Can You Use Café Bustelo For French Press?

Although the French press is designed for traditional coffee, many people wonder if they can use espresso-style coffee in their French press. Bustelo coffee is a favorite among espresso lovers due to its bold flavor, full body, and low price.

but can you make bustelo coffee in your french press? the answer is an unequivocal yes! Café Bustelo is an excellent option to create an espresso type coffee with your French press. you will want to keep a few things in mind as you experiment with this particular coffee and brewing method.

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Things to Consider Before Using Bustelo Coffee in a French Press

café bustelo is a ground espresso coffee. this means the grind is finer than you would normally use in a french press. because of this, expect your coffee to be more gritty or muddy than normal. many coffee drinkers actually prefer a bit of ground in their coffee (similar to Greek or Turkish coffee). if you like a bit of mud, bustelo coffee in the French press might be just the thing for you.

If you want to avoid sludge, you can buy bustelo whole bean coffee and grind it yourself. By using whole bean coffee, you can grind your coffee a little coarser than if you bought it pre-ground. this means you can achieve a grind setting for a French press that won’t leave you with coffee grounds at the bottom of your cup.

Keep in mind that coffee bustelo is strong. If you expect a strong, revealing cup, you can use just as much Bustelo coffee as you would regular coffee. but, if you’re hoping to create something more like a weaker or medium-strength cup of coffee, use less bustelo coffee than you would with regular coffee and/or let the coffee brew for a shorter time.


  • using bustelo coffee in your French press can get you as close as possible to real espresso that you can get with a French press.
  • Although bustelo coffee grinds finer than regular coffee, you can absolutely use it in a French press. expect a strong cup of coffee. if you buy pre-ground bustelo coffee, you should also expect some grounds or sediment in the bottom of your cup.
  • Unlike regular coffee, bustelo coffee in the French press offers a richer, fuller-bodied experience. if you like your coffee stronger, bustelo coffee in the french press may be just what you need.
  • You’re going to have to work the plunger a little harder and slower when using bustelo coffee in your French press. this is because the finer grind of the coffee leaves less space for the water to flow through the metal sieve of the French press.
  • As mentioned, the finer the grind, the more coffee grounds you’ll see at the bottom of your cup. If you prefer not to grind your cup of coffee, buy whole bean coffee and grind coarser. or, opt for another coffee for your French press.
  • café bustelo is a relatively cheap coffee. however, it might be a bit more expensive than your grocery store brands. keep price in mind when choosing the right coffee for your French press.
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    Café bustelo in the French press is a great alternative to traditional espresso. If you like espresso drinks, but don’t have an espresso machine or want to avoid the price of espresso at your local coffee shop, consider using bustelo coffee in your French press.

    Bustelo coffee in the French press is also a great idea if you like your coffee gritty or muddy, like Greek or Turkish coffee. As mentioned above, because the grind is finer with Bustelo coffee, you should expect some beans to pass through your metal strainer and into your cup. if this is the type of coffee you prefer, bustelo coffee in the French press may be the right coffee for you.

    how to make bustelo coffee in the french press

    1. Place bustelo coffee in the bottom of your French press. typically, you’ll use a tablespoon of coffee for every cup of water. however, because bustelo coffee is stronger than typical ground coffee, you may choose to use less. a little goes a long way with coffee bustelo.
    2. If you like a sweet cup of coffee, you can add sugar or a flavored syrup along with your bustelo coffee at this time. adding sugar now, as opposed to after you pour the coffee into the cup, allows the sugar to caramelize a bit more because it is in contact with the water at its hottest.
    3. heat water using a kettle or pot on the stove. the water should be around 195-205 degrees fahrenheit. you can usually reach this temperature by bringing water to a boil and then letting it sit for a couple of minutes.
    4. Pour water slowly into your French press, covering the bustelo coffee without splattering coffee around the sides of your French press. the less you splash over the sides, the less sediment you’ll have in the bottom of the cup.
    5. stir the water and bustelo coffee to make sure you have an even mix.
    6. Place the filter plunger on top of the coffee and water mixture. let the coffee stand. Typically, you will let your French press coffee brew for 4-5 minutes. however, because bustelo coffee is a stronger coffee, you may choose to steep it for less time. you can even cut the time in half (2-2.5 minutes) and still have a full-bodied cup of coffee.
    7. Press the plunger down to filter the ground coffee. keep in mind that since bustelo coffee is a finer ground coffee, you’ll have to push the plunger down harder and slower than you would with a regular cup of coffee.
    8. watch this video for a full tutorial on how to make bustelo coffee in your French press.
    9. about bustelo coffee

      Café Bustelo is a Latin-style espresso coffee that was first introduced to the United States in East Harlem in the early 20th century. You can find ground Bustelo coffee in various forms, including cans, jars, bricks, and instant coffee. Cafe Bustelo also offers a canned decaf variety. Cafe Bustelo’s Supreme line of espresso is also available in bags in a variety of whole beans.

      because bustelo coffee is an arabica coffee, it has less caffeine and less bitterness than you might find in other coffees. With its low price for a ground espresso, Café Bustelo is as easy on the wallet as it is on the mouth.

      Café bustelo is known for its strong flavor and body. expect a bold, intense coffee with a hint of bitterness. some describe coffee bustelo’s bottom notes as raisins, a hallmark of Latin American coffees. Because it is a bold, full-bodied coffee, many users prefer to cut their bustelo coffee with milk for a richer, slightly smoother coffee.

      alternatives & conclusion

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      café bustelo is a rich ground espresso coffee. While you can absolutely use coffee bustelo in your French press, there are a few things to keep in mind. expect strong, bitter coffee with some mud in your cup. if you want to avoid sediment, buy bustelo coffee in the whole bean variety and grind coarser than you normally would for espresso.

      Of course, bustelo coffee isn’t the only coffee you can use in your French press. if you prefer something milder, choose a blonde or medium roast coffee for your French press. If you like strong coffee from your French press, but don’t want mud, opt for regular ground French roast.

      Whichever coffee you choose, follow the instructions carefully to prepare the French press. You want to get the most out of your French press experience, so be sure to follow the instructions. check out the french press coffee roasting guide to decide which coffee and equipment is right for you.

      If you like strong, Latin-style coffee, coffee bustelo in the French press may be the perfect experience for you. And don’t forget, for the full experience, mix a little milk and sugar into your French-pressed bustelo coffee. you’ll be glad you did.

      happy caffeine!

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