10 Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

Best dark roast coffee beans

A great way to think of dark roast coffee is: “taste the heat, not the sweet.” That’s because the strong, nutty flavor of the roast outweighs the fruity, complex flavor of the coffee bean. dark roasts pair well with milk and cream because they soften the strong, sometimes bitter flavor.

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Fun fact: The idea that dark roasts have more caffeine is an urban legend. in fact, dark roasted beans have the same amount of caffeine as their lighter counterparts.

If you want to find the best tasting dark roast coffee, we wrote these detailed reviews for you. dark roast coffee is a delicious option, and these brands are the best you can find! we combine them with a quick buyer’s guide at the end to give you an idea of ​​not only what’s good, but why.

comparison of our favorite brands in 2022

the 10 best dark roast coffees

1. lifeboost dark roast coffee: best overall

Lifeboost dark roast coffee bags

Our favorite dark roast coffee is healthy, sustainable, and best of all, absolutely delicious. LifeBoost Dark Roast is made from high-altitude Nicaraguan beans grown without pesticides or chemicals. it is also shade and bird friendly.

the taste is soft, full-bodied and dark without being bitter. you will be surprised by the powerful aroma! Even better, this coffee is low in acid, so it’s easy on the stomach.

lifeboost coffee is expensive, but you get a lot for your money. And best of all, you can save 50% on your first bag of coffee!

Overall, we think this is the best brand of dark roast coffee available this year. never disappoints!

2. volcanic dark roast sumatra mandheling – best ground coffee

Volcanica’s Dark Roast Sumatra Mandheling Reserve is one of the best dark roast coffees we reviewed, and it’s tasty whether you prefer pre-ground or coffee beans. This famous variety of Indonesian coffee is smooth, full-bodied and perfectly roasted. it’s also organic, with low acidity and hints of brown sugar and dried fruit.

You’ll like the balance and smooth flavor of these coffee beans. there’s a surprising lack of bitterness, and the rich, slightly earthy flavor is hard to beat. this strong, complex flavor lasts even if you buy the beans pre-ground, making it our top pick for ground coffee.

volcanic coffee grows all of its beans above 3,000 feet, and you can choose between whole beans or three grind sizes. Even better, you can currently get a 10% discount on these gourmet coffee beans! what is the drawback? These beans have a unique and exotic flavor. if you’re looking for a more familiar variety, scroll down to our next option.

Do you want to know more? Read our detailed review of Volcanic Coffee, including Sumatran Mandheling beans!

3. don pablo dark roast coffee beans – best decaf

Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee

Dark roast coffee generally has less caffeine than lighter coffees, because the roasting process destroys it. it is also naturally lower in acid. so if you have health concerns that keep you from traditional coffees, a decaf dark roast is a good option.

Our pick for the best dark roast decaf is Don Pablo’s Medium-Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee. hit three high points for us. it has a great full flavor because it’s processed with water instead of synthetic chemicals and won’t take a serious toll on your wallet. most other decafs have a problem, especially when it comes to flavor.

One thing to note is that it is not a full dark roast. it’s a medium-dark roast, so it’s not quite real.

4. mayorga organics cuban coffee coffee beans

Mayorga Organics Cafe Cubano

Pound for pound, Mayorga Organics Dark Roast Cuban Coffee might be the best value of the coffees we reviewed. for the same money you might pay for a pound of high-end coffee, you get two, and those two are way above their weight class in what they offer.

If you love Cuban coffee, this is the one to buy. a fine grind of these whole beans brings out their best and turns into a great foam when whipped with sugar. Plus, we always recommend buying whole grains for maximum freshness, so you have control over how finely you grind the grains you’re spending good money on.

Note that if you drink it as a stand-alone coffee, the flavor is not the same as other dark roasts. it’s not that robust.

5. amazonfresh dark roast whole bean coffee

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AmazonFresh Dark Roast

we are always intrigued by amazon coffee products, like amazonfresh, which goes for the bold. The company is best known for revolutionizing the distribution of goods, and we were curious and then impressed by its line of K-Cups. When we had the chance to see their whole bean coffee, we wasted no time doing so.

