The Last Coffee Grind Size Chart Youll Ever Need

Most fans of home brewing fail to make great coffee before they even start. they invest in the best coffee grinder they can find and find that they still make average tasting coffee. the worst part: they don’t know why, and it drives them crazy!

with just a little tweaking you can fix this. Read on to avoid making this common mistake and make great-tasting coffee.

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the backbone of great coffee = the perfect coffee grounds (1). don’t underestimate the importance of grinding:

your land is your most valuable and most overlooked tool to this day. I am going to share with you where you went wrong and everything else there is to know about grinding coffee. by the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll be making the best coffee of your life.

First let’s take a quick look at the different grind sizes, when you should use each one, and what settings you can achieve with your coffee grinder.

the relationship between ground coffee and too much or too little coffee

do notskip this section.

what you are about to read is essential knowledge for making coffee. Having the best coffee maker and the best coffee beans in the world won’t mean anything if you don’t understand extraction. It’s time you understood coffee extraction, and by doing so, you’ll be able to avoid under-extraction and over-extraction.

Both are bad news for your coffee and bad news for you. avoiding this is actually the only reason we use different grind sizes for different coffee makers.

  • its grains are too thick = in the process of extraction. this is when you haven’t extracted enough flavor from your ground coffee
  • Your grounds are too fine = over-extracted. this is when you have extracted too much flavor from your coffee, and it becomes overwhelming and unpleasant
  • what does poorly extracted coffee taste like?

    You’ve probably had bad coffee before. most of the time, bad coffee is the result of extraction:

    for a really in-depth tour of what over- or under-extracted coffee will taste like, the hustle barista has an excellent guide on extraction that’s worth checking out (2).

    …so you’ve made a coffee and, to your chagrin, it tastes like it wasn’t properly extracted. she doesn’t want it to happen again, wasting more valuable coffee, but she has no idea where she went wrong.

    we got you! you should vary the brew time, water temperature, or grind size, depending on your flavor:

    blade grinders vs burrs

    before you read any further: if you’ve been using a blade grinder for your coffee beans, you’ve been making the most common coffee grinding mistake out there. Do not grind coffee beans with a blade grinder. doing so is worse than buying ground coffee.

    yeah, worse. why?

    First of all, the key to making a great cup of coffee is consistency, and if your little beans aren’t all the same size, some will be over-extracted, some will be under-extracted, and the result will be good. … fucking coffee.

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    move your blade grinder all you want, you’ll never get them 100% consistent… but if you’re stuck somewhere with nothing but a blade grinder, there’s something you can do… but get ready to work . for it. james hoffman did it with this video:

    In addition to a distinct lack of consistency, bladed coffee grinders have another pitfall: They can only work by spinning extremely fast, which creates heat and friction. this heat and friction, as you may have guessed, is bad news. this means your coffee is already heating up, so it won’t taste as fresh and the end result will be overcooked.

    Now, compare all that nonsense to a grinder, which uses even pressure and rotation to ‘crush’ beans into a perfect consistency. They can accomplish this at low speeds, which means they add no heat and maintain a precise and consistent even grind.

    Summarize it too

  • blade grinders suck at getting even grounds. The uniform grounds make it even easier to extract the coffee.
  • if you’re stuck with a blade grinder, there are a few tricks you can use to improve your soil
  • making espresso? it’s even more critical that your grinds are even/consistent. if you use something like a blade grinder, here’s what’s likely to happen, and don’t say we didn’t warn you:

    popular coffee grind sizes and what they are used for

    The following seven grind sizes are all you need to brew great cups of coffee with a variety of different brewing methods.

    yes, you will notice that some coffee brewing methods fall into more than one grind size category, this is because you can control the outcome of your brew with grind size + brew time for certain methods of preparation.

    Let’s take a look at the main grind sizes, from very coarse to very fine.

    1. extra coarse grind (cold brew grind)

    as large as possible in the most popular conical mills, similar to ground peppercorns.

    fits these preparation methods:

    • brewing cold brew (eg, using your filtron or toddy brewer)
    • cowboy coffee
    • 2. coarse grind (french press grind)

      If you’re brewing with a French press, you need to know your coarse grind. it should look similar to sea salt.

      fits these preparation methods:

      • preparing coffee with a French press
      • percolators
      • coffee cupping/tasting
      • 3. medium-coarse grind

        not quite medium but not quite coarse – looks similar to coarse/rough sand.

        fits these preparation methods:

        • chemex
        • smart dripper
        • black brewed coffee
        • 4. medium grind

          the happy medium of grind sizes; an excellent starting point for testing its grounds. similar to the consistency of normal sand.

          fits these preparation methods:

          • flat bottom drip coffee makers
          • cone-shaped pour-over coffee makers
          • the aeropress (with a preparation time of more than 3 minutes)
          • siphon brewers
          • 5. medium-fine grind (pour over grind)

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            If you love pour over coffee like we do, you’ll need a medium-fine coffee grind. it is finer than grit, but not as fine as ground espresso.

            fits these preparation methods:

            • cone-shaped pourers (eg hario v60, kalita wave, etc.)
            • the aeropress (with a preparation time of 2-3 minutes)
            • 6. fine grind (espresso grind)

              the most common grind size you’ll find. When you buy pre-ground coffee, it’s usually a fine grind size (unless otherwise noted). in terms of consistency, it is a bit finer than table salt.

              fits these preparation methods:

              • preparation of espresso (with or without a machine)
              • the aeropress (with a preparation time of 1 to 2 minutes)
              • Stovetop espresso
              • 7. extra fine (Turkish coffee ground)

                You’ll rarely use an extra-fine grind and need a Turkish coffee grinder to achieve a fine, consistent grind like this. its texture is similar to that of flour or powder.

                fits these preparation methods:

                • ibrik (Turkish coffee)
                • the coffee grind table: comparing the size of each grind

                  don’t trust your eyes (not yet, anyway).

                  They won’t be good at judging a medium fine coffee grind from a medium coffee grind. That’s why we created a simple yet effective coffee grind chart to help you differentiate one grind size from another.

                  print it out and use it right now to figure out what job you’re dealing with. just enter your email below so we know where to send it:

                  >>> click here for grinding chart <<<

                  popular burr grinder setups you can use

                  well, look at that. We’ve gone ahead and made your life easier by putting together a coffee grind chart from our setup recommendations. Remember: Due to calibration, no two coffee grinders are exactly alike. (3)

                  compare your results with the routine images above.

                  final thoughts

                  yes, you are now an expert coffee grinder. when you pay attention to the little things (the little things are your coffee grounds in this case) you reap the rewards of great coffee. . you have the knowledge, now all that is left is to choose your grinder, a bag of quality coffee, and you will literally taste the improvement instantly!

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                  Need to quickly know what grind size is right for your coffee maker? We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about grinders below.

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