10 Best Coffee Syrup Brands In 2022 – Buying Guides And Reviews

While the quality and flavor of the coffee beans you use are vital to your favorite morning coffee beverage, flavored syrups are a welcome addition. not only that, but they allow you to make unique drinks in your home. Although you can find them in all types, how do you know which are the best coffee syrups to use?

Below, we describe the different varieties and flavors that coffee syrups are offered in and what makes each brand unique. By the end, you’ll have a better idea of ​​what coffee syrups to look for and what makes them one of the best.

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what is a coffee syrup?

when you look at the different bottles of syrups available, the shiny packaging and fancy names give you the impression that they are descended from a magical elixir or rare ingredients. in fact, coffee syrup is a combination of sugar, or a sugar substitute, that dissolves in water. once dissolution is complete, flavoring is added.

Having flavored syrup is a must for those who want to make drinks reminiscent of those you get from coffee shops and chains from the comfort of home. while you can try to achieve a similar flavor with other methods, it’s likely to have a very different effect than what you’re hoping to achieve.

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tips for choosing the best syrups for coffee

Although the recipe for coffee syrup is quite simple, there are differences between brands. with the different nuances, you may find yourself with a preference for one type over another.

coffee syrup flavors

We all have our taste preferences for the flavor and style of coffee beverages we enjoy. with that, you will find the flavors that are most commonly used in coffee drinks and that are used in the most popular options, sometimes seasonal.

For the most part, you’ll always see vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate (mocha) on the shelves of your local coffee shop. With these flavors, you can make a variety of drinks, including:

  • hazelnut latte
  • vanilla cappuccino
  • caramel macchiato
  • milk mocha
  • However, preparing the more complex beverages you’ll see appearing more frequently on seasonal menus will involve the addition of flavorings such as pumpkin spice, pistachio, coconut, mint, and cinnamon.

    Having these unique flavors at your disposal will allow you to prepare special drinks such as:

    • pumpkin spice latte
    • mint mocha
    • pistachio latte
    • sweet cinnamon latte
    • The best thing about flavorings is that it gives you the ability to be creative in the combinations you create in your experimentation. maybe a coconut and pistachio mix, or even a hazelnut and cinnamon mocha? the possibilities are endless!

      brands of coffee syrup

      There is a large market for coffee syrup and flavorings, and as a result, there are several brands to choose from when shopping. Below, we’ve identified some of the top brands sold in stores and online.


      As one of the best brands available, Torani started with just five flavors and has since expanded to more than 150 different types of coffee syrups[1]. within the company, they employ flavor experts who have sole responsibility for studying flavor trends and making them a reality for the coffee world.


      Like another coffee syrup bestseller, Monin originated from its founder’s belief that many beverages lacked a high-quality flavor element. As a result of his findings [2], he went on to create a company that specialized in flavors for spirits, coffees, waters, and everything else.

      slim jordan blends

      What initially began as a way to enjoy additional flavor options without the excess sugar and calories, Jordan’s Slim Blends have since grown to include new styles. The company now offers low-calorie, low-carb, and sugar-free ketogenic diet options, cocktail mixes, cold drinks, and various flavor enhancers.

      additional brands of coffee syrup

      Although those mentioned above are some of the main producers of coffee syrups, many other brands also occupy that corner of the market. Some of these include Autocrat, Davinci, Starbucks, Amoretti, and Ghirardelli.

      With the continuing popularity of craft coffee drinks and specialty beverages, the selection of flavor accessories continues to expand. keep checking store shelves and retailer websites to see what new creations and trends come your way.

      natural sugar or artificial sweeteners (sugar-free coffee syrups)?

      While Jordan’s Slim Blends are one of the options available for those looking for a healthier alternative to coffee flavor, there are many other brands that also offer this healthy version. For those coffee lovers who have diabetes or are on a strict diet, these alternatives are great ways to change up your flavor profile without deviating from your nutritional standards.

      While reducing sugar is seen as a benefit in a world where most tasty items contain large amounts of sugar, there are some concerns about the continued use of sugar-free coffee syrups and artificial sweeteners in general.

