The Best Pour-Over Coffee Makers for Brewing Coffee Like a Pro

I’m that guy with multiple coffee makers: French press, drip coffee maker, and yes, multiple pour overs. I’m not going to apologize. but pour over is my preferred method of brewing coffee because it provides more than just a caffeine rush. it’s really a little ritual that I do every morning to start my day off on the right foot. some people exercise; some people have a breakfast routine; and some just start working from home without any ritual (how? why?). for me it has to be a cup of poured coffee.

As the popularity of pour-overs has expanded further and beyond the core of coffee fans, more pour-over equipment from many different brands has appeared, which is a double-edged sword. For coffee drinkers, the barrier to entry is already higher for pour over than for other methods, and having too many options at brewers can be even more overwhelming. That’s where Team Epicurious comes into play. I assembled a tasting panel and tested a dozen coffee drippers, making cup after cup and carafe after carafe of coffee to determine which worked best. read on to see the best options; For details on how I tested and what to look for in a pour over coffee maker, scroll to the bottom of the page.

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A stalwart among pour-over coffee aficionados and probably most people’s first pour-over coffee maker, the chemex coffee maker is best for anyone looking to get into this brewing method. Chemex coffee makers are great for brewing a large batch of coffee and are among the easiest to learn to use for even brewing. Proprietary filters help trap the oils in the beans, reducing some of the unpleasant bitter flavors that can overwhelm a more delicate, nuanced flavor profile. We brewed different amounts with all the multi-cup models we tested, and the Chemex produced some of the best coffee every time. each brew was full-bodied without feeling oily or heavy, and each of the tasters could choose at least one of the coffee roaster’s advertised tasting notes. It didn’t matter if we brewed two cups or six – the brews were consistent every time. Cleanup is easy as most chemex models can be placed right in the dishwasher once you remove the wooden collar, and the company recommends simply swishing hot soapy water into the jar and rinsing as an alternate method.

Then there’s aesthetics. The brewer itself has been around for a while, but it still feels as stylish as it is approachable, with its hourglass shape, wooden collar, and leather tie. it’s the kind of thing you can have on your counter at all times. Chemex makes three types of coffee makers: the classic, glass-handled models that come with a handle instead of the wooden collar, and a hand-blown version. Classic and glass-roof brewers come in three, six, eight, and 10-cup sizes, while the hand-blown line comes in three, five, eight, and 13-cup sizes.

although a fairly new company, ratio has made a name for itself with high-quality, stylish drip coffee makers that stand up to industry titans like the technivorm moccamaster, so it’s no surprise that their pour-over coffee maker is as well. a contender. In fact, their drip coffee machines are specifically designed to simulate the pour-over process: this dripper and carafe set is compatible with their drip machines, but can also be used independently so you can make coffee without the machine. The insulated carafe itself is compatible with Hario V60 and Kalita Wave single-serve coffee makers and can be purchased on its own if you’re just looking for a way to keep your coffee hot for longer periods. The dropper can also be used on its own over a cup. mix and match in proportion to your heart’s delight.

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