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Today, almost every home has a coffee maker. they greatly simplify life, because you do not have to stand at the stove in the morning and make coffee. drip designs are often chosen because they are easy to operate and inexpensive. read more about the best drip coffee maker on reddit in this article.

a brief description

9-cup stainless steel oxo brew coffee maker

this best drip coffee maker reddit is relevant for those who are coffee aficionados and prefer to have a quality drink. The coffee pot is stable and has the gold cup rating. the device has a programmable timer that makes it easy to prepare coffee in the morning.

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the best drip coffee maker has an interesting and elegant design. the water tank is transparent and built into an unusual case, consisting of stainless steel and black plastic. the water tank is designed for a volume of 1.3 l. seated from above. there is a heater below. on the right side, you can see the prep basket.

for this, you should choose cone-shaped paper filters. they must be type 4. there is a thermal carafe under the brew basket. The coffee pot is large and tall. that is why it is not the best option for small kitchens. It has an attractive led screen.

underneath is a rounded dial that can be used as a button to start the device.

favorite coffee pot is pretty easy to use. First, water is poured into the tank. then the coffee is added and the number of cups of coffee to be prepared is selected. Inside the appliance there is a special microchip that controls the temperature, the water flow, the operating time, as well as the amount of coffee at the outlet.

The existence of a thermal jug allows you to keep the coffee hot for 5 hours. It should be noted that the prepared drink has a slight degree of bitterness.


The main advantage of the device is that it is possible to program the coffee maker. that is, you can choose the time you need to make coffee. You can also adjust the amount of coffee brewed. there is a microchip, as well as long-term preservation of the high temperature of the drink.

It should also be noted that the highly reliable machine has an attractive design. therefore it looks beautiful in the interior of the kitchen.


Many people don’t like the conical shape of the prep platform. It should also be taken into account, a long time of elaboration of an invigorating drink. despite the presence of a microchip, the control of the water temperature is rather weak. the extraction rate is 27%. many people also don’t like the fact that the coffee comes out quite bitter.

oxo brew coffee maker 8 cups, stainless steel

the 8-cup oxo brew coffee maker, a stainless steel coffee maker, is no less in demand among ordinary buyers. it is very economical and combines all the necessary functions, as well as a simple design. the decanter is especially attractive.

its cover, in the process of elaboration, is in a closed state. therefore, there is no need to remove the platform and then place it on the deck. the design is quite compact, making it ideal for small kitchens. there is a sound indicator, due to which the device gives a signal when the process of preparing an invigorating drink is completed.

With this coffee maker, you can prepare several cups of coffee and large portions. for ease of selection, special buttons are provided, which are located next to the home button of the device. there is a button that allows you to prepare 2-4 cups of coffee. the other is designed to make 5-8 cups.

An insert is provided that allows you to optimize the preparation of coffee in small portions. this is a unique feature that is not available on all devices.

The firing layer is small, so the rate of water outflow is high. To increase flexibility, you need to hold down the brew button. you can make coffee, not just in a carafe. if necessary, you can put a cup so that the drink flows into it.


the main advantages are:

  • attractive design;
  • compactness;
  • beautiful and practical decanter;
  • the possibility of adjusting the number of servings;
  • optimization of cooking in small portions.
  • less

    The water nozzle is not ideal because there are several channels. the irregularity of the countertop should be taken into account. if you pour a drink into a cup, the extraction can be both excessive and insufficient. this is because there are coffee breaks.

    coffee grounds can move. all of the above drawbacks are insignificant, therefore, in the conditions of home use, they are practically not noticeable.

    bonavita connoisseur coffee maker 8 cups

    This model of coffee maker is very popular among buyers. if the water temperature is correct, the preparation of the coffee is excellent. according to statistics, not all devices can boast of temperature control.

    There is a special standard, which is agreed by the association. it’s in the range of 198 to 202 degrees. the invigorating drink is brewed in an insulated thermograph. therefore, it helps to keep coffee hot longer. in this case, the heating does not occur from below.

