2022’s Best Coffee Cities in America

coffee first became popular in the us. uu. After the Boston Tea Party, when the change was seen as “patriotic,” according to PBS. And since Starbucks debuted in 1971, the drink is now accessible almost anywhere you go. A recent survey by the National Coffee Association found that 66% of Americans drink coffee every day, with the average coffee drinker consuming 3 cups a day. coffee consumption has also increased by 14% since January 2021.

what gave way to java culture? science, for example, has convinced us that caffeine has multiple health benefits in addition to mental stimulation. in the right doses, caffeine can contribute to longevity. however, perhaps just as important is the social purpose of coffee. Today, coffee stations are a workplace staple, with tens of thousands of stores serving as meeting places for friends, dates, and co-workers. however, many of those stores have recently returned to allowing seated customers, after switching to takeout only during the pandemic.

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Some local coffee scenes are stronger than others. To determine which is the best among them, Wallethub compared the 100 largest cities on 12 key indicators of friendliness for coffee lovers. Our dataset ranges from cafes, coffee shops, and cafes per capita to the average price per pack of coffee. Plus, we’ve compiled a list of top coffee retailers offering special savings in honor of National Coffee Day on September 1. 29.

main findings

best coffee cities in america

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note: *no. 1 = best

ask the experts

The United States coffee market is worth about $48 billion per year. That not only indicates how much Americans are willing to spend on the drink, but also points to the business potential for aspiring entrepreneurs. To learn more about the coffee industry and consumption, we asked a panel of experts to share their thoughts on the following key questions:

  1. What advice do you have for someone who wants to enjoy their daily cup of coffee without breaking the budget?
  2. Why are some people willing to spend two or three times as much for a comparable cup of coffee?
  3. In the current economic environment, is opening a coffee shop as a first business for young entrepreneurs still a good idea, or are most markets already oversaturated?
  4. What are the main trends in the coffee and tea industry and marketing for 2022?
  5. methodology

    To determine the best cities for coffee lovers, WalletHub compared the 100 most populous cities in the US. uu. cities on 12 key metrics, listed below with their corresponding weights. each metric was also rated on a 100-point scale.

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    We then determine each city’s weighted average across all metrics to calculate its overall score, and use the resulting scores to rank our sample. a total score of 100 represents the most favorable conditions for coffee lovers.

    In compiling our sample, please note that we only consider the “city proper” in each case and exclude cities in the surrounding metropolitan area. for metrics marked with an asterisk (*), we use the square root of the population to calculate the population size to avoid overcompensating for minor differences between cities.

    • average price per package of coffee: full weight (~7.14 points)
    • average price of a cappuccino: full weight (~7.14 points)
    • average spending on coffee per household: full weight (~7.14 points)
    • percentage of adults who drink coffee: whole weight (~7.14 points) Note: This metric measures the percentage of adults who reported drinking “ready-to-drink” coffee in the past six months. “ready-to-drink” includes ready-made coffee found in the cold section of grocery stores.
    • proportion of households that own coffee machines: full weight (~7.14 points) note: this metric includes households that own electric coffee grinders, coffee machines (one-cup/capsule brewing), and/or espresso/cappuccino machines.
    • affordable coffee shops, coffee shops & rated coffees with more than 4.5 stars per capita*: double weighting (~14.29 points)
    • coffee shops, coffee shops & coffees per capita*: double weighting (~14.29 points)
    • coffee and coffee tea makers per capita*: full weight (~7.14 points)
    • cafes with free wi-fi per capita*: full weight (~7.14 points)
    • donut shops per capita*: total weight (~7.14 points)
    • google search traffic for the term “coffee”: full weight (~7.14 points) note: search traffic was measured as a part of the national average.
    • presence of coffee-focused events: full weight (~7.14 points) note: composite metric: 1: city hosts a coffee-focused event (caffeine crawl, coffee festival, coffee championship) 0: the city does not host a coffee-focused event
    • Sources: The data used to create this report was collected from the USA. uu. census bureau, council for community and economic research, usa uu. bureau of labor statistics, numbeo, google trends, yelp, updated demographics from esri (2022 estimates), gfk mri, caffeine tracking, coffee festival, usa uu. coffee championships and specialty coffee association.

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