The Best Camping Coffee Makers of 2022

our testing process

We tested 18 of the best portable coffee makers on the market, comparing their taste, ease of use, portability, durability, and ease of cleaning. each tester received assembly and operating instructions as included by the manufacturers.

We considered how clear and intuitive the instructions were and whether all the necessary components came in the product packaging, as well as the efficiency of the manufacturing process. we brew coffee batches at full capacity, aiming to achieve our preferred flavor strength. after several sips, the quality of the brew was judged by the same standards we apply to our regular home coffee makers. any clogging, spillage, or user confusion was factored into our ratings. Testers were provided with limited cleaning supplies similar to those available in typical US campgrounds: biodegradable soap, a dish towel, a collapsible sink, and no more than 32 ounces of water. we take note of the ease of cleaning and drying of all the parts of the coffee makers.

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Next, we filled the backpacks with typical camping gear and clothing and determined whether the coffeemaker could fit into a compact, easy-to-carry bag or was too large, heavy, or unwieldy to fit comfortably in our backpacks. we wore the backpacks and walked around, noting if the coffee pots caused any portability issues, like looming awkwardly or adding a noticeable amount of weight.

With the coffee pots still stowed in backpacks, we dropped them from a ladder three times to determine how well they would hold up to even the toughest outdoor activities. after falls, we recorded the degree of damage, considering whether the wear was merely cosmetic or would affect the manufacturer’s functionality.

other camping coffee makers we tested

Five of the 18 coffee makers we tested didn’t make our list of recommendations, but they still had positive attributes that set them apart from the rest of the pack.

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wacaou minipresso portable espresso maker: It’s a rare gem that makes real espresso on the go. But while the shots were delicious, testers found that the steep user learning curve, small portions, number of parts, and lackluster performance in durability testing made it an ill-advised choice for serious outdoor adventures.

jetboil flash java kit brewing system – comes with its own heat source, has an easy-to-storage design, and can brew 1 liter of coffee at a time, more than anything else on our list . however, it’s also the least affordable maker we’ve tested, and we didn’t feel the inconvenient cleanup and underwhelming coffee taste were worth it.

Stanley Adventure Cool Grip Percolator: While the brand’s French press blew us away, its clunky one isn’t right for campers looking for portability and simplicity.

gsi outdoor java press: We appreciated the clear, concise instructions and ease of use of this machine, but the nylon-wrapped sleeve caused us trouble cleaning and drying. other french presses we tested outperformed it in brew quality as well.

msr mugmate coffee/tea filter: Like other pour-overs we tested, this one is extremely durable and supremely smooth, but we didn’t call it a winner because its stiff rim doesn’t fit many mugs and the taste did not make up for the loss in comfort.

Tips for Buying a Camping Coffee Maker

do a pre-trip test

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Prepare coffee with your new coffee maker before hitting the trails or arriving at your site. It’s important to make sure the coffee maker works with your other coffee accessories and that the filters work perfectly with your preferred grind, as some coffee makers are better suited for coarse or finer ground beans. test to see if all the imperative pieces fit snugly into your packing plan well in advance of your trip; you don’t want to find that you’re missing something for proper operation or cleaning after you’ve disconnected from the network.

consider the number of people you will be serving

Small capacity pour overs are unmatched when it comes to portability, but if many people depend on the maker for a morning caffeine boost, it might be worth bringing a larger coffee maker even though it will take up more space and add weight.

take your other team into account

A pour over without a boiling pot is only useful if you are already going to bring another container to heat water. If you want a piece that can double as a stock pot for heating soups and other foods, opt for a stainless steel product with versatile features like extra handles, a large capacity, and measurement markings.

why trust travel + leisure

Travel and leisure writers are product experts who use their personal experience, extensive research, and expert recommendations to choose the best items for shoppers. Writer Lydia Price is a lifelong camper (she’s got the baby photos to prove it) and drinks coffee daily. she was among a group of testers who gathered in our new york city lab to compare 18 of the most popular portable and camping coffee makers for this article.

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