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      This article from the Mayo Clinic [4] outlines some of the concerns that arise with the increased use of these alternatives, as well as some of the benefits that people experience as a result of their use.

      10 best flavored syrups for coffee

      With everything we’ve covered above, you’re probably wondering what the best value options are for flavored syrups. Below, we list and review the best syrups available and which beverages they are best suited for when creating your favorite beverages at home.

      1. torani variety pack – best overall

      last updated on 2022-11-10 / as an amazon associate, if you buy through the links, brewcoffeehome earns a commission at no additional cost to you.

      As one of the best coffee syrup brands, you know you’re in good hands when you select Torani. however, its variety pack allows you to have several different and very popular flavors to make your favorite beverages at home.

      This pack includes the brand’s best-selling Caramel, Vanilla, French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavors made with pure cane sugar and natural flavors. With these four syrups you can enjoy a combination of drinks. crack open these 25.4-ounce bottles and whip up a classic caramel macchiato, french vanilla cappuccino, hazelnut latte, and vanilla mocha, among many others!

      2. monin vanilla syrups: the best vanilla syrup for coffee

      last updated on 2022-11-10 / as an amazon associate, if you buy through the links, brewcoffeehome earns a commission at no additional cost to you.

      While Monin offers a wide variety of coffee flavors and is one of the most viewed brands in coffee shops, it also holds the title of having the best vanilla syrup for coffee. Due to the level of flavor that Monin has created in this particular syrup, it deserves its own category.

      One of the best elements of Monin Vanilla Syrup is its rich flavor and its ability to expand into the single serve latte beverage. With monin, you don’t just include flavor in your coffee. instead, the flavor incorporates the coffee itself. with this, you get a completely different taste experience than other syrups.

      3. starbucks caramel syrup: the best caramel syrup for coffee

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      Clearly, Starbucks knows what it’s doing when it comes to delicious and comforting coffee beverages with its coffee chain operations around the world. Although they offer several flavors of syrup for purchase, including this fantastic hazelnut option, their Caramel Coffee Syrup is at the top of the ranking scale when it comes to that particular flavor.

      Having the ability to replicate your favorite starbucks drinks, like the crisp caramel frappuccino or the macchiato, allows you to indulge without leaving home. their syrups are not only great for hot drinks. you can also add them to hot or iced coffee!

      4. torani hazelnut syrup – the best hazelnut syrup for coffee

      last updated on 2022-11-10 / as an amazon associate, if you buy through the links, brewcoffeehome earns a commission at no additional cost to you.

      hazelnut is one of the syrup flavors that can take on the structure of many different beverages and lends itself well to the various elements that make them up. the torani hazelnut coffee syrup accomplishes this exceptionally well.

      Whether as a subtle addition to an afternoon cup of tea or as a prominent flavor in your morning cappuccino, this syrup delivers the rich, punchy flavor you’re looking for in an invigorating beverage. Torani also offers a sugar free option of this popular syrup option for those looking to reduce their daily sugar intake.

      5. jordan thin syrups: the best options without sugar

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      While we mentioned this brand above for its wide selection of sugar-free coffee syrup options, this 6-in-1 sampler pack deserves its own credit. The great thing about Jordan’s thin syrups is the diversity that comes with their use. while most think of using them only in coffee or cocktails, there are many more options.

      Other popular uses for this kosher, zero calorie, 0 sugar, 0 carb, ketogenic and gluten free syrup include mixing it with oatmeal, tea, desserts, water and milk steams. Even without sugar, these coffee syrups give you optimal flavor.

      6. davinci syrups – the best organic syrups

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      For those who lead an organic lifestyle, it’s not always possible to enjoy convenient coffee syrups. furthermore, syrups of this type can be difficult to find in regular stores. however, davinci offers a line of authentically flavored organic syrups with all natural ingredients that many people love.

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      whether it’s hawaiian salted caramel, madagascar vanilla, turkish hazelnut, or one of the many other unique flavors davinci offers, you’ll be in for a treat. These syrups are USDA Certified Organic with the inclusion of genuine ingredients. the flavor you get from davinci will help you feel good with the addition of syrup and joy in the extra flavor.

