Best Starbucks Drinks For Avid Coffee Drinkers

Ordering a nice drink at starbucks can be like playing the lottery: will you get a delicious and refreshing concoction or will it be a sugary and watery concoction? Don’t worry, we’ve selected the best coffee to order at Starbucks so you can enjoy your coffee instead of wasting time deciphering the sprawling Starbucks menu.

Whether hot or iced, caffeinated or non-caffeinated, here are a few options that won’t disappoint even the most avid coffee drinker.

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1. starbucks pink drink

The iconic pink drink is a social media favorite for its summery pink hue and sweetness. the pink drink is one of the best non-coffee drinks at starbucks. Also known as strawberry acai soda, the pink drink consists of passion fruit and acai flavors, blended with coconut milk and topped with a dollop of fresh strawberries.

This is easily one of the best starbucks cold drinks for summer and spring. the refreshing lightness of coconut milk and intense berry flavors are truly rejuvenating on hot days when caffeinated beverages are not on your mind. this drink started on the secret menu and became so popular that it was added to the main menu in 2017.

However, before you order this drink, keep in mind that the addition of coconut milk may not be to everyone’s taste. There’s a reason coconut milk isn’t a popular addition to coffee, but since this drink doesn’t contain any coffee, the taste is a bit more bearable. If you’d like to try making this yourself, here’s an easy recipe you can make at home.

2. sweet vanilla ice cream

My favorite of all the Starbucks drinks, the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew combines the smoothness of cold brew with its wonderful vanilla cream syrup. Thanks to the powerful cold brew, this drink has a much more defined coffee flavor and packs a pretty decent amount of caffeine in one serving.

The strong flavor of cold coffee is perfectly complemented by the sweet and smooth vanilla cream. You might think this drink is similar to iced vanilla latte, but sweet vanilla cream latte has a much smoother flavor as it has a cold brew instead of a cold espresso, it has less ice and the cream Vanilla is thicker than vanilla syrup. this drink also contains no milk, unlike vanilla iced latte which comes with milk. you can try to make a copy of this drink at home using this recipe.

3. starbucks pumpkin spice latte

You can’t talk about Starbucks and not mention their industry-changing pumpkin spice latte. Colloquially called PSL, this is one of the most recognizable Starbucks drinks. Often called a “starbucks staple drink,” the psl is anything but basic with its real pumpkin blend, loads of spices, and a whopping 50g of sugar.

Launched in 2003, the pumpkin spice latte has dominated the seasonal fall menu and become a pop culture icon. Whether you drink it hot or iced, this beverage is sure to give your palate a thrill unlike any other coffee thanks to the variety of spices used, including fall favorites like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, jamaica, ginger and cloves. The flavor has become so popular that pumpkin spice variants have flooded the market, leading to Starbucks setting itself apart as the home of the original pumpkin spice latte. Do you want a psl but it’s not the season yet? make it at home with this recipe!

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4. flat white starbucks

The humble flat white wasn’t invented by starbucks, but it was introduced to their permanent menu in 2015. A flat white is pretty similar to a cappuccino, except it’s made with a shot of ristretto combined with steamed milk, while a cappuccino has espresso, steamed milk, and foam. A ristretto is a type of espresso that is made with less water, so it has a stronger flavor, darker color, and less caffeine.

Flat White first rose to prominence on the Australian and New Zealand coffee scene before becoming a global staple in coffee shops. Making a good flat white requires a certain degree of barista skills: first, you need to know how to make a good espresso and ristretto, and second, creating the signature centered white dot requires knowledge of how to steam milk correctly and how to pour correctly. You may not always see this iconic dot on your Starbucks Flat White, but it’s still a great staple Starbucks drink that will satisfy your caffeine needs year-round.

5. iced matcha tea latte

Almost as instagram-worthy as the pink drink, starbucks iced matcha latte is a green-tinted cold drink (there’s also a hot variant) that combines the soothing notes of matcha with the characteristic sweetness of many matcha drinks. starbucks.