When we say this is an Amazon product, that’s high praise. uses 100 percent Arabica beans which, when roasted dark, produce a coffee with some of the lowest acidity levels possible. It also puts Amazon’s buying power to good use in terms of consumer prices. if you want good coffee on a budget, this is a great option. We also like that it’s sold as whole grains, which means they stay fresh longer and allows you to grind them however you like.

The beans taste a bit burnt, and a fine grind did a better job of getting the most out of them. if you’re making a cappuccino, that could be perfect. if you like cold beer, not so much. We also have to recognize that while amazon distribution can get you a set of plugs, new underwear, or a vacuum cleaner filter in two days, if you run out of coffee and need something right then, you’re out of luck.

6. proprietary blend of dark roast community coffee

Community Coffee Signature Blend

We don’t hate Community Coffee’s signature blend of dark roast coffee. we just didn’t like it very much.

There are two compelling reasons why you might want to buy it. The first is that because it’s made from 100 percent Arabica beans, it’s naturally low in acid. roasting it for a long time destroys even more. If you are looking for a coffee that does not damage the stomach, this is a good option. the other is that it is a great value. you can get a lot of decent coffee for little money.

However, you get what you pay for. it’s not as bold, complex, or full as some dark roasts. we also mark it as pre-ground coffee. ground coffee spoils faster than whole beans, and if you want to get the most out of your beans, the way you can prepare it is limited.

7. death wish dark roast coffee

Death Wish Ground Coffee

Contrary to what the company says, death wish ground coffee is not the strongest coffee in the world. much of what people think it implies is that coffee has a lot of caffeine. the caffeine is destroyed in the roasting process, and coffees of the light roast variety are, by extension, stronger.

We found this to be a pretty good dark roast. it has a strong flavor that works on a couple of different levels.

It’s also very expensive. you can get slightly less flavorful black coffee for much less money. what you end up paying is the right to say that you bought the strongest coffee in the world, which it is not.

8. koffee kult coffee beans

Koffee Kult Dark Roast

there is a whole range of coffee tricks. we’ve seen the death wish, and now we have koffee kult, which is a natural play on its addictive qualities. for the most part, we find these concoctions lacking when it counts. this is one of those cases.

We think this has a lot of potential for cold brew, which levels out the bitterness a lot. if you make your coffee that way, this is a very good option. otherwise, you are faced with reduced flavors that have a burnt quality. this one also comes with a plastic zipper on the bag which is a nightmare to use.

9. whole bean olde brooklyn coffee


in the coffee bean market, old brooklyn dark roast is in the bargain drawer. it’s for people who can’t afford anything better and for people who don’t know any better.

That makes it a very affordable coffee that differs from the giant cans sold by major brands in that it’s sold as whole beans, which is a better way to buy coffee than pre-ground.

When it comes to quality, it just doesn’t exist. It has a burnt flavor and a rather mediocre taste. On a list of pros and cons, it might be two to two, but in reality the weight of quality is so considerable that it’s actually two to seven.

10. peet’s coffee major dickason’s blend ground coffee

Peets Coffee Major Dickasons

peet’s coffee has a very devoted and vocal customer base, so we’re a little nervous about giving their flagship dickason’s blend dark roast our latest ranking.

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We justify it for a couple of reasons. well, one big reason, which is that the coffee is lacking. compared to other dark roasts, it is very mediocre in the flavor department. you’re drinking this as a standalone drink, but if you want to get something fancier, you have to spend the money. it also becomes obsolete pretty quickly. we suspect it’s in a warehouse somewhere while it’s being processed.

we will allow it to be quite affordable. if you want to pay a little more so you don’t have to suffer with a major brand pot of coffee, this is an acceptable option.

buyer’s guide: finding the best dark roast coffee brands

Don’t know where to start? Here are our quick tips for choosing the best dark roast coffee beans for your morning cup!

what is dark roast coffee?

best light to dark roast coffee beans

Dark roast coffee is one of the most intense roast coffees you can find. To achieve a dark roast, the coffee beans are roasted past the second crack, between 464°F and 482°F. these beans are very dark in color and usually have a slight oil sheen. they can be prepared by any method, but are most common in espresso.

