15 Of The Best Coffee Shops Boise Idaho Has To Offer

enjoy some of the best coffee shops boise, idaho has to offer. With a population of over 200,000, there has been a huge coffee shop boom in Boise in recent years.

Below you’ll find the best coffee shops downtown boise has to offer. along with popular boise coffee roasters and coffee shops in meridian idaho and other nearby towns in treasure valley.

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list of the best coffee shops boise idaho has to offer

In North Boise, you’ll find the Hyde Park neighborhood, near Camel’s Back Park, where many people find great hiking in Boise. It’s also near the base of False Basin Road where skiers and mountain bikers frequent. or on the way back from one of idaho’s hot springs.

This is an eclectic neighborhood with lots of fun restaurants and shops, along with two great coffee shops to choose from.

hyde advantage

located in north boise, hyde perk has a fun local vibe. visit during the summer months to experience the breeze with the door open. sample delicious baked orange cranberry bread and a frozen Americano while people-watching outside. then you can walk across the street to the toy store when you’re done.

with the mimosas and wine offered, you can also come back to enjoy later in the day. you will find free street parking nearby.

java hyde park

A second choice for a coffee shop near Camel’s Back Park is Java Hyde Park. You’ll find ice water indoors with some comfy sofas and chairs and an outdoor terrace with seating as well.

The relaxed atmosphere can be a nice feeling after a walk nearby. fill up on pastries and your favorite espresso drink. They also serve some breakfast and lunch items, like sandwiches and soups.

You’ll find free street parking nearby.

coffee shops in downtown boise

Find great specialty coffee drinks at some of Boise’s best coffee shops. Downtown Boise is the place to be for fun coffee shops serving locally roasted espresso and even a glass of wine later in the day. Check out the best coffee downtown Boise has to offer below.

cafe and coffee shop in the big city

one of our favorite local breakfast spots in boise, big city coffee and coffee, has a lot to offer. from huge baked goodies and great espresso drinks served in an oversized mug, to one-of-a-kind breakfast dishes served right to your table. whenever extended family comes to visit we take them out to a big city cafe for breakfast and love supporting the locals.

Across the street you will find free parking on the street.

the district cafeteria

A trendy coffee shop in downtown Boise with a very open-air feel, the District Coffee Shop might be a good fit. my daughter and I sat on the slippery couch as we watched people come in before work for a cup of their favorite caffeinated beverage.

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you can find metered parking out front.


Smaller in size and sleeker in appearance, Neckar has a clean, crisp feel about it. With high ceilings, sour cream coffee cake, and pours made and ready, it’s a great choice for a coffee shop in Boise, Idaho.

customer service was excellent and we felt welcome. my cortado was served with organic whole milk, while tony’s double espresso was served with sparkling water on the side. we were quite impressed.

There is also metered parking out front.

flying cafeteria

With its own signature blends, homemade baked goods and now a liquor license, the flying m cafe is a great place to hang out day or night. In a great location, this fun shop has comfortable vintage furniture, a gift shop with lots of locally made items, and friendly staff.

In addition to espresso and kombucha drinks, they also serve beer and wine, making it a great place to visit at any time of day.

There is metered parking in the front or free off-street parking for 2 hours in the back.

goldy’s corner

goldy’s corner bakery and coffee shop is just down the street from the state capital in downtown boise.

They serve espresso drinks, wine, mimosas, baked goods and have board games to play inside. They love to promote local artists and vendors and serve breakfast and lunch all day. Grab a quiche or wrap as a healthy meal and enjoy one of their many baked goods. many are gluten-free and even vegan.

There is metered parking nearby.

dawson taylor coffee roasters

Located on 8th Street, a strip in downtown Boise that is lined with local shops and restaurants, Dawson Taylor Coffee is a great coffee shop. Rated Boise’s best coffee by many, Dawson Taylor coffee beans are sold and distributed throughout Idaho. the beans are also sold at the local bose cooperative.

paying metered parking nearby.

coffee shops in west boise

If you’re venturing west or southwest of downtown Boise and still looking for a great spot for great coffee, read on. These are several of the coffee shops closest to the homes many people moving to idaho live in.

coffee study

A locally owned and operated coffee shop near the mall in Boise, Coffee Studio is a great place to sip your favorite espresso through your window or enjoy on the patio.

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the employees were very friendly, the coffee was excellent and I loved the interior decoration of the little cafe. With several outdoor seating spots, it’s a great place to grab a white mocha frappe like my father-in-law did or an American like I did. the drive-through was even busier than inside to order.

the coffee tasted fantastic, not too bitter but still an excellent americano. customer service was excellent and the atmosphere felt perfect for a late morning snack.

You’ll find plenty of free parking in their lot.

alchemist coffee

alchemist coffee now has two locations in boise. the newer location is in the far west of boise on stewart ave while the other location is on boise southwest of overland drive. both provide a welcoming atmosphere for a nice place to meet, make coffee and great food options.

The overland location often hosts live music in the evenings, making it a great place to connect with friends.

garden city, eagle, & meridian coffee shops

push and pour

push and pour is a coffee shop located in the perfect spot for a premium espresso drink and a bite to eat. just one block away from “the wave” on the boise river.

push and pour is the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee before heading across the boise river to quinn pond for some of the outdoor fun boise has to offer.

be prepared to queue for a while to order coffee as they tend to be busy.

moxie java bistro

With a large indoor and outdoor seating area, moxie java is a great place to bring your laptop and get some work done while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. located on chinden blvd in garden city on your way to boise from meridian, it’s easy to get to and has a shortcut if you need it quick.

perks of life – eagle

perks of life is a great local coffee shop in eagle, idaho. the coffee tastes great, the atmosphere is comfortable and the scones are delicious. They bake their own pastries, including gluten-free pastries that you can enjoy, or grab a breakfast burrito or quiche for a full breakfast with your cup of coffee.

bright eye cafeteria – meridian

bright eyes coffee shop in meridian idaho is one of our family’s favorite places to visit. unfortunately, it closed in the summer of 2022.

royal coffee co. – meridian

royal coffee co is located in the town of meridian, idaho. this cafe is in a fantastic location. With windows on all four sides of the building, you can see the beautiful town fountains while enjoying your cup of coffee indoors in the winter. or enjoy the shaded patio in the summer. Learn more about fun things to do in Meridian Idaho here.

best coffee in boise

Be sure to bookmark this post because I’ll add to it as I venture out and explore more of the great coffee shops in and around Boise. supporting small local coffee shops is one of my favorite things to do while traveling. however, now that we live close to boise, I am excited to explore the area even more.

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