The Best Almond Milk To Use In Coffee: A Real Mum Review

whether due to intolerance or personal preference, almond milk has become the choice of many moms, especially to make healthy mom shakes. sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to find the one that works best for you, especially if you like your almond milk hot and frothy in a coffee!

One of our brilliant community members has conducted her own research into which almond milk is the cream of the crop for coffee lovers. Calories in Coffee Naomi Wearne is a West Australian mum of two, who has been a devotee of The Healthy Mummy for two years. After having her son in 2014 she managed to lose an incredible 20kg using The Healthy Mummy smoothies and challenges. The 33-year-old had a daughter in June, and is about to kick off her third challenge this year, with a six kilo loss already under her belt. The reason Naomi uses almond milk is due to her daughter’s dairy and soy allergies, which even impact her through breast milk. Naomi explains, “I drink almond milk as a substitute, especially in my coffee! It took me ages to find which one tasted best, so I thought I’d share my experiment in case it helped others too.”

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unsweetened almond milk put to the test

Naomi’s independent research delved into five different brands of unsweetened almond milk, which are available at your local grocery store. “I can’t eat dairy or soy, hence the almond milk, but I thought I’d share since I know many of you prefer almond milk due to the low calories,” she says. Using the nespresso milk frother, naomi went to work testing each milk, taking photos of each coffee immediately after brewing, and then at five and fifteen minute intervals. here’s how they ranked:

1. pure harvest activated almond milk is organic

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almond milk review Naomi awarded Pure Harvest Activated Almond Milk top-place honours. Here’s why:

  • lovely creamy texture.
  • the taste is good.
  • does not separate.
  • the ingredients are all the things I don’t mind eating.
  • 2. almond milk blue diamond almond breeze

    almond milk review While Naomi found the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond Milk was the creamiest of all four products she tested, she found it wasn’t agreeing with her tummy. Here’s what she said:

    • excellent texture and flavor.
    • I recently found out that carrageenan is not so good for the intestine (I had a lot of stomach problems when I drank this every day).
    • 3. so good almond milk

      almond milk review Taking third place in the almond milk coffee test was So Good Almond Milk.

      • taste is ok, but slightly chemical.
      • a bit watery for coffee in my opinion.
      • 4. vitasoy almond milk

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        almond milk review Coming in at fourth is Vitasoy Almond Milk, which is actually Naomi’s top choice for using in cereal. However, she found it didn’t pass all of her coffee tests:

        • Tastes pretty good.
        • very watery and almost no foam.
        • started to separate after about 15 minutes, which is not attractive to watch while drinking.
        • 5. australia’s own organic almond milk

          almond milk review Rounding off Naomi’s test is Australia’s Own Organic Almond Milk, which she praised for having minimal ingredients.

          • good list of simple ingredients.
          • very runny and within seconds had started to separate.
          • didn’t taste good with my coffee!
          • so there you have it, naomi’s in-house independent test of the best almond milk to go with your coffee! thank you very much for your amazing work naomi, we are sure that all our moms appreciate it. Of course, this is just one mom’s opinion, so feel free to tell us which almond milk you prefer! You can also read here about different types of milk and what they mean for weight loss.

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