Best office coffee machines 2022

Some would argue that having the best coffee machine for the office is the most important factor in a happy and productive workplace; people will feel better and work harder if they have a cup of something hot on their desk.

Not only that, but having a drink is a valuable way to get away from the screen and do some serious thinking; depending on your work, this time can be very useful.

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But with so many coffee machines on the market, both personal and heavy behemoths designed to hydrate large crowds of people, it can be hard to know which one is best for your office.

Well, that’s why we’ve put together this list of the best coffee machines you should consider for your workplace. these will be just as useful as the best standing desk or the best office chair to keep people happy.

Sure, your office needs a lot of technology, like the best fax machine, scanners, shredders, copiers and more, but coffee machines are the most important. trust us, here at techradar, we have some experience with good and bad bean-to-cup brewers!

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We haven’t included prices because, especially for brands that make commercial coffee machines and consumer devices, it’s often easier to request a quote depending on the size of your business than it is to buy individually, and not all entries in this list can be purchased individually and some are only sold to businesses.

You’ll see below our top five picks for the best office coffee machines for offices big and small, but below are five more options if the top slots aren’t working for you: The world of coffee dispensers is a big one. and different selections work for different people.

our favorite office coffee maker 2022

Some of the highest-end coffee machines on the market come from Jura, and their giga x line represents that more than anything. the giga x8c is the most advanced of that line at the time of writing, though there are a few other options for people who don’t need all the premium bells and whistles.

the giga x8c takes coffee beans and turns them into 32 different types of coffee, with a built-in milk system, the ability to brew two coffees at once, and just hot water for those who want tea.

It’s designed to produce up to 200 coffees per day, so it’s perfect for large offices (or small offices of coffee addicts), and you can also customize the temperature of your coffee and milk, so it’s designed to let you treat yourself if you love caffeine.

the downside is that it is a large and quite expensive coffee machine, perhaps too much for some offices. Not everyone needs a huge beast with a touch screen that they can swipe for days to choose the perfect pot, but if you want your staff to feel fantastic, this might be a good option.

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see the giga x8c on the jura website here (opens in a new tab)

keurig has a wide range of coffee machines designed for business – there are also small business (opens in a new tab) and large business (opens in a new tab) versions, but we’ve chosen the business option medium because you have the option to produce different sizes of coffee, so that no one is left with too much drink or left wanting more.

As the name suggests, the k150 midsize business is designed for midsize organizations, so if you’re going to have a lot of workers looking to get up to speed quickly, it might not hold up, but otherwise it’s gold. This coffee machine accepts standard size pods, so each person can have different infusions and mixtures according to their taste.

There are no milk options for the k150, so this machine will only make black coffee, but that’s easily remedied if you leave a jug of milk next to the machine for those who like white cups. It also has an optional direct water line, so you don’t have to refill it every few cups.

It’s worth checking out Keurig’s entire commercial lineup to see which of their machines is the best fit for your office, but the K150 seems like the most diverse.

see the keurig k150 midsize business model by clicking here (opens in a new tab)

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