How much is a cup of kopi luwak coffee

The debate over whether kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee still continues, but what is the current price of kopi luwak?

kopi luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, with retail prices reaching $100 per kilogram ($45 per pound) for cultivated beans and $1,300 per kilogram ($600 per pound) for wild beans . the price of a single cup of kopi luwak coffee is as low as $4 for the cultivated variety and up to $100 for the wild variety.

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So why are there such big differences in price? Let’s take a detailed look at what determines the price of kopi luwak.

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the price of kopi luwak

kopi luwak is recognized as one of the most expensive coffees in the world, if not the most expensive.

The dispute over whether or not it is the most expensive coffee is due to some coffee companies setting artificially high prices to claim the coveted top spot for the world’s most expensive coffee.

but whether or not kopi luwak is, in fact, the most expensive, there is no doubt that it is ridiculously expensive.

prices for kopi luwak per cup or per kilo vary considerably depending on its origin.

There is a huge price difference between cultivated kopi luwak and wild kopi luwak. In addition to having superior flavor, wild kopi luwak is much more expensive to produce due to increased labor.

here is a breakdown of the most common prices found for a cup of kopi luwak:

Here is a breakdown of the most common prices found for kopi luwak by weight:

The price of a cup of kopi luwak grown in kopi luwak producing countries can be as low as $4. One such example is Bali, a popular destination for those who want to try this mystery drink.

outside the countries of origin, prices increase dramatically. wild kopi luwak prices range from $35 to $100 per cup.[1]

For those who want to buy kopi luwak by the bag, the price of wild kopi luwak is 13 times more expensive than the cultivated variety.

In Indonesia, low-quality farmed kopi luwak can be purchased in supermarkets for as low as $45 per pound ($100 per kilo).[2]

But when it comes to the wild variety, the sky is the limit. a large online supplier of kopi luwak currently sells a kilo (2.2 pounds) for $659. but even that may not be the most expensive.

On a well-known forum site, someone claims to have found kopi luwak advertised online for prices ranging from $680 to $1,300 per pound ($1,490 – $2,800 per kilo).

But at prices like this, you have to think that the company selling the kopi luwak is probably just risking their arm. the allure of paying that much for a bag of coffee is something to brag about at dinner parties for the rich and famous.

low production but high demand

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When it comes to annual production, you will find different figures for kopi luwak on the internet.

One source claims that up to 1,100 pounds (500 kg) of wild kopi luwak and about 50 tons (45 tons) of cultivated kopi luwak are produced annually.[3]

another source claims that less than 500 pounds (227 kg) of authentic kopi luwak are produced each year.[4 pdf]

The problem is that there is so much fake kopi luwak on the market that it’s hard to know for sure how much is produced.

But whatever the actual figures are, the fact is that supply cannot meet demand, leading to skyrocketing prices.

and thanks to movies like the bucket list, starring jack nicholson and his love of kopi luwak, the hype behind this rare coffee only grows.

how supply affects price

wild kopi luwak

wild-sourced kopi luwak commands a much higher price due to the great amount of effort involved in its production.

To make kopi luwak, you need Asian palm civets. They roam freely in the wild in South Asia, consuming coffee cherries as part of their varied omnivorous diet.

Coffee cherries pass through the digestive tract of civets, but the coffee beans inside remain intact as they are indigestible to civets. About a day after the cherries are consumed, they are excreted by the civet.

workers have to search for the feces of these wild civets. As you can imagine, this is tedious and exhausting work under the scorching sun of these Asian countries.

but the efforts involved in obtaining feces from wild civet pay off in the fact that it produces a superior cup of coffee.

This is because wild civets only select the ripest, reddest, and sweetest coffee cherries. the ripe fruit of the coffee cherry has a huge impact on the coffee beans it contains.

The higher levels of sugar present in the ripe fruit impart a delicious sweetness to the beans. just think of the times you’ve bitten into fruit that hasn’t had a chance to fully ripen. the acidity is extremely unpleasant, and the fruit is a shadow of what it would have become once ripened.

the extra labor combined with the superior flavor are the reasons why wild kopi luwak commands such a high price compared to the cultivated variety.

grown kopi luwak

Due to the profitability and high demand for kopi luwak, most of the world’s kopi luwak is now farmed, and this is very sad.

civets are kept in terrible conditions on farms. they are trapped in small cages with other civets and have no room to move.

To maximize profits, the civets are force-fed nothing but coffee cherries. this has huge effects on their health, as they don’t get enough nutrients from coffee cherries alone.

The coffee cherries that are force-fed to civets are not always the ripest and tastiest they would naturally select in the wild, which has a huge impact on the quality of the beans.

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Producing farm-raised kopi luwak is much easier than its wild equivalent, as workers don’t have to search for animal droppings.

however, there is still quite a bit of work involved to process the beans contained in the dregs in preparation for the roasting stage.

The truth is that the poor conditions in which the animals are kept, coupled with poor quality coffee cherries, make for a very inferior cup of Kopi Luwak.

is kopi luwak worth the high price?

Kopi luwak is sold on the premise that it has a unique flavor due to the enzymatic process the beans undergo while inside the digestive tract of the civet. coffee is said to contain less bitterness and acidity, contributing to a smooth flavor and complex aroma.

While this would certainly appeal to those whose misconception is that all coffee is inherently bitter, coffee aficionados within the industry say otherwise.

There have been several evaluations of kopi luwak in recent years, and the results are quite disappointing. the specialty coffee association of america (scaa) concluded that kopi luwak simply tastes bad.

Other reviewers could only muster the backhanded compliment that there was nothing that made kopi luwak superior to any other type of coffee.

scaa and other reviewers conceded that the lower levels of bitterness and acidity, as well as the smooth body of kopi luwak, would be characteristics that would appeal to some coffee drinkers.

In truth, people don’t buy kopi luwak because of its exceptional taste. they do it because of the mystery surrounding one of the rarest and most expensive drinks on the planet.

There is no escaping the fact that wild-sourced kopi luwak is superior to the cultivated variety. but at around $600 per kilo, there are plenty of other great coffees on the market that really are delicious and worth seeking out.

and while the very low price of farmed kopi luwak is a reflection of its quality, the exorbitant price of $100 per kilo is nothing more than a scam.

Even if you’re in a financial position to buy yourself a bag of kopi luwak, the fact that it’s so unethical is reason enough to boycott it outright.

Due to the terrible living conditions civets have to endure, as well as their poor diet, they often become both mentally and physically ill, and many even die as a result.

And don’t be fooled into thinking you can buy the wild variety without conscience. estimates indicate that about 80 percent of the market for wild kopi luwak is fake, so the cultivated variety will likely end up.

a very expensive coffee that is worth its price

For a truly special coffee without bitterness due to excellent processing, look for online coffee roasters that sell hacienda la emerald geisha coffee from panama.

The world-renowned specialty coffee roaster La Cabra from Denmark recently put this extraordinary coffee up for sale.

A 100g box of expertly roasted coffee beans was on offer at the extraordinary price of just £26.50 ($34.60). I think £265 per kilo is enough for you to have bragging rights, right?

the goat ships worldwide, and if you visit their website, you can add your email to be notified the next time this wonderful coffee is available.

If you can’t afford £265 a kilo, try some exceptional coffees from the UK’s best specialty coffee roasters, starting from just £5 a bag. all the coffee roasters on the list have international shipments.

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