    It is important to note that during brewing, water is distributed throughout the coffee. there is a spout that resembles a shower head. sits on top of the filter basket. Thanks to the filter basket, all the coffee is washed evenly and the drink is prepared at the same time. To ensure even brewing, the brew basket should have a flat bottom.


    the main advantages are:

    • attractive design;
    • low cost;
    • uniform preparation of the drink;
    • comfort and reliability.
    • less

      this model does not differ in full functionality. there are more practical options on the market.

      technivorm moccamaster 79112 kbt coffee maker, 40 oz, polished silver

      The device first came on the market in 1968. It was hand-picked in the Netherlands. According to the manufacturer, the device is quite practical and allows you to prepare delicious coffee. this is achieved because the temperature and preparation time are selected automatically. the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty.

      at the same time, the device is quite durable and of high quality. There are different models on the market with different designs. the kbt series is characterized by an affordable price. made of aluminum and stainless steel. It only takes 4-6 minutes to produce great cups of coffee. you can make 10 cups for that time. there are numerous buttons to control the device.

      there are automatic drip coffee makers of various shades:

      • silver;
      • stone grey;
      • black.
      • advantages

        the main advantages of the model are:

        • quick preparation of 10 cups of coffee;
        • protection against falls;
        • manual adjustment;
        • high speed cooking;
        • the thermal carafe, so that the coffee stays hot for longer;
        • the preliminary immersion drip system;
        • guarantee from the producer for 5 years.
        • less

          There are no downsides to this model.

          breville barista touch espresso maker, brushed stainless steel, bes880bss

          The breville precision coffee maker has an attractive and concise design, and also allows you to prepare a delicious and invigorating drink. the machine is small in size and low in cost – only $160. The Breville Precision Coffee Maker has a pre-brew cycle. One brew cycle takes just 8 minutes to brew a full cup of coffee. It is worth noting practical interface.

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          There is only one button to turn the device on and off. in the tank into which the water is poured, there is a dimensional grid. therefore, you can accurately determine how much coffee to serve per serving. it should be noted, a voluminous jug. remove lid to make coffee.

          if it is not closed afterwards, the coffee quickly cools at the end of the brewing process.

          It should be noted that there is no programmable setting for automatic preparation. therefore, it is not possible to fill the brew basket with just one cup of coffee. Breville precision coffee maker prices are subject to change, so please study the pricing policy before purchasing.


          the main advantages of a coffee maker are:

          • compactness and low cost
          • high speed of beverage preparation;
          • tasty coffee.
          • less

            The main disadvantage is that there is no programmable time to start and end the job. also, it is worth noting the clumsy jug.

            what parameters to take into account when buying coffee machines

            Many are interested in, are drip coffee makers all the same? If you decide to buy a drip coffee maker, it is very important to take into account some basic characteristics when choosing. more about this, you can read later.

            the material and power of the device

            almost all devices are low cost. That’s why the body of most models is made of food-grade plastic. It is completely safe for people and pets. if you prefer more expensive and higher quality models, the plastic box is hidden under the metal sheets.

            The appearance of these models is quite attractive, however, the metal casing is not practical. it does not provide correct temperature regulation and also does not affect the quality of the finished invigorating drink.

            When choosing, it is very important to look at how much power the device provides. In the case of a drip coffee maker, power is not the most important indicator. however, it is important to understand that power significantly affects the operating speed of the coffee machine.

            When calculating the power of the coffee maker, the amount of water the coffee maker tank is designed for is taken into account. there must be enough power for the water to heat up to a sufficient temperature and conduct it through all the details of the device in a certain amount of time.

            Almost all devices today are designed for 1.5 liters of water. Their power is 1 kW. this indicator is average and ensures the correct operation of the device. Some users point out that the taste of the coffee can vary depending on the power of the coffee machine used. however, this is a big mistake.

            After all, how flavorful and strong the drink is depends on thequality and quantityof the coffee in the brew basket. how quickly the water heats up and runs has no effect. that’s why try not to pay too much attention to the coffee maker’s power indicator. after all, all manufacturers try to balance the productivity of the device.

            types of filters

            To prevent ground coffee particles from getting into your toning drink, it’s important to constantly use filters. They come in several types – reusable and disposable. each category we describe in more detail is below.

