Instant Coffee Packets: The 12 Best for Camping & How It&39s Made

different types of instant coffee

powder, granules or crystals

This is the most common form of instant coffee. instant coffee powder or granules (sometimes called coffee crystals) usually come in a cylindrical waterproof paper or plastic package, or in a glass jar if you’re going the og nescafé or folders route (not recommended, tastes like scorched earth and it will take up a lot of space among your camping gear). instant coffee packets contain a single serving-size serving in each packet.

sometimes they even come pre-mixed with cream and sugar, like this alpine starter option. The downside to a single-serve pack is wasted packaging and that you can’t easily adjust the strength of your coffee. however, they are convenient to carry in your backpack, take up virtually no space, and weigh only 0.14 ounces. Just be sure to pack up every little piece of junk you make in the field, even the little package lids that wear out.

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coffee cubes

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Coffee bags are like tea bags, a hybrid between freshly ground and brewed coffee and instant coffee, giving you the taste of freshly brewed coffee without the hassle. simply place the bag in a mug and pour hot water for a freshly brewed cup of instant coffee. you can also place the bag over the opening of the cup and pour the water through it, similar to the pourer-style packets the kuju makes. these bags (along with the coffee grounds they contain) retain some moisture, making them heavier and dirtier, and must be disposed of properly to prevent animals from taking them.

why instant coffee is good for camping and outdoor travel

instant coffee is easy to transport, easy to prepare, and leaves little waste.

One of the biggest draws of instant coffee for a backpacking or camping trip is the convenience it provides first thing in the morning. simply empty the contents of the packet into a cup, add water and stir for a proper cup of coffee.

instant coffee is extremely light.

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Just as important is instant coffee’s lightweight portability—you don’t need to bring any additional brewing devices like a coffeemaker, v60 pourer, French press, or percolator. all you need is a container to heat water, such as an aluminum kettle or single-wall titanium mug. Instant coffee bars or packets also eliminate the need to pack spent coffee grounds. While packs make more sense for fast and light hikers, having a resealable container of loose coffee beans, like those previously offered by Alpine Start and Viola, allow campers to buy in bulk to save money and brew coffee on their strength. preferred. out all espresso lovers.

instant coffee has a very long shelf life.

Due to the processes involved in making instant coffee, the product has a longer shelf life than freshly ground coffee. still, you need to store it properly. The best place to store instant coffee is in an airtight container, stored in a cool, dark cupboard or equipment closet. direct sunlight or heat can negatively affect the taste of your instant coffee. instant individual packets often have an inner layer of aluminum or plastic to prevent the instant coffee from being exposed to moisture or heat. when packaged like this, your instant coffee can retain its flavor for up to ten or even twenty years.

You can also make instant coffee with cold water.

The clever thing about instant coffee is that it can also be brewed with cold water, making it a nice breather on a hot day of hiking. Make instant iced coffee by simply dissolving the coffee crystals in cold water. It may take a bit longer to dissolve than if you were using hot water, but still, it’s the fastest way to make iced coffee in the wild, ideal for light and fast hikers.

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