Can You Put Hot Coffee in a Plastic Solo Cup? – Know the Best Type of Solo Paper Cup to Drink Hot Coffee

I was recently reading an article on discussing why we shouldn’t drink tea or coffee out of a plastic cup.

Since the last decade, the use of disposable plastic cups has increased enormously throughout the world and especially in the United States.

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according to this article, harmful chemical additives in these plastic cups can get into the hot coffee when it is poured into the cup.

That brings me to the question above because I use individual coffee cups regularly in my house and I was concerned about the incessant use of disposable plastic cups.

so today’s main question is “can you put hot coffee in a single plastic cup?”

my simple and direct answer to this question is that it depends on the type of individual coffee cup you are using.

If you plan on using the iconic original individual red cups to store hot coffee, I would strongly forbid you from doing so.

On the other hand, Solo also produces 12 oz and 16 oz hot paper cups with lids.

These hot paper cups are perfect for pouring hot coffee and sipping it slowly.

Now you know what types of individual coffee cups you should use for hot coffee.

If you still want more detailed information on the safe use of individual coffee cups, I recommend that you continue reading until the end of this article.


  • frequently asked questions regarding the use of individual coffee cups
  • can you put hot drinks in any plastic cup?
  • Is it safe to put hot water in a plastic cup?
  • what kind of single cup is best for hot coffee?
  • Are plastic cups only microwave safe?
  • final thoughts
  • frequently asked questions regarding the use of individual coffee cups

    can you put hot drinks in any plastic cup?

    Red Plastic Cups, [50 Pack] Solo Cups 16 Oz, Party Cup Disposable Cup Big Birthday party Cups

    If you ask my opinion, I would strongly suggest that you don’t use your regular disposable plastic cups to pour hot drinks into.

    according to information published on, most plastic coffee cups are made of bpa or pvc plastic material.

    now, this type of plastic material is very susceptible to leaching out of its base plastic when exposed to higher temperatures.

    even the leaching rate of this plastic material can increase by 55 percent when you pour hot beverages such as hot water, hot tea, or hot coffee.

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    when the base plastic material begins to leach, it begins to release its harmful plastic additives directly into your hot beverage.

    So these plastic cups end up adding plastic taste to your hot water or hot coffee and it could lead to some health problems if you use these cups for a longer period of time.

    therefore, you should not use disposable plastic cups to store and drink hot beverages in them at any cost.

    Is it safe to put hot water in a plastic cup?

    no, it is not safe to drink hot water from a plastic cup suitable for drinking only cold drinks.

    as explained in the previous section, any type of hot drink or hot beverage is absolutely not recommended to store inside a plastic cup.

    Hot water should only be used in the plastic cup when it is well insulated and double-walled with suitable insulating material.

    but I still feel that you should avoid any kind of plastic cup to pour hot water into and then drink water from that cup.

    what kind of single cup is best for hot coffee?

    Solo Hot Cups with Lids, 16 oz, 90 Count

    it only produces 2 main types of paper cups.

    one is made to drink cold drinks and the other is made to drink hot drinks.

    yes, you can certainly use an individual paper cup that is specially designed for drinking hot beverages such as hot water, hot coffee, or hot tea.

    however, I won’t recommend you use their popular single red cups for this purpose.

    yes, you can use red cups only for drinking cold drinks like iced coffee, iced coffee, or your regular water.

    if you want to drink hot coffee, then the best individual cups to use for the same are their 12 oz and 16 oz individual paper hot cups which also come with reclosable lids .

    I liked the quality of the lid on these hot coffee cups because they are leak resistant and easily prevent hot coffee or tea from accidentally slipping out.

    These individual hot paper cups are ideal for people who love to sip their hot morning coffee at their leisure.

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    hot coffee stays hot for a long time in these hot paper cups.

    I also love their modern designs that make other people have fun.

    and the best part is that they are completely ecological because they are made with 95% biodegradable material of plant origin.

    Are plastic cups microwavable only?

    The answer to this question is definitely “no.”

    Most solo paper cups, including red solo cups and hot solo paper cups with lids, are made from eco-friendly plant-based material or a BPA-free plastic material.

    These single cups though are quite durable for storing hot drinks for some time; they cannot withstand higher temperatures for a long period.

    If you just microwave these glasses for even a few seconds, they will start to get very pliable and soft.

    These individual paper cups are not microwaveable and are not designed to withstand higher temperatures for any significant period of time.

    plus, higher heat can leach harmful plastic additives from the glass into your drink or beverage.

    Therefore, your health is at risk when you try to heat these paper cups on their own inside a microwave oven.

    Here’s why you should completely avoid heating them in your microwave.

    final thoughts

    First of all, congratulations on reading this article to the end.

    by now you should have understood what types of individual coffee cups are good for hot coffee.

    I recommend that you only use their 12 oz and 16 oz paper cups that come with reclosable lids.

    for any other cold drinks or cold beverages, you can use your regular individual red paper cups without any problem.


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