8 Best Cuban Coffee Brands 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

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Cuban coffee has a huge following, and for good reason. If you’ve ever enjoyed a latte or a Cortadito, you know how delicious this dark, sweet coffee can be. But when you want to make Cuban coffee at home, where do you find the best beans? don’t worry: we are here to help you buy.

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We have researched and tested the best brands of Cuban coffee. the result? This list of our eight favourites, complete with detailed reviews and a quick buyer’s guide. Get ready for a delicious cup of Cuban coffee!

comparison of our favorite products in 2022

the 8 best brands of Cuban coffee

1. bustelo supreme whole bean espresso: best overall

Supreme by Bustelo

Having received accolades for making a great latte, Supreme by Bustelo Whole Bean Espresso leads the way. it’s a rich, dark bean that allows you to control the density of the grind to perfect the flavor you want.

For seasoned Cuban coffee lovers, the flavor may not sound strong enough. however, this flavor works well for a beginner just finding their way into the world of Cuban coffee.

From a brand that’s been around for nearly 100 years, this pick will stand up to the addition of cream and sugar for a Latin twist with a sweet morning kiss. is really the best brand of Cuban coffee that exists.

2. mayorga cuban coffee coffee beans

Mayorga Organics Cafe Cubano

mayorga organics dark roast cuban coffee offers a full-bodied flavor with a syrupy texture. stands out for having a rich profile, robust flavor and rich, dark beans with a nice sheen without being too oily.

This choice may be too strong if you are not used to a dark roast Cuban coffee. if you are a beginner, ease your way with this one. while it’s a bit pricey in the one-pound package, if you decide you like the taste, the price drops significantly for the five-pound package. but typically when trying a new coffee, the savvy coffee shopper will opt for the smaller package, and it’s that price that keeps this one out of the top spot.

3. bustelo coffee cuban espresso

Cafe Bustelo Espresso Coffee

A special dark roast for espresso, café bustelo café espresso is a popular choice for pre-ground Cuban coffee. it is recognized to work well in a variety of preparation methods and holds up well with the addition of cream and sugar.

Created just for espresso, it is recognized that it is not as strong as the typical dark roast for espresso, but it also has a bitter aftertaste. For a medium roast seeker, this is rich in flavor you can enjoy, especially if you add foamed milk or other flavorings.

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It’s also an economical option if you’re on a budget and offers versatility for any type of preparation you fancy.

4. coffee la key cuban espresso

Café La Llave Espresso

Four generations deep with a history that began in southern Cuba and continues today in Los Angeles, Café La Llave Espresso arrives finely ground and ready to create a cafecito. It has a sweet chocolate aroma and a boldness to start the day strong.

This signature dark roast is strong, perhaps too strong for a beginner. Fortunately, with a cheap price, giving it a try won’t hit your wallet hard.

with almost 150 years behind him, f. gavina & sons, inc Café la Llave debuted in 1972 and brings tradition with this Latin-style espresso.

5. pilón cuban coffee/espresso blend

Pilon Whole Bean

pilon whole bean restaurant blend express offers a strong push into the middle of our list. it’s a rich, dark option that stands alone or with the traditional Cuban-style sweet preparation.

If you don’t like your coffee to taste bitter, this dark roast option won’t satisfy you. it’s also expensive, keeping it lower on our list.

As used in South Florida restaurants, it can bring a bit of Miami to your kitchen.

6. Cuban-style shipping cafe

Naviera Cuban Style

The next option as a pre-ground option is the Cuban Naviera Style Dark Roast. For 95 years, Naviera Coffee conducted its operations in Tampa, Florida, and had a gourmet coffee shop in the same location. the coffee shop closed and operations moved to another facility, leaving die-hard fans scrambling to find this brand of coffee. luckily, it’s still available online.

This dark roast stands out for having a robust profile with a chicory flavor. if you’re not a fan of chicory, you won’t like this one. Chicory is the root of a flowering plant in the dandelion family and has a distinctive woody flavor. if you’ve never tried it, you might not like it, but the lower caffeine content will at least make you less jittery if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

7. roasted cuban chock full o’nuts – best ground coffee

Chock Full oNuts

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As our best ground coffee, Chock Full O’Nuts Cuban Roast is a convenient option with sweet notes and a lively aroma. Created with premium beans from Colombia, it’s Kosher certified and arrives in a stainless steel can to maintain freshness.

another brand with almost 100 years of experience in the coffee industry, has a large following of coffee lovers. Cuban roast was introduced in 2017 as their darkest roast available. if you love a really strong roast that is bolder than bold, you might like this one. if that’s not your preference, you may not enjoy it, and the high price will only add insult to injury.

8. 100% arabica pilón espresso coffee

Pilon Espresso

Last on our list is Pilon Espresso 100% Arabica. is a pre-ground option at an economical price. it’s an extra-fine grind that will work well in your espresso machine.

It has a bitter aftertaste, although it holds up well with accompaniments. this choice can be a bit lackluster, especially as an espresso roast, for a Cuban coffee aficionado who craves a smooth, bold delivery.

buyer’s guide: how to select the best brand of Cuban coffee

Whether you’re just looking to try a good Cuban coffee or want to try making one, it’s important to note that Cuban coffee in general has a reputation for strength. a few things you’ll want to pay attention to when choosing one are roast, texture, and value.


Although its reputation is that of having the strength of gasoline, there are different roasts among Cuban coffees. do your research so you can easily find a flavor that suits your preferred taste. With light to dark options, you’re sure to find the best Cuban coffee without looking too hard!


the texture of Cuban coffee sets it apart from the rest. once you taste a good Cuban coffee, you will understand exactly what that means. With the number of different Cuban coffee drinks typically served as espresso shots with sweet additions, you’ll want to find a coffee that fits your preferences. if you tend to just have a little coffee with your cream and sugar, you’ll want to look for an option that won’t lose its enthusiasm and wilt under pressure.


As with all coffee, you want good value for the money spent. options range from affordable to expensive. research and compare to be prepared.


In short, our number one choice is bustelo whole bean espresso, which is sure to please with its distinctive aroma and rich body. our runner-up, mayorga organics cafe cuban dark roast whole bean coffee, stands out in flavor and smooth finish, in addition to being organic. our top choice for pre-ground Cuban coffee is the nut-packed ground Cuban roast, with its enticing aroma and quick convenience.

All great coffee starts with high-quality beans, so we hope our reviews and buying guide have helped you find delicious Cuban coffee. happy crafting!

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