The 2022 Guide To The Best Coffee In Melbourne

best coffee in melbourne is a hot topic; the often heated discussion can be heard most mornings on the drive, in line, and on the return trip over a morning beer. Luckily for us, Melbourne is one of the world’s top coffee destinations, producing world champion baristas, award-winning roasts, and paving the way for the way coffee is prepared and served around the world.

To help you find the best coffee in Melbourne, we brew countless espressos, sample single origins, and test every house blend on offer. in no particular order, this is where you can get your next cuppa.

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bank cafe co.


Now a city-based coffee institution, architectural marvel, Bench Coffee has its flag planted firmly in Melbourne’s caffeine scene. the carefully curated space is like a dystopian designer store with a flawless mix of polished concrete, glass tiles, and a curved mirror that stretches all the way to the end of the store. The standing room only space houses some of Melbourne’s best coffee with seasonal blends, single origin espresso and filter options from around the world. At the bar with meticulous execution, the bank’s baristas brew cup after cup of perfectly extracted coffee.

best coffee melbourne

small batch coffee roasting co.

north melbourne

a longtime titan of the industry and a leader in wholesale coffee in melbourne, small batch completely blew up across the city with its first crowd pleasers such as “candyman” blend roast and others stellar collections. Famous for packing perfectly rounded flavor into every cup, the small-batch industrial space in North Melbourne serves as the outlet for getting the goods on-site; with roasters churning in the background and burlap sacks full of green beans being flung through space. telling the wise that a visit to a small batch is never complete without adding one of their knockout cakes to the order; Croissant and filter coffee in hand, you are ready to conquer the world.

bodhi dharma monk


One of the true innovators in Melbourne’s specialty coffee scene is Monk Bodhi Dharma, the brainchild of Marwin Shaw, Monk began his claim to Melbourne’s mantle of caffeine with his only shop in Balaclava on Carlisle Street. With a focus on ethical coffee sourcing and a sustainable menu, Monk works closely with farmers and coffee suppliers. Monk has morphed over the years creating his own roasting network with roasting disciples, the self-described ‘coffee hustlers’ spewing their beans at his three different caffeine outposts in Melbourne with Bayano the Rebel, a hole in the wall chapel street cafe and haven in south yarra, and admiral cheng-ho, infamous for its six coffee grinder setup which stands at the entrance to collingwood on johnston street. All three locations are worthy of inclusion and stand out as individual contenders for Melbourne’s best coffee.

best coffee melbourne 2022

proud mary


A staunch supporter of melbourne coffee culture, the proud mary of collingwood brews a fine brew with roasted coffee in her factory just down the road. there are plenty of varieties to choose from, and they’re well worth exploring if you’re including a proud mary in your morning ritual—their rotating take-out sanga menu is also among the best.



a light-filled white wall space that transforms this collingwood cafe/roaster known as acoffee into a daily caffeinated art display. Although it’s a dine-in coffee or take-out destination, its real focus is on roasting. Sourced and then roasted on site, you can enjoy your choice of ‘white, black or pour over coffee’ as the aromas of daily roasted coffee swirl into the coffee. The beans are available in-store as well as monthly online subscriptions that plants freshly roasted, small-batch coffee right to your door.

axil coffee roasters

multiple locations

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it’s hard to create a list of the best cafes in melbourne without mentioning the empire david makin and his team have built at axil coffee roasters. Axil began its somewhat humble beginnings in Hawthorn just off Glenferrie Road and has since spread rapidly throughout Melbourne with locations now scattered throughout the downtown area, as well as flagship stores at Chadstone Mall and the airport. by tullamarine. from top to bottom axial mean business in the world of coffee, their in-house roasting and dedication to consistently brewing quality brews in each of their stores have led them to become a household name on the coffee scene in melbourne. Featuring beans from around the world, their range of blends and single origins will keep you coming back to try what’s on the bar every day.

best coffee melbourne


cbd melbourne

Undoubtedly a contender for the best coffee Melbourne CBD has to offer, Holidays is the go-to choice for a specialty brew for anyone on the east side of the city grid. Its pastel hues and natural light provide a perfect escape from the outside world, while the caliber of the coffee, whether you’re reaching for something with milk or a filter, will keep you mollified for the day ahead.

st ali

south melbourne

the south side landmark for coffee has been a destination for a sunday coffee brunch since it opened its doors in 2005. st ali has evolved over the years and is the only destination shop in the south Melbourne’s has become an institution of coffee culture, bustling with diners as baristas and waiters in white overalls prepare cup after cup of expertly drawn espresso. the coffee feels fun here, the snobbery of not knowing your piccolo from your pour is left at the door and if you’re looking for the best coffee in melbourne this has to be on your radar. All with its own branded merchandise, in-house deli and take-home coffee, St Ali’s becomes more than just a quick coffee to recharge, it’s an exploration that pushes the limits of how much fun coffee can be. .

