Tastiest Cafes on the North Shore of Oahu

Planning a trip to Oahu and want to know the best places to eat on Oahu’s North Shore? keep scrolling to discover the best coffee shops on oahu’s north shore that are worth a stop.
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there are a variety of unique and wonderful cafes on the north shore of oahu! People think of the great surfing beaches of the north coast, but the area is also full of coffee and chocolate farms!

Did you know that a rare type of Hawaiian coffee is grown on the North Shore? you can find bustling farmers markets in haleiwa, as well as some of the best coffee on oahu.

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When you’re on the North Shore, be sure to visit all the great cafes. some are strictly committed to good food and great coffee, but some have unique treats! try a honey shake or amazing Hawaiian crepes.

Here are some of the best restaurants and cafes on Oahu’s North Shore. We’ll go from Waialua to Kahuku, with stops in between like Waimea Bay and Haleiwa Sunset Beach.

and it’s easy to get from waikiki to oahu’s north shore, even if you don’t rent a car.

so keep reading for my picks for the best coffees on the north coast!

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frequently asked questions about coffees on the north coast

my picks for the best coffees on the north coast

make and brew north coast foam coffee

67-292 goodale ave #105waialua, HI 96791

First on my list of North Shore cafes is brew & coffee with foam it is a contemporary cafe with great prices and a relaxing atmosphere.

Choose from a variety of espresso and drip coffee drinks, including affogatos, americanos, iced coffees and more. Unless otherwise noted, the coffee beans are probably Kona.

brewing and foaming actually sources its coffee, including its house blend, from kona coffee suppliers.

if coffee isn’t your thing, they also have different teas, hot chocolate or even water kefir!

The food menu is small, but includes quality offerings like acai bowls, shakes, and shakes. and they often have fresh local banana bread and other pastries for sale!

evil hello coffee

66-935 kaukonahua rdwaialua, hi 96791

Another great restaurant on the North Shore of Oahu is the new Evil Hi Cafe! actually they have been a sustainable and eco friendly company that has been on oahu for a while with their honey slushies. but now you can try a granita or a coffee with honey in their new cafe.

You’ll love the surf vibe of this bright and cheerful restaurant! choose from a large menu filled with locally sourced items. They are known for their sourdough pizza and pasta, but they also offer breakfasts and delicious salads.

haleiwa coffee

66-460 kamehameha hwyhaleiwa, HI 96712

the aloha spirit of the haleiwa cafe is undeniable to visitors and locals alike! You can’t miss the colorful storefront along the busy Kamehameha Expressway. this cafe is family owned and has been serving the north coast for 40 years.

Inside, everything feels casual and warm! when you see the handwritten menus on the wall, you’ll quickly realize what a treat awaits you!

Café Haleiwa serves up tons of different American breakfast and lunch dishes with delights like fresh local papaya and house-made kombucha. And all their coffee is made with Hawaii’s own lion coffee.

beetroot box coffee

66-437 kamehameha hwy #104haleiwa, HI 96712

if you’re craving some amazing vegan food, one of the best restaurants in haleiwa is beet box cafe.

Choose from a creative menu full of tasty vegan and vegetarian options. there are lunch and dinner plates, smoothies, bowls, and freshly squeezed juices.

and for coffee, try their drip or cold brew coffee – only made with North Shore coffee roasters!

north shore crepe cafe

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66-470 kamehameha hwyhaleiwa, HI 96712

North Shore Crepe Cafe has been run by owner Jonathan Pajo out of an adorable vintage bus on the Haleiwa food truck lot since 2006! Originally from France, he brings with him his experience and passion for making amazing food.

You can choose between all kinds of savory or sweet crepes and galettes. they also offer an impressive espresso bar, as well as filter coffee, cold brew, and tea. you can enjoy your meal at the picnic tables in the food truck lot.

haleiwa of north kono coast

66-250 kamehameha hwyhaleiwa, HI 96712

When it comes to Haleiwa food, it doesn’t get more authentic than the North Shore of Kono! While they now have a handful of locations in Hawaii, as well as Las Vegas and even Japan, their Haleiwa is their original location. opened in 2002 with a different voice.

it’s easy to see why they’re so successful. Come for breakfast or lunch where most dishes include kalua pork. they also have their own house blend coffee as well as smoothies and shakes.

farm-to-barn cafeteria

66-320 kamehameha hwyhaleiwa, HI 96712

literally built in the middle of a field, farm to barn cafe is a lovely little outdoor cafe with plenty of outdoor seating. they’re all about the community with regular events, including live music on the weekends and yoga in the evenings.

