The best 10 non-toxic coffee mugs for on the go in 2022

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world. it’s a drink that’s been around for centuries, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The average American drinks just over 3 cups a day, according to the National Coffee Association.

It’s no secret that coffee is a morning ritual for many people. but what about the cups we drink coffee out of? they can leach lead and other chemicals from plastic into our favorite beverage.

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There are many different types of mugs, from glass mugs to ceramic mugs, and my current favorite is the stainless steel mug. you can see my review on the stainless steel bowl below.

Your favorite cup of coffee should be lead-free and should not leach chemicals into your drink, aka plastic. the coffee stand takeaway cup is lined with a thin layer of plastic, making it essentially a plastic cup, although it can be made of paper.

I wrote an article about why plastic ruined my morning coffee here.

but if you’re looking for some great coffee mugs, we’ve found twelve great mugs to fit your needs and will keep your coffee hot for hours.

Check out our top twelve picks for the best non-toxic coffee mugs and pick the one that’s perfect for you.

how can you tell if a cup has lead or cadmium in it?

The easiest way to test your glasses for lead or cadmium is to purchase a lead test kit. clean your glass with distilled water and dry it well. use the test kit slip and run your test.

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Did you know that coffee is actually acidic, so it makes the cup leach lead or cadmium faster?

Alternatively, if the mug has designs inside, the chance that the paint contains lead is extremely high. if you feel a rise in design, you can probably skip the test kit and use those cups as pencil holders or for some nuts and bolts in your shop.

what are the benefits of using a non-toxic cup of coffee?

Before talking about the best eco-friendly mugs to make them your new daily companion, it’s essential to understand what makes a product eco-friendly.

  • Products made with very little negative influence on the environment are considered green.
  • could be made from recyclable or biodegradable materials such as bamboo or glass. the production of items is done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by manufacturers and designers.

    first, you will reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. The average American consumes around 70,000 microplastic particles each year, this is because plastic is everywhere today and unfortunately we also find it in our food.

    Learn how to avoid eating plastic and be healthier!

    second, you will help the environment by reducing the amount of plastic waste produced each year. Americans throw away 50 billion cups of coffee every year.

    and third, it will support companies committed to the production of sustainable products.

    what are the things to consider when choosing a non-toxic cup of coffee?

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      The first is material. Make sure the mug is made of safe materials, such as stainless steel or glass, ceramic, or borosilicate glass. BPA-free plastic is usually just another way of saying that we use a different chemical that we don’t need to proclaim here. I’d say stay away.

    • The second thing to look for is ease of cleaning. Some mugs are dishwasher safe, while others need to be hand washed. If you don’t like washing dishes, choose a dishwasher-safe mug.

    • And finally, consider the layout. Do you want a basic mug or one with a fun design? There’s no wrong answer, but it’s important to choose something you enjoy wearing every day.

      These are some of the best non-toxic coffee mugs on the market.

      frequently asked questions:

      I feel like a lot of people are concerned about the taste of stainless steel in their coffee and I have to say it’s a personal preference. I for one drink a lot of coffee and love using my stainless steel mug. I don’t feel like my coffee tastes like metal.

      why does coffee taste better in a ceramic cup?

      Ceramic is a natural material that does not absorb any flavor and leaves your coffee tasting the way coffee should.

      stainless steel can take on flavor and therefore cause your coffee to change flavor over time. It’s safe to put your hot coffee in stainless steel mugs, just make sure you clean them properly from time to time.

      final thoughts

      It seems strange that we have to go looking for lead-free coffee mugs in today’s age. If you didn’t know about this, like I did before my research began, you would have continued to drink your favorite beverage while slowly poisoning yourself.

      I am very happy with my daily keepcup routine and I didn’t even know this was a healthier way to consume this hot liquid. so I hope this list has given you an idea of ​​a way to enjoy non-toxic coffee or tea. If you prefer a cold drink in your cup or glass, why not check out this article on reusable ice cubes?

      If you have a favorite that I didn’t mention here, I’d love to learn about it, so send me a message or leave a comment below.

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