industrial beans


Roaster, coffee and coffee authority, you can’t overlook industry beans if you’re looking for the best coffee in fitzroy. The specialty coffee purveyor not only supplies a host of Melbourne with its brew, but around the world with espresso blends and single origins sourced from major coffee hot spots. His newly renovated Fitzroy is a bright white beacon for good coffee with a light-filled interior of booth tables, or if you’re in town, stop by his local Collins Street location seven days a week for takeout.

best coffee melbourne

patricia coffee

cbd melbourne

this quaint coffee shop lives in the commercial part of town, patricia’s is a specialty coffee shop serving cup after cup to its loyal base of city workers as well as curious patrons looking to try some of the coffee and baked goods on flakes residing on the glass worktable. Getting a coffee and cake here is a real experience, whether enjoyed shoulder-to-shoulder with other revelers in the strictly standing room area of ​​the shop or amid the bustle of the alley atop a traditional-style milk crate. melbourne. As for the coffee, all of their beans are roasted in-house (off location) and they provide the daily faithful with a rotation of delicious seasonal espresso and filtered blends, both of which have helped make Patricia’s one of the best cbd cafes in melbourne.

a coffee


Specialty coffee powerhouse Ona Coffee has been on the scene for a while now, but after years of operating in their hometown of Canberra and Sydney, the team has finally established a Melbourne outpost best described as a kind of cafe mecca. There are over 15 coffee variants on the menu, along with milk, batch drinks, pour-overs, with cups ranging from $5 to $25. The team takes their job very seriously and will gladly offer any guidance regarding the coffee you may need.

best coffee melbourne

market lane

multiple locations

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With several locations across the city, including the conveniently located Prahran Market Destination, this coffee powerhouse is known as one of Melbourne’s best cafes on both sides of the Yarra. market lane has always maintained a high quality and refined approach to its coffee. With an on-site roastery turning out pound after pound, the indoor section of the cafe provides an intimate yet fast-paced atmosphere, as well as a dedicated home-brew section for all your home base needs.

twilight horror


this whitewashed corner cafe just off smith street has to be one of the best places to grab a coffee. a sleek yet relaxed design lets the light shine through, a rotating range of records plays overhead, and the option of booth seating provides the perfect backdrop for deep conversations over a variety of delicious beer options. previously offering roasts from wide open coffee brewers, the twilight horror crew has begun roasting their own signature blends, keeping the benchmark with full-cup batch brews for dinner as well as the line Regular of single origin options and blends with a variety of milk varieties to suit all tastes.

best coffee melbourne 2022

dukes coffee roasters

cbd melbourne

since leaving his old chapel street location for big smoke dukes, he has taken his coffee operation to another level. The cafe located right next door to Degraves harkens back to the style of a 1930s New York bar with tiled floors and stained wood throughout. Another contender for best coffee in the Melbourne CBD for 2022, this cozy little cafe serves up shot after shot of espresso to a meandering line of customers eager to get their hands on ‘Dukes Signature Blend’, a deliciously balanced coffee that is lends itself to either black or milk based options. A crowd pleaser from start to finish.

parent brown

brunswick east & south melbourne

Seeking monopoly in north and south melbourne, father certainly deserves a place on the list of best cafes in melbourne. As well as making delicious coffee (check out their lucky boy blend), the team is very supportive of their growers and producers. for more information, take a quiz through her instagram.

every day


It’s right there in the name, this cafe at the back of Johnston Street is the daily home to a hound of loyal morning residents who spread out around the outdoor section with dogs, bikes, and hearty communal conversation. The atmosphere may seem casual, but their approach to coffee is anything but an indoor roastery that caters to customer demands every day, as well as their “all welcome” sister stores in Northcote, “midtown” in the city. and various associated retailers. coffee is an everyday lifestyle and you feel it as soon as you are greeted by the smiling faces seated above the coffee machine.

seven seeds


Coffee veterans, Seven Seeds, have been at it for a minute. the team behind it are ex st. Ali, also featured in our best melbourne coffee roundup. The pedigree here says a lot, but seven seeds long ago claimed their own place in Melbourne coffee culture with their unique brews and commitment to the grind. if you’re in town, check out their other outposts brother baba budan and traveler coffee.

a little late for coffee? check out something else to drink here.

Image credit: Banco Café Co. (supplied)

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