12 Cafes and Coffee Bars in Newport Beach That Youll Love a Latte

Given its charming seaside town feel, it should come as no surprise that Newport Beach also boasts a delicious array of cafes. From take-out bakeries to sit-down coffee shops, the list of places to conquer your quest for a quality cup of coffee is endless. So before you head to the nearest Starbucks drive-thru for a basic latte mocha, check out this list of our 12 favorite local cafes and coffee shops in Newport Beach.

rendez vous french bakery & cafeteria

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nothing better than a sit down brunch on a Sunday morning. rendez vous french bakery & cafe in corona del mar is a lovely street spot for authentic french food. This quaint cafe serves some of the freshest crepes, cakes, artisan breads and croissants, all made fresh daily. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a homemade chocolate, cream or cinnamon beignet, or stop in for a savory ratatouille and goat cheese omelette.

wild strawberry coffee

Hidden in the heart of Fashion Island’s Design Plaza is Wild Strawberry Cafe, a charmingly rustic spot filled with vintage decor and the sweet aroma of freshly baked goods. With everything from breakfast and brunch items like bagels, omelets, and crêpes to lunch specialties like sandwiches and hearty salads, you’re sure to leave satisfied.

herst coffee roasters

start the morning with a visit to the modern herst coffee roasters in via lido. This serene and elegant spot offers craft coffee drinks and gourmet pastries with ample outdoor seating to sip and savor. Menu favorites include the macchiato, Spanish latte, and creamy cortado made with a double shot of espresso and perfectly steamed whole milk. be sure to pair your drink with a decadent cake like a slice of their freshly baked banana bread!

dream surf shop

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Prefer your coffee with a side of community? This hyper-local coffee shop is a trendy haven for Newport locals looking to stay awhile. daydream not only features a curated menu of craft espresso drinks, but also doubles as a surf shop! Step inside and you’ll find a star-studded collection of surfboards, homewares and beachwear. the surf cafe/shop also features a surf club with a rack of 24 revolving experimental designs.

vacancy cafe

This popular pch pit stop is the ideal place to conquer your quest for a quality caffeine fix. enjoy the Australian influence of this charming store while making the difficult decision of what to order. let it be known: this menu is not so typical. vacancy is famous for its eccentric menu featuring drinks like lavender lattes, creamy matchas, and activated charcoal-infused “gothic” mochas.

haute pastry coffee

While their avocado toast may be a total winner, this little bakery and cafe is anything but basic. Since 1990, Haute Cakes Caffe has been crafting the best of the best when it comes to craft coffee. so whatever you choose to drink, whether it’s a dirty chai or a cold draft beer, you’ll discover the local charm of this neighborhood gem. But let’s be clear about something: haute cakes does more than just drinks; the cafeteria also serves everything from baked goods and breakfasts to lunches and grab-and-go packages like their pancake kit.

balboa lily

Located in the welcoming community of Balboa Village is Balboa Lily’s, a community cafe with quality beers and farm-to-table food. Sip on one of their signature Lavender Honey Lattes or a Coconut Almond Mocha and indulge in breakfast favorites like the House Waffle, Nick’s House Sandwich or Yogurt Parfait. Be sure to bring fido because Balboa Lily’s is dog friendly!

high coffee company

Give your morning the boost it needs with a trip to Alta Cafe! Known for having one of the coolest cafes in town, the wide selection of high morning drinks and treats is sure to fuel your day. stop by their quaint canning village location for a croissant, cinnamon roll or quichette and wash it down with a classic flat white latte or decadent toffee. And before you leave, be sure to check out the work of the local artists, musicians, and poets who exhibit their work in this charming cafe.

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bakery c’est si bon

Dark roasts and European-style pies are just two of the things this fast-casual eatery does well. but let it be known: there is much more to love. stop by early in the morning and expect to see the surfers grab a cup of coffee on their way to the beach. in the evenings, you’ll find a more relaxed lunch crowd there for hearty sandwiches and a variety of grab-and-go deli items, including imported French cheeses, pâtés, and bottled wines.

pink bakery coffee

cure your sweet cravings with a delight from corona del mar’s rose bakery cafe. Serving up a delicious breakfast and lunch, this local pit stop is the perfect spot for a smoked salmon bagel, breakfast burrito, grilled sandwich or wrap. but if you really want to treat yourself, grab one of their glazed donuts and a coffee to go. your diet starts tomorrow!

coffee reborn

With a dedication to serving clean coffee through a process of conditioning and roasting sprouted green beans, it’s no wonder reborn is a sensation within the local cdm community. stop in and order a refreshing cold beer or iced berry latte before heading to the beach. In reborn, you can taste the difference! And once you’re hooked, you’ll want to sign up for their coffee subscription program and have those fresh beans delivered right to your door.

zinc coffee & market

sophisticated in style yet totally accessible, zinc is a restaurant and retail space all in one! stop by for breakfast, lunch or dessert and enjoy a selection of wines and specialty coffees. Then, once you’re done savoring, browse the market and discover a variety of products, from cookbooks and pantry staples to kitchen accessories and wellness products. You will soon discover that zinc is much more than just another restaurant.

written by: kaylin waizinger

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