8 Best Coffees at Whole Foods: Organic and Delicious! (Fall 2022)

what’s so special about whole food coffee?

8 Best Coffees at Whole Foods: Organic and Delicious! (Fall 2022)

If you’re planning to buy high-quality whole bean coffee, one place you shouldn’t miss is the Whole Foods Market. If you’re looking for a store that has the best organic coffee brands, you’ll find them all at Whole Foods. Most people think that they are just like regular supermarkets where you get groceries every day, but this is a mistake. They don’t just focus on specialty products, and with their wide reach of 500 stores across the country, they support local coffee roasters.

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If you want the best organic coffee, you need to get it from whole foods. They have better prices because they buy directly from farmers. You’ll get the best quality organic coffee bean brands when you shop at Whole Foods.

characteristics to take into account before buying coffee in whole foods

Coffee bean quality is an essential part of your coffee experience. it also has a huge impact on how your beer tastes. how to know which is better we have compiled a list of characteristics that every good quality organic coffee bean should have, so you can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee in the morning.


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8 Best Coffees at Whole Foods: Organic and Delicious! (Fall 2022)

Coffee is an amazing drink, but it’s even better when you know your favorite kind. you can get coffee beans in three varieties, arabica, robusta, as well as a blend of arabica and robusta.

● arabic

Most people refer to Arabica coffee as “the good stuff.” these coffee beans are some of the best quality beans you can find today, and they come with a rich flavor. The growing conditions for this type of coffee bean are unique because it has certain requirements for it to reach its full potential. That’s why you’ll find 100% Arabica beans written on most labels like Stumptown Hundred Mile Coffee Roasters. this label means that the coffee bean is of the best quality Arabica bean.

● robust

Unlike Arabica beans, Robusta coffee beans are of lower quality. they also contain more caffeine which some people prefer. the cultivation process is easier than arabica and cheaper. you can also notice the difference in price in stores. robusta is very cheap and sells faster.

● arabica and robusta

You can also find some brands that have a bit of arabica and robusta mixed in. manufacturers do this, so they can have a little more caffeine content in their coffee without losing the nice coffee flavor of the arabica beans. this is a blend that some people light up in their coffee. you need to know which one you prefer, be it arabica, robusta or mixed flavor coffee beans.


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As a coffee lover, you need to know what your desired roast is. for some people, a lighter roast will be the perfect choice. this is because it contains lighter flavors, but tends to have the fruitiest taste. however, dark roasts tend to heat much longer and have a more concentrated flavor, which can sometimes be bitter.


When ordering coffee beans, you’ll probably be asked if you want them ground or whole. your choice will depend on how quickly you want to use your coffee after purchase. You can also determine how it’s brewed if you buy the whole coffee beans. the only difference in ground coffee is that it loses its potency much faster than when you keep it whole. however, if you buy the whole coffee beans, it is more versatile and you can also prepare it to your liking. if you plan on making a cold brew, you can make the whole grain coarse by grinding. if what you are preparing is an espresso or a coffee with milk, the infusion has to be fine.

tasting notes

8 Best Coffees at Whole Foods: Organic and Delicious! (Fall 2022)

Also, another thing you’ll want to know about coffee is its taste. let’s say you prefer it sweet or better, fruity or even flavored. there is also the option of smoked or biscuit notes. if you ask some people, they even prefer acidic coffee, but for some, it can cause heartburn. The truth is that different people want different things, and the same goes for coffee. what could be a bad coffee for you, could be someone else’s favorite. There is no right or wrong way to make coffee, and it depends on how you like to prepare it. if you want it smoother, you decide.


The size of the coffee is also a factor to consider when looking for a good organic coffee. some coffees come in small packages, while some companies make larger packages of coffee. however, most organic coffees come in more compact sizes, especially whole bean coffee, which will mostly last for about two weeks if you want to have your coffee fresh. organic coffee is more difficult to store because it can easily go rancid when stored for a long time.

caffeine content

Although caffeine is one of the main ingredients in coffee, some people don’t like it in large amounts. others have no problem with caffeine and even take it to get more caffeine. That’s why you have the option to get a decaf coffee. Another thing to know about decaf is that not all methods used are created equal. There are only two ways to decaf coffee and still keep it organic. you can use the Swiss water process or the carbon dioxide process. any other method of decaf will require chemicals and your coffee will lose its organic flavor quickly. however, you can buy organic decaf coffee, which will still give you the best flavor without losing its organic quality. That way, at the end of the day, you don’t lose the quality of your coffee, even if you don’t want the caffeine.

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