Best Coffee Sampler Packs – Review & Buyer Guide

In this article, we’ll talk about the best coffee sample packs you can buy online. Let me paint you a picture first.

You once had a coffee with a friend from a cafe you can’t remember the name of, but that taste still lingers on your tongue. sound familiar?

Reading: Best coffee sampler

many of us stay within our comfort zones even when we’re having coffee. but sometimes it’s good to go out and look at the wide variety available.

It is not possible to buy a different bag of coffee beans every time you go to the supermarket. then there’s the added pressure that it will go to waste because you didn’t like it.

The best way to sample various flavors is to get a coffee sampler box.

what are coffee sample packs?

Now, some of you may be wondering what I’m talking about. For those of you who are familiar with coffee sample packs, you can skip to the next heading.

So, coffee samples are multiple bags of ground coffee that come in different flavors. but, the quantity of each bag is less than your normal bag of coffee. this allows you to try multiple options within the price of a normal bag.

top 5 coffee sampler packs for all coffee lovers

let’s dive right into the top rated coffee sample packs on amazon.

1. coffee masters around the world

First on this list is the showcase of coffee masters from around the world in twelve cafes. It has 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon and is an Amazon Choice product.

As its name suggests, it is a package of 12 coffees from different parts of the world. The description suggests that this package would include Colombian Supreme, Costa Rican Tarrazzu, Kona Blend, Jamaican Blend, Haitian Bleu, Indian Mysore, Sumatra Mandheling, Guatemala Antigua, Ethiopian Harrar, Mexican Altura Coatepec, Brazil Santos, and Zimbabwe Chipinga. however, based on reviews, you may receive some other blends that are not advertised in the product description.

Each packet contains enough coffee to make an 8 to 10 cup cup of coffee. coffee comes in the form of beans, so unfortunately you don’t have the option of getting whole beans. the grind is medium, neither too fine nor too coarse. most beans are medium roast, but some can be lighter or darker depending on how they are normally roasted.

The best part is that all of these coffees are single-origin, which means there are no additional (artificial) flavorings. then, you really get to know what flavor you enjoy.

Most reviewers suggest these make a wonderful coffee sampler gift for any coffee enthusiast in your life. you can always get it for yourself as a gift too!

some users complained that the coffee was too weak, so you may want to experiment with a little less water than you would normally use.

2. bean box gourmet coffee sampler pack

next is the bean box gourmet sampler. bean box is actually one of the companies that are at the forefront in the world of coffee samples. you can also check their website for other subscription offers and other sample boxes.

This coffee sample pack has 4 options for you to try.

The best thing is that it is freshly roasted coffee in a bag. They offer options for both ground and whole bean coffee so you can choose the one that works best for you.

You can also choose the roast of each sample from light to dark. however, the real coffee cannot be chosen, it is a surprise every time.

As one customer puts it: “I had 12 different coffees from bean sampler boxes, and there were only two or three that I wasn’t thrilled with. That being said, they weren’t bad, just not my thing.”


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The downside of getting this box is that it’s quite expensive for the amount. you get about 4 scoops or 1.8 ounces in each bag, which adds up to just 16 scoops of coffee for about $25.

but the freshness of the beans and the taste of the coffee itself may justify the price. plus, this means none of it will go to waste even if you don’t end up liking one of the flavors.

plus, the coffees are locally roasted beans from around the world that are hand-selected to give you a variety of flavors in every box. this can be an amazing way to try different coffees that you would never find in a regular store.

3. brooklyn coffee bean sampler pack

next is the brooklyn beans variety pack which is a 6 bag pack of ground coffee. they have a standard of 6 coffee flavors ranging from light to dark roast with different flavors.

The company roasts each coffee internally, which guarantees freshness and good roasting techniques.

the coffee flavors are:

  1. breakfast blend that is a light roast. It would probably taste better as a cold brew, but if you’re a fan of the light roast, you might enjoy it more than most.
  2. donut shop on the corner, which is a medium roast. as the name suggests, it’s on the sweet side of regular coffee.
  3. brooklyn bridge blend which is again a medium roast. this is a rich, citrus-infused cup of coffee with fairly ordinary flavor notes.
  4. fuhgeddaboutit is a dark tan. to justify its name, the company description is… ‘look, do you want to know about this coffee? Do you want to know if it is the darkest of dark roasts, the boldest of extra bold? Do you want to know if this can wake you up even after you have been sleeping with the fish? fuhgeddaboutit!
  5. Maple sled does not have a specific roast. it’s just maple flavored coffee.
  6. Lastly, the Vanilla Horizon is another bag of flavored coffee that contains just the right amount of vanilla.
  7. bags are 12 oz. each so you get your money’s worth.

