7 Best Coffee Shops in Little Italy & Downtown San Diego

it’s a sunny saturday morning in san diego. you wake up to the chirping of birds, the sound of the waves and the craving for a fresh cup of coffee, but not just any old coffee. You’re in the mood for a specialty coffee, the kind you can only get at your local brewer. lucky for you, now is the time for local artisan coffee, and you have plenty of local ground coffees to choose from!

If you’re new to the San Diego area, we can tell you that the local community really loves their coffee. we can appreciate the value of a fresh American, and have even built our own coffee shop culture. Anyone in Little Italy or Downtown knows that artisan coffee makers aren’t hard to find, so we decided to round up some of our favorites for you to try.

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Of course, each local coffee shop will have different things to offer. some are known for their pastries, others for their espresso or homemade non-dairy milk, and still others have cultivated the perfect setting for meeting up with friends. To give you a full understanding of the best coffee shops in downtown San Diego, we decided to break things down based on what you’re in the mood for.

coffee shops with the best coffee

If you’re looking for the best coffee in San Diego, these shops are for you. They take pride in their coffee beans and would be the ideal choice for purists who recognize the quality of great coffee. If you fit that description or just want to try something new, check out these picks:

1. coffee and tea collective – east village

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These baristas really care about high-quality coffee. The coffee and tea collective sources its beans from Kenya, sells beans by the bag, and has two locations in San Diego. its location in the east of the village is light, bright and simple, like a cup of its famous coffee. If you consider yourself a coffee lover, give this local shop a try!

2. virtuous coffee – downtown

South of East Village, in the Logan neighborhood, you’ll find Cafe Virtuoso, a coffee shop that serves drip drinks and espresso and is known for its high-quality roasts. if single source pour over is your thing, you have to try this local shop! Cafe Virtuoso roasts its beans in-house and was actually one of the world’s pioneers of medium and light roast coffee beans.

cafeterias with the best food

if you prefer to enjoy your coffee with a snack, these are the cafeterias for you:

3. influx – little italy

influx cafe is located in the heart of little italy and serves up some pretty legendary pastries, sandwiches and coffee. this cafe also has a great European style atmosphere where you can sit outside and enjoy your coffee while people watching.

4. noble cafe and bakery – little italy

lofty coffee is a great saturday morning lunch spot and one of the best coffee shops in little italy, san diego. Drop by for a caffeine boost and delicious avocado toast while you peruse the Little Italy Farmers Market, but be sure to get there early. Cafe Noble is a local community staple and is sure to have a long line of regulars waiting outside. plus, you’ll be in the perfect location to get to other activities in little italy.

5. spill the beans coffee and bagels – gaslamp

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this store does two things incredibly well. can you guess what they are? That’s right, coffee and bagels! Spill the Beans serves fresh bagels and bagel sandwiches, but its unsung hero is its coffee. the espresso tastes extremely nice and is the perfect complement to any meal ordered. If you ever need a boost on a weekend morning in the Gaslamp District, Spill the Beans has everything you need and more.

cafeteria with the best vibes

sometimes we go to coffee shops to get away from home or work for a while. In our opinion, there’s a pretty clear list of which coffee shops in San Diego are a yes or no when it comes to cultivating the best vibes in downtown San Diego.

6. james coffee co. – little italy

if you’ve never been inside james coffee co. in little italy, it’s worth checking out. the location is home to a few other vendors, including a men’s clothing boutique and a hipster card shop. Inside you’ll also find plenty of seating and work stations, making James Coffee Co a great place to sit and catch up with friends over an oatmeal latte.

7. the invigatorio – pueblo del este

The restaurant group behind stylish favorites like morning glory, craft and trade, ironside and born and bred has done it again with the invigatorium. We’re not exaggerating when we say that your East Village coffee and breakfast spot is completely unique. The golden geometric exterior of the invigatorium will welcome you to an eclectic wonderland. expect to find life-size dinosaurs, tropical plants, golden palm trees, art deco furniture, and a wall of post-it notes. decor isn’t the only draw here, the cafe has teamed up with modern times to bring you some of the most delicious caffeinated creations, from a cardamom cortado to an espresso tonic.

Coffee shop culture is here to stay, and there are tons of great options within walking distance of a downtown san diego apartment, like the allegro apartments. Located in the heart of downtown, allegro gives you access to all the best cafes, restaurants, and activities the city has to offer. For more information on the building and available units, contact us today.

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