Made with pre-sweetened matcha powder, 2% milk, and ice, iced matcha latte may not be the most authentic drink on the menu, but it’s still worth a try if you want to explore non-coffee starbucks drinks . this drink is not caffeine free, so keep that in mind. Also note that like many Starbucks drinks, this iced matcha has a significant amount of sugar, so it’s not as healthy as drinking regular matcha. while matcha has powerful antioxidant properties, the fact that it is a pre-sweetened powder and not fresh leaves it without the usual health benefits.

treat it as an occasional diversion and not a healthier alternative.

6. cold brew starbucks nitro

How can you make cold brew even better? making it nitro cold brew! The process is similar to regular cold brew with one important addition: After steeping coarse ground coffee for 16 to 24 hours and extracting the coffee, nitrogen gas is added to the final brew. this adds tiny air bubbles that give the brew additional foam and a lighter mouthfeel.

The longer brew time also gives you smoother, better-tasting coffee than hot coffee, iced beverages, and standard cold brew. If you’re looking for a big caffeine boost, Starbucks claims that the large version of Nitro Cold Brew contains on average 80 mg more caffeine than the same size cold brew. You can also customize the basic nitro cold brew with Starbucks usual selection of syrups, creams and flavorings.

7. caramel frappuccino

the best starbucks caramel coffee has to be the caramel frappuccino that looks like candy. Launched in 1999, the Caramel Frappuccino is the most popular caramel drink at Starbucks and fans love the distinctive caramel flavor that is intense but not overwhelming. making this drink requires ice, espresso, whole milk, caramel syrup, caramel drizzle, and dollops of whipped cream. As you might imagine from reading the ingredients, this is a very high-sugar, high-calorie drink.

caramel is the most popular flavor addition at starbucks, so it’s no surprise that they have a variety of caramel drinks, both hot and cold. this particular frappuccino is a common choice for the summer months and for those who want their coffee to taste sweet and as different from regular coffee as possible. you can make the iced version at home with this recipe or make a hot caramel latte with this preparation guide.

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8. starbucks blonde roast

starbucks blond roast is not a specific drink on their menu, but rather an additional option among their available roasts.

Lighter than light roast, blonde roast is one of the best choices at starbucks for black coffee. your usual dark roast may be too deep and strong for a basic black coffee, so blonde roast is a good alternative. the lighter roast level imparts a creamy, delicate flavor with increased acidity and brightness that is lacking in darker roasts.

starbucks blonde roast is roasted a bit more than other blonde roasts, which you may notice as a regular blonde roast doesn’t have a coffee flavor, but you can definitely taste the coffee notes in a starbucks blonde roast. the blonde roast at starbucks is prepared well as an americano, cappuccino, latte, or flat white.

9. chai tea with milk

for days you don’t want coffee (it’s shocking, I know), there’s always starbucks chai milk tea. Made from black tea infused with warm spices like cinnamon and cloves, this hot beverage can be surprisingly refreshing and contains plenty of caffeine. Inspired by Indian chai, this sweet and spicy drink can be ordered hot or chilled.

As is typical of Starbucks beverages, their chai tea latte is much sweeter than real chai and is made from a pre-mixed powder rather than chai and fresh spices. if this is not a problem for you, then this drink is a good replacement for your regular coffee without sacrificing caffeine. You can also customize this drink (this is Starbucks, after all) with additional syrups and flavorings. A popular variation is the dirty chai tea latte, which includes a shot of espresso along with the other ingredients.

10. whipped espresso with oat milk and iced brown sugar

once you forget the supremely long name, the iced brown sugar oat milk whipped espresso (take a minute to memorize it!) is the best vegan option at starbucks. When it comes to vegan milk, oat milk is the best option for coffee thanks to its creaminess and fat content. add to that a great espresso and a heavy dose of sugar and you have this fan-favorite drink.

The sheer size of this drink holds a whopping 3 shots of espresso, making it one of the most caffeinated drinks at starbucks. it also has a low calorie count, coming in at 120 calories in a 16 oz drink. this makes it one of the best options for those who want a healthy coffee without sacrificing flavor or caffeine.

Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Whipped Espresso is made with blond roasted espresso, 4 pumps of brown sugar syrup, ground cinnamon and oat milk blended together. this results in a creamy and delicious drink that you won’t even have to stir.

Do you have a favorite on this list? tell me what your starbucks order is!

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