12 Best European Coffee Brands To Try

every coffee lover’s dream is to taste every blend of coffee from different countries. With that in mind, here are the best European coffee brands.

despite not being able to produce its own coffee beans, europe has established a long history of roasting premium coffee blends. In fact, every coffee connoisseur wants to discover the best coffee brands in Europe ever since the third wave of coffee culture swept across the continent. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best European coffee brands, particularly from France, Germany and Italy.

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1. black card

One of the best European coffee brands is Carte Noire. The French company’s way of blending pure Arabica coffee beans to create a luxurious flavor is one of the reasons it’s earned the number one spot on this list. It is recommended to drink this coffee alone, but you can also add a splash of milk if you like a creamier taste.

carte noire offers a classic, decaffeinated blend of coffee that is available as ground coffee and instant coffee. These two options have a balanced flavor with a strong aroma.

2. dallmayr prodomo ground coffee

dallmayr is a well-known and respected German coffee brand. It is of the highest quality since it is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans.

dallmayr prodomo ground coffee is a medium roast coffee that has a full-bodied flavor and a strong aroma that many coffee lovers prefer. The great thing about this coffee blend is that it’s specially refined to remove irritants and bitterness while retaining all of its caffeine and flavor.

3. leroux

leroux is another well-known brand of French coffee. Their most popular coffee, Leroux Instant Simple Chicory, is made with 100% chicory and has a bit of a nutty flavor. It is recommended to prepare this drink with water or milk, and it can also be drunk hot or cold.

4. jacques vabre

jacques vabre differentiates itself from other leading European coffee brands with its robusta coffee beans. Robusta coffee beans give a slightly different flavor that many coffee lovers prefer. French coffee made by Jacques Vabre is smooth and flavorful, with smoky undertones and a bit of a peppery flavor. this coffee also has a slightly bitter taste.

5. jacobs kronung coffee beans

jacobs is one of the oldest coffee companies in germany and is also one of the best german coffee brands. The company was founded in the late 19th century and has maintained its status ever since. Although its coffee is mainly sold in Germany, Russia and Austria, it is known internationally.

jacobs kronung coffee beans are one of many coffee products that come from the jacobs coffee brand. Whole beans have the advantage of staying fresh longer, and you can control how you grind them for the type of drink you’re making.

jacobs kronung whole bean coffee is a medium roast that has a mild, nutty flavor. This coffee is very popular with average coffee drinkers for its low acidity and smooth texture.

6. legal drop

legal le gout has produced delicious coffee blends and has maintained its position as one of the best french coffee brands since 1851. the company is very particular about its recipe and uses only the best arabica beans. avoids the use of gmos and strives to provide its customers with the best coffee experience.

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legal le gout coffee has a rich flavor and an enticing aroma. it is best served black, but you can also add sugar and cream if you prefer a sweet and creamy taste. Also, you should consider using a French press to brew this coffee if you’re looking for the best possible results.

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7. grandmother

grand’mère was founded in 1954 when rené and lucette, a married couple, opened a grocery store. they created coffee blends to attract passersby, hoping the enticing aroma would draw customers into their store.

grand’mère is one of the best French coffee brands. It is available as ground coffee, coffee pods, and whole beans. Two of its most popular coffees are the classic French blend and the Corsica blend.

8. eduscho gala nr. 1 ground coffee

the gala eduscho nr. 1 is the first coffee blend on this list that is made from Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. This coffee has an intense and robust flavor.

eduscho gala nr. 1 ground coffee is a dark roast coffee, so you can expect a smooth, savory, slightly bittersweet flavor. if you are a true coffee aficionado, you will surely enjoy its sophisticated flavor and aroma.

This is also a pre-ground coffee, so unlike whole beans, you don’t need to grind it every morning. the 17-ounce bag, however, is ideal for one or two people to consume before it spoils.

9. very cheap ground coffee

Barissimo ground coffee is another well-known German brand of coffee made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. It’s a medium roast grown using only organic farming practices, so you can be sure these coffee grounds are 100% natural.

In addition to responsible farming, the barissimo coffee blend is a high-quality product that has a full-bodied flavor and a smooth texture. this coffee also offers a nice warm flavor without a bitter aftertaste, unlike other coffees.

For most coffee connoisseurs, regular roast is the ideal type of coffee roast: not too light, but not too dark either. so you can enjoy this coffee neat or by adding your favorite cream and a little sugar.

10. ground coffee tchibo feine milde

despite being a small brand, tchibo is definitely one of the best coffee brands in germany. For more than 60 years, this coffee brand has produced high-quality roasts from Arabica coffee beans.

tchibo feine milde, which translates to tchibo fine mild, should give you an idea of ​​its flavor profile.

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This ground coffee is made specifically for drip coffee makers, one of the most common ways of making coffee. You can’t make a fresh cup of coffee without whole beans, but you can trust these coffee grounds to make a great cup of joe.

While dark roast lovers may find the flavor too bland, light roast lovers will enjoy the rich flavor of this coffee. however, don’t let the name fool you. this coffee is not weak, bland, or bland, and definitely not bitter either!

11. illy classic coffee beans

Our top pick for the best Italian coffee brand is illy classico coffee beans. illy, like lavazza, can trace its origins back to old world Italian coffee culture and continue to provide a consistent and reliable product.

A notable feature of this product is that the coffee beans are obtained through direct trade. you may be familiar with fair trade coffee; direct trading is a recent move that simplifies the supply chain. In reality, this means that illy collaborates with coffee farmers on a global scale.

You may also be interested in reading our guide on the 9 reasons why it is worth buying fair trade coffee.

This coffee blend doesn’t have too many complex flavors, but it stands out with its satisfying classic coffee taste. illy classico whole bean coffee is made from 100% arabica coffee beans, and you can expect a strong chocolate flavor with smoky undertones.

However, a big downside to this delicious coffee is that it costs as much as it tastes. All in all, we believe that illy classico is still the best Italian coffee.

12. lavazza gran espresso whole bean coffee mix

Our top pick for the best Italian espresso is the Lavazza Gran Espresso whole bean blend, which is made with beans from Brazil, Honduras, and Uganda. It has a dark chocolate flavor with lots of cream and has enough complexity to create a delicious shot of espresso.

Lavazza Gran Espresso has a distinctive, slightly spicy flavor that sets it apart from other coffee blends. It has a dark, full-bodied flavor, so don’t expect a lot of fruity notes.

Not a fan of espresso? then feel free to use your french press to brew this coffee; just be sure to grind the coffee beans a bit coarser than normal to extract the complex flavors without too much bitterness.

You can also enjoy Lavazza Super Cream Coffee Bean Blend for its honey and fruit flavor notes. these flavor notes can stand out well in a strong shot of espresso, but are also smooth enough to make a nice cup of drip coffee.

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