They source all of their delicious plant-based breakfasts and food from local farms in haleiwa. Along with your meal, order cold-pressed juices, kombucha, solar tea, or coffee.

coffee gallery

66-250 kamehameha hwy c106haleiwa, HI 96712

There’s a little bit of everything in the coffee gallery! They roast small batch coffee in-house and are considered one of the best roasters on the North Shore.

shop in their adorable gift shop, see the art everywhere, or pick up some coffee to take home.

the coffee gallery has a great menu with breakfast entrees, sandwiches, salads, homemade granola, smoothies and more. They also have fresh under the glass cakes as well as an extensive menu of hot and iced coffee!

dawn shack

59-712 kamehameha hwyhaleiwa, hi 96712

heading out of haleiwa, you can find even more amazing cafes on the north shore along the beaches. sunrise shack has 2 locations there (and 1 in waikiki): 1 across from shark’s cove and one across from sunset beach park.

as soon as you approach the huts, you know they are something special, from the cheery yellow branding to the positive messages throughout the outdoor dining areas. family cafes offer many healthy, tasty and trendy dishes and drinks.

try a bullet coffee or wellness shot. enjoy an avocado toast, smoothie or smoothie bowl. and the papaya bowl is a crowd favorite, with half a papaya topped with fruit, seeds, nut butter, honey and more.

okina coffee

66-472 kamehameha hwyhaleiwa, hi 96712

Another food truck in the Haleiwa food truck lot is Okina Cafe. They have grown in recent years and no longer just offer coffee. try a sandwich, poke bowl, salad, or other meat-based lunch dish.

they have a decent offering of coffee drinks as well as a range of teas including milk tea. or try one of their smoothies or freshly squeezed lemonades!

ted’s bakery

59-024 kamehameha, rtehaleiwa state, HI 96712

While searching for haleiwa coffees, you should take the opportunity to stop by ted’s bakery. This family-owned pastry shop has a rich history deeply intertwined with that of the island of Oahu!

once a gas station, it became a patisserie until the last few decades when the menu was expanded.

Known for its signature chocolate haupia cream pies and pineapple macadamia cheesecakes, you can also get a long list of breakfast and lunch items. the shop remains popular serving oahu favorites like loco moco and hawaiian barbecue.

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portions are large and coffee is hot. Ted’s Bakery keeps busy, selling their glass-filled pastry and cake boxes every day!

vintage island coffee

66-111 kamehameha hwy #503haleiwa, HI 96712

island vintage coffee is a lovely experience with their sparkling clean coffee on the haleiwa shop lots. you can order a variety of delicious breakfast dishes and acai bowls. or have fresh poke bowls, sandwiches, and salads.

The coffee shop roasts fresh coffee daily and offers premium coffee in its extensive gift shop.

plus, the store is located in a row of cute storefronts that overlook a lawn covered in shady trees. sit on the benches or in the shade of the store’s porch.

nalu health bar and cafeteria

66-215 kamehameha hwy suite 1haleiwa, HI 96712

when it comes to haleiwa restaurants, nalu is as welcoming as the rest! You’ll love the murals on the wall and the bright, airy aesthetic. the cafe strives to source produce from local organic farms and you can taste the quality of their food.

They offer several flavorful plant-based salads, sandwiches, and wraps, as well as a few breakfast items and acai bowls. you can also enjoy plenty of nutrient-packed smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices, as well as locally grown and roasted coffee.

kahuku farms

56-800 kamehameha hwykahuku, hello 96731

Continuing our tour of the best coffees on the North Shore, head to Kahuku! Here, just down the road, Kahuku Farms welcomes you with beautiful signs and a lovely little yellow cafe.

named after its namesake, kahuku farms offers dishes and beverages that use the seasonal harvest of the farm where it is located.

Enjoy smoothies, sandwiches, sweets and more made with kahuka farm crops like honey, mango, papaya and cacao. try the acai bowls made with acai from the farm or their homemade lilikoi butter mochi.

You can also check out their products, like skin care products made with seed butters and even chocolate bars!

raised by the waves

56-565 kamehameha hwykahuku, hello 96731

in the heart of the town of kahuku is lifted by the waves. They are an organic coffee that believes in the healing power of food.

With a completely plant-based menu, Raised by Waves is known for its delicious vegan cheeze and beetroot poke. they also exclusively serve Hawaiian coffee with a selection of vegan creamers.

while cafe kahuku offers all vegan options, everyone should experience this charming plantation village restaurant. it is located inside an old historic sugar mill and has a refreshing white look from the outside in.

the country restaurant

56-565 kamehameha hwykahuku, hello 96731

also located inside the kahuku sugar mill is another of the best restaurants on oahu’s north shore. The barista at the country restaurant offers all kinds of delicious coffee drinks, but the star of the show is the food.

Chef and nutritionist Susan Prior started the country restaurant in 2016 with a vision of refreshing juices and food.

the cafeteria only uses local, seasonal and organic products. you’ll love the impressive presentation of the sandwiches, savory bowls, salads, fruit salads and more.

which coffee shops on the north coast will you visit?

People think of the North Shore and still think of it as an isolated, scattered place with local surfers and plantation villages. but the heart and the people are what make the coffees of the north coast so successful.

over the past 10 years, visitors have truly loved oahu’s north shore, restaurants have risen to the challenge and welcomed the hustle and bustle. You can feel the aloha spirit in every delicious cup of Hawaiian coffee you enjoy while traveling down the Kamehameha Highway!

Did any of the stops on my North Shore coffee list pique your interest? let me know which one you’re going to visit on your next oahu family vacation!

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