The Most Popular Coffee Orders

Have you ever felt confused when choosing the perfect coffee from an extensive menu at a coffee shop? Or have you ever wondered how to choose the best one while standing in a queue? so, in the end, you end up choosing the same order over and over again.

Well, you’re not alone. it happens to many of us.

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Let’s take a tour of today’s most popular coffee drink orders! this is an australian perspective on coffee. as we know that around the world all coffee is different. i know i ordered a latte in usa, and it’s very different than a latte in melbourne, so travelers beware 😉.

what are the most popular coffee orders?

The three most popular coffee orders in Australia are;

+ coffee with milk

+ cappuccino

+ plain white

these are by far the most common orders we receive at our melbourne coffee shop. but we all know it’s never that simple. people like hot milk, cold milk, skim milk, cow’s milk, almond, soy, and the list goes on and on. the skinny latte comes out on top. the classic cappuccino came in second, while the flat white came in third. but it’s never that simple.

what size of coffee is the most popular to order?

When it comes to ordering a coffee, people are just as picky about their size. from small, medium or large. single, double or triple shot. the grande al alto, the venti al trenta, there are many options to choose from. We find that most people just want a small coffee. this way they don’t feel bad about having too many when they come back for the second and third later in the day.

why is ordering and drinking coffee so popular?

There are many different reasons why people drink coffee every day, but here are four of the most popular reasons.

+ tastes amazing

+ is a great encouragement for you

+ is a social activity.

so what are the 20 most popular coffee orders?

1. American:

It is a diluted espresso with a much more intense flavor. refers to a hot Italian beverage cited as “American coffee.” It’s not that popular in Australia, but as the name suggests, it’s popular in the United States.

2. affogato:

Adding an extra divine flavor to the coffee, it’s a shot of espresso (or two) over vanilla ice cream. often found in an Italian restaurant, for dessert after dinner and to cheer me up.

3. brief coffee:

breeve is an espresso drink with a strong caffeine base and half and half steamed, resulting in a creamy head. also sometimes called “half and half”.

4. latte:

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This traditional French drink is relatively easy to prepare. mix some toasted broad beans with a splash of hot milk and serve in a cup.

5. cut off:

Make your coffee with equal parts espresso and steamed milk, and your cortado is ready. it does not have to be frothy or creamy in texture. This coffee order is very popular in Spain.

6. cappuccino:

It’s covered with a thick layer of steamed milk foam. cappuccino comes in vanilla, chocolate, and other flavors. this is the order of many people. having this chocolate sprinkled on top means there’s no need to add sugar.

7. cold beer:

This iced coffee is a smooth and refreshing drink by steeping finely ground coffee in cold water. it gets cold and never gets hot, hence it is called a “cold” brew, because it is brewed cold.

8. double:

doppio is a hot drink with two espressos.

9. matt white:

a thick espresso drink with slightly chilled milk.

10. Frappuccino:

This cold mixed coffee drink is sweet and flavorful. it is usually topped with whipped cream and chocolate. extra ice is a must to make it super icy. the frappuccino is like a slurpee or freezee for adults.

11. long black:

Don’t like milk in your coffee? This is the way to follow. Aromatic with a strong base, Largo Negro is a wake-up call for any coffee lover. many people order a long black with a side of cold milk, so they can add a splash to take the edge off later.

12. iced coffee:

A simple one, iced coffee includes iced coffee, milk, and cream. it’s totally delicious on a hot summer day or if you’re looking for a special treat. It can be done with or without ice cream and cream.

13. Irish Coffee:

Irish whiskey is mixed with filter coffee and served with a light layer of freshly whipped cream in this elegant coffee cocktail.

14. latte:

an espresso drink with brewed milk finished with a splash of foam. ‘latte’ in Italian means milk, so it is a latte.

15. length:

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an espresso with a long shot or long extraction. it’s like a long black, but with a little extra boiling water.

16. mocha:

a caffeinated chocolate drink with a bit of whipped cream and covered in chocolate syrup. basically like a cappuccino with some hot chocolate mixed in there too.

17. macchiato:

an Italian espresso drink with hot or frothed milk. so basically a couple of shots of coffee, with a little doublet of milk on top. so a very strong coffee.

18. red eye:

by adding a shot of espresso to a cup of coffee every day, a red-eye effect increases the amount of caffeine. so if you need that extra boost, go red eye. It gets its name from the people who would take the ‘Red Eye’ flight, the last plane of the night.

19. ristretto:

An espresso drink made with warm water, ristretto has a sweeter taste. it’s like a small strong shot.

20. turkish coffee:

You get Turkish coffee powder when the ground coffee is prepared in a specific pot with sugar and cardamom. Do you want your coffee delivered directly to your door? here at the cafe for the people who roast co. we’ve got you covered with our indulgent coffee range.

21. special mention – the chinese baby:

our mini i customers love to be like mom or dad and have chino pants as a gift. don’t worry, there’s no actual caffeine involved here. a baby chino consists of milk foam and a little chocolate sprinkled on top. we like to make our baby chinos a little healthier with a garnish of sultanas instead of the usual marshmallow.

what is a long coffee order?

With the 21 different options above, there are many ways to vary them. for example, you can ask to specify the heat. you can have it hot, lukewarm, extra hot, even cold.

you can ask for sugar; half sugar, two sugars, or one sugar-free sweetener.

you can order an ‘extra strong’ (which could be two shots of espresso instead of one). or maybe ‘weak’, so half a shot of espresso.

you can have cow’s milk, goat’s milk, soy milk, coconut milk, skinny milk.

So, an example of a long coffee order might be an Extra Strong, Extra Hot, Coconut Milk, Large Cappuccino, No Chocolate. now that would be a long coffee order 😆.

we have to be the most caffeinated country in the world. So it’s no surprise that coffee is the most popular drink ordered in coffee shops. in fact, most people ask for a normal hot coffee. but that’s only because they don’t know what they’re missing. if they tried one of our signature hot beverages, they’d have no idea they were just a few simple steps away from delicious coffee.

do you think everyone orders the same coffee? maybe they are, and maybe they aren’t. but people ask for the same thing, but in a slightly different format. what is your favorite coffee do you want to mix your coffee? try a different mix or try adding something special for extra flavor. let us know in the comments below. or try adding something special for extra flavor.

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