            • reusable. such options are practical. After all, you don’t need to worry about constantly ordering supplies. you can be sure that at any time you can prepare an invigorating drink. often reusable filters are made of nylon and have a plastic frame. excellent efficiency is characterized by gold filters, which are complemented by expensive designs. they also differ in the plastic base. however, there is a small additional layer of titanium nitride on the surface. this makes the filters easy to clean and durable. Often on the market, some filters are made of metal. They can serve for decades. their only drawback is that they cannot filter the water. after all, small coffee particles pass through the grate. therefore, in the finished drink, you notice a slight sediment. Of the disadvantages of reusable filters, it should be noted that they have to be constantly washed. after each use, it must be washed, which can cause significant discomfort. If you choose nylon options, they won’t last long. literally after 50-60 cycles they need to be replaced. it is important to take into account the fact that reusable designs can pass small coffee particles, causing the formation of sediment.
            • disposable filters. Almost all drip coffee makers on the market come with reusable filters. at the same time, if necessary, you can replace them with disposable ones. The advantage of this type of product is that the filter, along with the rest of the coffee, must be thrown away. Since disposable filters don’t need to be washed, this is a great option for busy people. paper is used in its manufacture, which easily retains even small particles of ground coffee. that is why the finished invigorating drink is clean and pleasant to the taste. they can be used even if the finest ground coffee is used. the only negative is the need to constantly buy disposable filters. however, it is important to understand that their cost is small. therefore, you can easily store hundreds of these filters so there are always supplies at home.
            • water tank volume

              The main advantage of a drip coffee maker is that it allows you to make a lot of coffee at once. almost all tanks are designed for 1-1.5 liters of water. this is the amount of coffee you can get after the end of the first cycle. the resulting amount is enough to treat 8-12 people with one drink.

              There are cases in which such an amount of coffee is not required. that is why water must be poured based on the indicators that are marked on the tank. even if the coffee maker is designed for 2 liters of water, you can easily prepare several cups. to do this, it is enough to adjust the volume of water that is poured.

              There are advanced options for coffee machines. its characteristic is that you can choose the number of portions. however, such devices are not common and quite difficult to find. What are the important characteristics for choosing the optimal volume of the coffee maker? to choose the right volume of a coffee maker, you must consider how many people use it.

              You should also focus on how often you plan to make an invigorating drink.

              If the family is large, or the coffee maker is placed in the office, you should opt for solid commercial coffee makers designed for 2 liters. If the company is small, or if you drink little coffee, you should choose a coffee machine designed for 1 liter.

              It may also be appropriate to use appliances designed for multiple cups. buyers often prefer to choose a coffee machine designed for 1.2-1.5 liters . this is the golden mean. this volume is enough to make coffee, both for a large company and for several servings. however, the choice is up to you.

              type of coffee to use. control type

              many are interested, which coffee should I buy for a drip? most drip coffee makers use ground coffee. When you buy it, try to look carefully at the labeling that is provided on the package. there should be a mark that the product is suitable for use in a drip coffee maker. if there is no clear wording, there must be a pictogram.

              It should say that the coffee is suitable for this type of coffee maker. this indicates that the grind is optimal for drip cooking. almost everyone who tastes notes that the best drink is made from freshly ground beans.

              Since not everyone can boast of enough time in the morning to grind coffee, it is better to choose a model that has a built-in coffee grinder inside. such models are considered the most practical and advanced. its main advantage is that you can put more than just coffee beans inside.

              If you have ground coffee at home, you can use that too. It should be noted that such devices are quite expensive. if you like energy drinks, this is not a problem. after all, the drink has a pleasant aroma and rich taste. There are different types of drip coffee makers on the market. however, the most common are models with a type of mechanical control.

              Most budget models have a single button, which turns the device on and off. such a mechanism is simple and reliable. that is why it is considered the most common. there are devices with touch or electronic control. They are equipped with a screen and are distinguished by their excellent functionality.

              It’s safe to say that mechanically controlled designs are simple and for convenience, it’s better to choose electronically controlled devices. the display provides ease of use. that is why such devices are more in demand, and the demand for them is growing every year.

              the material of the jug

              choose designs in which the thermal carafe is made of heat-resistant glass. plastic options are prohibited, since they cannot withstand high temperatures. if you have chosen compact models that fill the cups immediately, you should choose products made of ceramic. the cups can be complete or compatible.

              Although glass and ceramic mugs are fragile, they won’t spoil the flavor or aroma of your coffee. at the same time, they keep the temperature better and the aroma remains saturated for a long time.

              if necessary, you can find high-quality plastic containers into which an invigorating drink is poured. however, preference should be given to options that are produced by serious companies with an excellent reputation. yes, they are somewhat expensive. however, they are worth every penny.

              how can I make my coffee better? additional functions of the best coffee maker

              Often in a drip coffee maker there are additional chips that make the devices more convenient to use. of particular interest is the automatic shutdown function. this allows you to turn off the bottom surface heating after a specified time. on average, the timer is set for several hours.