    If you have a coffee machine that uses capsules, you can get a sample of coffee capsules with these same flavors!

    then, whichever flavor best suits your palate, you can also order it separately.

    4. La crema coffee gourmet flavor pack

    the pack of cream flavors has 6 different flavors of ground coffee. This coffee sampler pack is for you if you are a fan of flavored coffees.

    again, they have fixed flavors, so you’ll get these every time you order. are based on desserts and include:

    1. the southern pecan has a nutty flavor.
    2. raspberry chocolate that would resemble eating raspberries with a chocolate drizzle.
    3. self-explanatory salted caramel.
    4. highlander grogg is caramel, vanilla and caramel flavor in one.
    5. creme brulee will taste like custard and brown sugar.
    6. crumb cake has notes of cinnamon, vanilla and hazelnut.
    7. From their names, you can safely assume that they will probably be on the sweeter side, so not for those who like their coffee dark and bitter.

      However, these 6 coffee sampler packs are a good starting point if you want to dive into the world of pre-flavored coffees.

      The company description says that each package is enough to make a 10-cup cup of coffee once. but based on reviews people say the flavors are very weak.

      my suggestion would be to experiment with half a cup first or add a few teaspoons of coffee to make a cup. this way you will know how much coffee to use to get the best of those flavors.

      If you like one flavor much more than the others, you can get a suitable bag for that flavor only!

      5. keurig coffee lovers collection

      if you have a keurig coffee maker or any other coffee machine that uses k-pods, then this keurig collection will be great for you.

      While the link above will open your coffee lovers collection, they offer many other varieties. There’s the flavored variety, a bold roast option, the Artists Collection, the classic McCafe, Green Mountain Favorites, and the decaf variety.

      each collection has different pods. for the mccafe and green mountain collection, the capsules are only from those brands. But the others are usually a mix of Gloria Jeans, Krispy Kreme, Peets, The Original Donut Shop and many more.

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      You can choose how many pods you want in a box as they offer 22 counts, 40 counts, 60 counts and even 72 counts for each collection.

      If I were to list all the pods available in each collection, then there could be another entire blog post for them.

      the point is that you can choose the collection that best suits your palette, since the only reason to try coffee sample packs is to try different coffees.

      there are 4.6 stars out of 5 on amazon for this product, so it’s a good deal.

      Coffee pods are usually great for pod coffee machines. you can read our article on these here: The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker with a Grinder.

      frequently asked questions about coffee sample packs

      what are coffee samples?

      This seems to be the most frequently asked question when someone talks about coffee samples, which makes sense.

      so, coffee samples are essentially coffee samples, like samples of makeup, food, or whatever. however, you actually have to pay to get them, so they’re like a multi-coffee box.

      You can get coffee samples if you’re someone who likes to experiment with different coffees. or if you want to give your loved one something unique to their personality.

      how can I taste different coffees?

      there are many ways to taste the coffee options. you can go to coffee shops and order a different one each time. you can go to your friends’ houses and have their favorite coffee. and probably several others.

      but the best way is to get a box of coffee samples. this way you can taste coffees you didn’t even know the names of. and they won’t go to waste if you don’t like them, since they usually come in a small package anyway.

      Is the box of beans real?

      For some reason, bean box is one of the most popular brands of coffee sample packs. It’s probably due to the fact that they have amazing subscription boxes and coffee samples.

      To answer the question, yes, the bean box is real. you can visit their website here. and you can check out the description of their gourmet coffee sampler in this article at number 2.

      our top pick for the coffee sample pack

      All products listed here have not been personally tested. But if I had to pick one based on reviews, flavor profiles, and price, I’d pick a sampler of brooklyn beans.

      This is the product that seems to tick all the boxes and gets you out of your comfort bubble, but doesn’t burst it completely. It has 6 great flavors that will allow you to taste a wide range of coffees.

      They have their own coffee shop, which gives them a slight edge as they use these blends publicly.

      Having said all that, the other products on this list are also great products, which is why they have been mentioned here.

      everyone has different preferences and tastes, so you should go for the one you think you’ll enjoy the most!

      The great thing about coffee sampler packs is the fact that you can try so many flavors for the same money you would spend on one. They also make great coffee sampler gifts for any coffee lover in your life. be sure to try one and broaden your coffee horizons!

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