Dark roast coffee has the lowest acidity and is characterized by a bold, full flavor. you can taste rich flavors of caramel, chocolate, and nuts, and the dark roasts go especially well with a splash of milk or cream. With dark roast coffee, you taste the roast, rather than the bean itself, so you’re unlikely to find floral or fruity flavors.

what to look for in a dark roast coffee:


If you plan to open a package of coffee and consume it over the course of a few weeks, you should buy whole beans to preserve the flavors. Although ground coffee is vacuum-sealed and relatively fresh, you should use it within 36-48 hours of opening the package.

Another thing to mention about freshness is that coffee, if consumed just a few days after roasting, will have different flavors. the consistency of the brew can also be a bit off-putting. coffee needs time to remove carbon dioxide and other undesirables. that’s why you’ll typically see valves on coffee containers. When it comes to buying your dark roast coffee, you have a few different options. That said, very fresh is much better than old and stale. but not all options are created equal when it comes to determining freshness.

Where to get the freshest coffee beans?

The first option is at the grocery store or warehouse club (eg, costco). is convenient. you can pick it up when you’re running your errands. it is not a big thing. however, there are also definite drawbacks. in the supermarket, coffee very often does not show its roast date. this is because supermarket chains want to show shelf life. coffee has an incredibly long shelf life. you can drink it 10 years later and be fine. it won’t hurt you. but the truth is that even a couple of months after roasting, the flavor can be incredibly different than 10 or more days after roasting. supermarkets treat coffee like a non-perishable food! therefore, what you get in convenience may not make up for suboptimal quality. but it works if you need a quick coffee.

The second option is a cafe, preferably one that roasts its own beans on site. many coffee shops roast beans for commercial use. they are constantly roasting. whatever is sitting in the lobby is likely to be fairly new. they will usually list their roast date instead of a supposed expiration date. so you can ensure freshness from the date.

The third option is to buy your whole bean coffee online directly from a roaster. when you order, the roaster will likely fill your order the same day, not take something off the shelf from a couple of weeks ago. by the time it arrives, it will be ready to prepare it.


Things can be tricky when determining the quality of dark roasted beans. the roasting process will cause more oils to come out of the beans than with a lighter roast. but how much is too much oil? what is not enough?

Oily appearance alone is not a good metric for determining the freshness or quality of even the best dark roast coffee beans.

During roasting, the coffee beans go through a “cracking” process. the first crack occurs at about 385°f. this would constitute a light roast. however, the dark roast heats up to 480°F. the second crack occurs at about 435°f. if the second crack doesn’t show all the way through, it might be closer to a medium roast. seeing the second crack is a definite marker that this is a true dark roast. if you get the chance, grab some of the beans you have on hand. if they have a slight residue, they are probably fresh.

flavor profile

For many people who grew up with a medium roast that didn’t taste as good, the dark roast might be the only consideration. roasting coffee is a double-edged sword. removes both undesirable and desirable flavors. so while some off-flavors can be removed by roasting, the nice floral notes will be too. but dark roasting also offers a different opportunity. dark roast tends to be more bitter, but there are degrees. you can get a full-bodied, chocolate-flavored coffee with a smooth mouthfeel. here are some unique and desirable qualities of dark roasting.


Whether a coffee is single origin or not tends to be less important for dark roast beans, as many of the unique flavors are masked by the roasting process. but it plays a role nonetheless. it may taste more unique than a blend, but you may not be able to identify local characteristics. Our humble opinion is that the advantage of single origin coffee when it comes to dark roasting, or any roasting, is that it will be easier to trace the coffee back to an ethical source.

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We gave LifeBoost Dark Roast Coffee our top pick for dark roast coffee beans because it’s delicious, good for you, and good for the environment. If you’re shopping for ground coffee, we recommend Volcana’s Reserva Dark Roast Sumatra Mandheling, which has a rich flavor and is affordable enough to drink every day. Finally, Don Pablo’s Medium Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee was our pick for the best dark roast decaf. it’s lighter than most decaf, but has great flavor.

We hope our in-depth reviews and quick buyer’s guide will help you find a solid and affordable dark roast coffee. With so many delicious varieties, you can’t go wrong!

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