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              a nice addition would be the function of providing hot water for tea. thanks to this, the coffee maker replaces the electric kettle used to prepare tea. options that have automatic descaling are in special demand.

              thanks to this function, caring for the coffee maker is much easier. the appliances have a special indicator that warns of the need to descale. to do this, a special cleaning agent is poured into the system.

              an equally important parameter is the drop-stop system. this is a special valve that protects the coffee maker from leaking coffee drinks. especially if you need to pour it in ready-made portions. as soon as the thermal carafe is placed back on the hot plate, coffee delivery continues. many people like the coffee strength adjustment function.

              thanks to this, you can independently set an indicator of how strong you need coffee. often no more than three levels are provided. the timer deserves special attention. provides for the inclusion of a delayed start. Thanks to this, you can enjoy your coffee at the right time. you can set a timer so that the coffee is brewed just in time for your breakfast.

              the fundamental principles for choosing a drip coffee maker

              The main features of the devices were previously listed. however, it is important to understand that there is a clear methodology for choosing the right instrument. It should be noted right away that when choosing a device, you need to focus on your requests. it’s also important to consider how much you like your coffee.

              if you are not very fond of coffee and prepare it only for guests, then choose inexpensive models that are distinguished by the absence of additional functions. this is an appropriate option for those who want to enjoy a delicious drink once a day.

              it is important to understand that even in the budget price segment, there are worthy devices that can quickly and efficiently make delicious coffee. however, the main problem is that it is impossible to know in advance the success or failure of the design.

              If you do not have much experience in choosing your favorite coffee makers, then it is better to entrust the work to a knowledgeable person or a consultant. this allows you to choose the best option based on your preferences.

              If your plans include the purchase of a guaranteed good model, you can study numerous reviews, as well as listen to the advice of experienced users. It is important to buy products that have a quality certificate and are approved by world associations.

              There are special communities around the world that are dedicated to verifying devices for compliance with all standards. if a coffee pot or box has a special center approval mark, then you can buy it. the device meets all the necessary features.

              It’s important to understand that almost all of the approved options are expensive. their prices can be 10 times higher than most budget models. when choosing a coffee maker, carefully compare the price and the set of parameters. it is not uncommon for customers to overpay for a brand.

              cost may increase if device meets all standards.

              Some people accept such price increases as justified. however, some cannot understand why almost identical devices differ in price several times. there is no exact answer to the question, are drip coffee makers worth it? it all depends on your capabilities and desires.

              almost every question has been answered before. However, there is a question that interests many: what machine does starbucks use for drip coffee? the starbucks coffee chain uses a mastrena coffee maker. the company was created specifically for starbucks. This great coffee maker is made in Switzerland.


              As you can see, there are many good drip coffee makers on the market that make it easy to get a good cup of coffee in the morning. the choice depends on the desired functions, the budget and the interior of the kitchen.

              what reddit users think

              reddit comment #1: u/shpaaaaaaack

              I’ve been lurking around here for quite some time and am only now starting to pull the trigger on some teams. i am just starting out with the baratza encore grinder, and to go along with it i was looking for some recommendations on good drip coffee makers. I think it will be a while before I start making things like espresso or pour over.

              I’m really looking for something simple to use in the morning for a fresh coffee that I can take to work (the coffee we have at the office is terrible).

              Anyone have any great suggestions?

              reddit comment #2: epieikeias

              Would you mind providing some clarification? Do you mean automatic coffee makers or do you mean manual coffee makers? a price point would help inform our suggestions. 🙂

              automatic: depending on its price, bonavita probably has the best coffee maker for the price. If you want to go all out, go ahead and get the Technivorm Moccamaster. if you just need something to get by, pretty much any coffee maker is decent.

              manual coffees: aeropress, v60, kalita wave or chemex. I personally use a chemex on a daily basis, but I use the v60 from time to time and the aeropress on trips.

              reddit comment #3: u/shpaaaaaaack

              sorry, should have been more clear. I meant to say automatic I will see the ones you mention. price is not a big factor, I just like to understand what makes one machine more expensive than the next.

              I’ll go through some of the suggestions you made and let you know!

              reddit comment #4: blonde flowers

              well done for buying the baratza encore! the grinder is a beast and a total game changer!

              reddit comment #5: meetman

              I see everyone is talking about the moccamaster, I just tried it and wasn’t that impressed. just returned it for anyone who has one why are you so impressed with it? And what other recommendations do you have? I want to keep it around 350 or less

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