10 Best Coffee Shops in the World: Amazing Cafés for Your Bucket List!

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Putting together the ten best coffee shops in the world is no easy task. there are hundreds of worthwhile options, but we’ve narrowed them down to our top ten favorite coffee shops around the world. so if you ever find yourself in any of the following neighborhoods, don’t think twice about stopping by for a beer.

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the 10 best coffee shops in the world:

1. daytime glow – west hollywood, california


With a growing cult following, dayglow has several places to visit. but our personal favorite is the west hollywood location, with an instagram-worthy neon sign looming over a selection of coffee from all corners of the globe.

This particular coffee shop does not roast its own coffee, but instead selects amazing coffees from different countries, preparing them in various ways for you to enjoy. Find different cafes at each of their locations, including Cafe West Hollywood, Cafe Silverlake (also in Los Angeles), and their Chicago location.

2. nomad coffee lab and shop – barcelona, ​​spain

Nomad Coffee Lab and Shop logo

Recognized as one of the best coffee shops and roasteries in the world, Nomad Coffee Shop & Lab, located in beautiful Barcelona, ​​Spain, is absolutely worth the airfare. here you will find a magnificent espresso bar with the jewel in the crown of la Marzocco, the modbar espresso machine.

be sure to have a true European-style espresso, but don’t skip the filter coffee here, it’s always a winner.

3. parchment coffee – medellin, colombia

Pergamino Café logo

With three locations in Medellín, Colombia, Pergamino Café is more than just a coffee shop. Pergamino not only roasts its own coffee, trains its own baristas, and brews its own beans, it also farms and grows the coffee itself.

By visiting this cafe, you are supporting coffee farmers at the source! you can experience coffee’s journey from seed to cup with every drink you enjoy at these amazing cafes.

4. substance – paris, france

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Substance logo

awarded for a reason, substance in paris, france is everything you want a cup of coffee in the city of lights to be. As roasters as well as brewers, the staff at Substance serve up incredible beers and spectacular customer service. the low profile bar allows for an intimate and educational experience.

5. formative – london, england

Formative logo

Another award-winning location, The London Formative is a stylish and no-nonsense coffee shop that roasts its own coffee. the simple yet elegant interior is a beautiful place to take a break from this bustling city with friends or a good book.

6. the seattle roastery, starbucks stock – seattle, washington

Starbucks Reserve Bar logo

Yes, we’re including Starbucks’ infamous Reserve Seattle Steakhouse in our top ten list! how could we not?

This incredible location is multi-faceted in its approach, offering a coffee shop with all your starbucks favorites, and then some, plus a specialty coffee shop with only the rarest of pre-order deals. This second coffee bar is ideal for coffee purists who want to taste the best that Starbucks has in store.

Don’t forget to spend some time admiring the huge roasting complex, which is worth a visit on its own!

7. koffee mameya – tokyo, japan

Koffee Mameya logo

Successor to the renowned omotesando koffee, koffee mameya has done more than just take over the space.

This unique coffee shop offers beans from a select few roasters in Japan and only offers coffee as an espresso or pour over. that’s right, there’s no milk drink here. this is a true coffee shop for coffee purists!

8. sey coffee roasters – brooklyn, new york

Sey Coffee Roasters logo

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This exquisite coffee and roastery is more than instagram worthy. every nook and cranny is perfectly curated, just like the coffees they roast and serve. While relatively new to the game, sey coffee roasters are quickly becoming an industry favorite, and for good reason.

if you are near brooklyn, do not pass up the opportunity to visit this remarkable cafe.

9. acoffee – seoul, korea

Our two final stops are the same but different. acoffee seoul is a magnificent cafe located in the mountains of seoul, korea. With absolutely minimal aesthetics, this cafe is worthy of a full photo shoot, not just a quick instagram shoot.

enjoy beautiful imported bean beers from their melbourne location, while savoring the incredible scenery and aesthetics.

10. coffee – melbourne, australia

ACOFFEE - Melbourne, Australia logo

Coffee’s headquarters, also known as the roastery, is located in Melbourne, Australia. With a similar minimalist aesthetic, these two locations are clearly related.

however, when you visit the melbourne roastery, you get a chance to see the roasting process!

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There are so many amazing cafes and roasteries around the world! We may have compiled our top ten favorites here, but this industry is booming with amazing new coffees emerging every year.

tell us which coffees you want to see covered! If the world were your oyster, what would be your favorite coffee?

featured image credit: xochi, unsplash

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