce mug, though it can be used with third-party mugs and offers a sleek, modern design that looks great in almost any setting.

Although this is a smart mug with many uses, there is no way to adjust the temperature beyond hot or cold. Also, the included cup is thinner and as such the rim can be hot to the touch, so be careful. or if you have the best temperature controlled mug on hand, it may not be necessary.

how do we decide

To help narrow down the above list for coffee lovers, we primarily focus on cup warmers with powerful and efficient heating elements, up to 25 watts, that can thoroughly heat cups of coffee up to 176 degrees fahrenheit. To that end, we liked cup warmers that offered some degree of temperature control, usually through three settings, and warmers with handy indicator lights to let you know when your drink reached the desired temperature.

We liked durable mug warmers that were heat and flame resistant, as well as liquid proof to help against accidental spills. On that note, many of our picks boast a variety of safety certifications. We also liked the cup warmers that have automatic shut-off features, usually after four hours of use, which also raises safety ratings.

While most previous mug warmers have corded designs, we made sure to include a cordless option for extreme portability. Finally, we liked the mug warmers that were stylish and attractive, often available in multiple colors, and the ones that came with an actual mug that blended in nicely with the unit.

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buyer’s guide to the best mug warmers

the most important features to consider

  1. temperature range Not all mug warmers are created equal and as such often feature a wide range of temperature options. look for mug warmers with adjustable temperature ranges, with features to withstand high and low temperatures, since you don’t always want a piping hot drink. Generally speaking, the more powerful the heating element, in terms of watts, the faster your drink will heat to the desired temperature.
  2. safety Look for cup warmers that offer a host of safety features, such as being made with flame-retardant, heat-resistant, and waterproof components. You may also prefer cup warmers with an automatic shut-off function, usually after four hours of use, which can also increase safety and prevent accidents. Finally, look for mug warmers with many safety certifications, such as those offered by the FCC and UL.
  3. Additional Features Many mug warmers come with all sorts of additional features. These include handy light indicators that let you know when a drink has reached the desired temperature, and in some cases the ability to double as a hot plate or candle melter. some mug warmers can also charge your smartphones and cold drinks, while others come with an actual mug that features seamless integration with the device itself.

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