      7. premium amoretti syrups – the best gourmet coffee syrups

      last updated on 2022-11-10 / as an amazon associate, if you buy through the links, brewcoffeehome earns a commission at no additional cost to you.

      If you’re looking for the highest quality ingredients, Amoretti’s premium line of syrups is worth a look. This classic sampler pack includes the popular Hazelnut, French Vanilla, and Caramel flavor options. With these options, you can amp up your coffee (hot or iced) to a whole new level of flavor.

      These highly rated flavored syrups are made in California and include a pump for ease of use, which is not common when purchasing. you can include your favorite flavor in seltzer, soda, iced tea, coffee or cocktails with this brand.

      8. autocrat coffee syrup – best classic taste

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      autocrat’s brand is not a name commonly heard when it comes to coffee syrups. however, this line of syrup is specific to the flavor of coffee. You won’t find this brand with various offerings like vanilla, pumpkin spice, or even caramel. With this particular take on the classic flavors, you can add it to different items to include the coffee flavor without using the coffee itself.

      As the official beverage of Rhode Island, Autocrat is best mixed with milk and can be easily stored at room temperature. this sweet syrup is unique and offers a special twist to the typical styles of coffee you see today.

      9. monin lavender syrup: the best lavender syrup for coffee

      last updated on 2022-11-10 / as an amazon associate, if you buy through the links, brewcoffeehome earns a commission at no additional cost to you.

      Looking for a unique flavor to add to your drinks? have you considered a lavender syrup? Monin wins the category for Best Lavender Syrup for Coffee with this smooth, soothing flavor that lends itself exceptionally well to a variety of beverages. With its calming qualities, lavender can bring peace to your afternoon pick me up.

      Whether it’s a lavender latte or adding the refreshing flavor enhancer to water, soda, lemonade, iced tea, or a white chocolate mocha, you’ll enjoy the floral addition that breathes new life into your standard beverages.

      10. Ghirardelli Squeeze Bottles – Caramel, Chocolate & white chocolate

      last updated on 2022-11-10 / as an amazon associate, if you buy through the links, brewcoffeehome earns a commission at no additional cost to you.

      While these don’t fall into the coffee syrup category, ghirardelli squeeze bottles are vital to the proper creation of your coffee shop’s specialty beverages. With its variety pack of caramel, chocolate and white chocolate, you can put a new twist on the flavor of your favorite drinks.

      Having white chocolate sauce on hand will give you the ability to make a richer white chocolate cocoa butter mocha. plus, chocolate and caramel will allow you to make mochas, macchiatos, hot chocolate, or even a turtle flavor combination.

      how to use syrups in your coffee?

      When you start using syrups in your home to flavor your favorite beverages, you’ll want to remember that in many cases, less is more. Often people add a lot of flavoring at once and realize too late that the flavor is a bit overbearing.

      When following a recipe to create your favorite flavored coffee, you’ll often see the term “pump” used as a form of measurement. While not all syrup flavoring bottles come with a pump, the companies behind the syrups will often advise you to purchase one for accurate measurement when creating custom drinks.

      when deciding what drinks you want to prepare with your different coffee syrups, you can entertain yourself with the following options:

      • lattes
      • cappuccinos
      • macchiatos
      • frappuccino
      • cold beer
      • Iced coffee
      • drip coffee
      • Americans
      • coconut
      • espresso
      • mochas
      • coffee with chai milk
      • seltzers
      • tea
      • lemonade
      • Italian soft drinks
      • among many others!
      • plus, you’re not restricted to using your syrups in beverages. many people use them for baking or dishes like oatmeal. In both regular and sugar-free syrups, you can incorporate flavors from various sources.


        indulging in one of the popular coffee shop drinks can feel like a treat. this excitement is mainly based on all the ingredients needed to make the drink. furthermore, the feeling that it is a treat is related to the equipment used behind the scenes of the cafeteria. however, you can also complete many of these steps in the comfort of your own home.

        Purchasing a home-use coffee syrup set is one of the first steps in enhancing your drinking experience. With all the brands and flavors available and the ability to buy them from great online outlets, you’ll be on your way to creating your favorite coffee-based beverages in no time!

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