Dangers of Putting Hot Liquids in Plastic Cups | A Threat to Your Health?

Coffee changes people’s lives, transforms their work style as long as that person gets a healthy and tasty shot of coffee. there are many delights to make and drink coffee that can often end badly. the brewing time, the water ratio and, most importantly, the type of material in the coffee cup. because if you are using a plastic cup, you are probably risking your health to a great extent.

plastic materials and hot liquids

can you put hot coffee in a plastic cup

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Plastic belongs to a large family of polymers that has many forms and products. however, the plastics we see used as liquid containers, bottles, coffee pots, and plastic coffee cups are made from bpa, pvc, etc.

That said, these plastic materials tend to seep out of the base plastic material and ultimately end up in our cups. this can be made worse by the use of warm liquids, e.g. hot water in a plastic bottle. in fact, the rate of plastics leaching from your base material can be increased by up to 55% by using the high temperature liquid like any beverage like coffee.

means that the plastic cup will release the plastic additives when you pour in any vapor-emitting liquid. Likewise, cup additives can enter your body after mixing with hot beverages in plastic cups.

plastic additives

Plastic coffee cups made from bisphenol-a(bpa) material are not ideal for use with warm or hot liquids. It will directly lead to the release of BPA particles in the liquids. therefore, avoid using plastic cups for hot drinks or food. because hot, acidic, and alcoholic items have similar effects if kept inside plastic cups.

Similarly, some of the plastic cups are made from PVC ingredients that include phthalates. phthalates will also tend to loosen after coming into contact with hot coffee in a plastic cup.

so both bpa plastic and phthalates can end up in your coffee adding the plastic taste to your coffee but also causing some of the health problems listed below.

effects/dangers of coffee in a plastic cup

starting with the dangers of drinking coffee in a single cup. there are some risks that we are fully aware of from drinking coffee from a plastic cup.

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hormonal imbalance

bpa is the chemical that resembles the human sex hormone. That said, BPA is easily traded off by playing endocrine disruptors.


BPA mixed into coffee can cause a chromosomal error that can ultimately be dangerous to women of childbearing age. in fact, pregnant women may miscarry due to the chromosomal error in the fetus.

carcinogenic effects

Polyvinyl chloride (pvc), vinyl chloride and dioxin material are the most commonly used in the manufacture of plastic cups. These materials are not only useful to make the plastic more resistant but also more economical.

On the contrary, it contributes to the health risk due to its property of breaking the bond with the original material. in fact, vinyl chloride is one of the vital chemicals considered to be the first known human carcinogen.

Similarly, elements of formaldehyde can cause nasal cancer and leukemia. Furthermore, phthalates are responsible for acting as the pseudo-human hormone that results in easy puberty in girls. it can even lead to the development of breast cancer in later stages.

other diseases

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Finally, there are many diseases that humans suffer from, but they are minutely related to their habit of drinking coffee from a plastic cup. includes stimulation of the mammary gland, diabetes, some respiratory diseases, stimulation of prostate cancer cells, etc.

how to detox?

Fortunately, unwanted plastic items are easy to remove from the body’s system. will require you to do all three of these activities.

1. increase cardiovascular activity

do not overdo it because you have not yet recovered from the respiratory damage caused by ingesting plastic.

2. hydrate & hydrotherapy

optimize your water intake to speed organ removal. Also, try hydrotherapy for cardiovascular benefit and promoting blood flow to vital organs.

3. take deep breaths

This exercise will improve lung function and stimulate blood oxygen levels.

the final mark

If you’re surprised to learn of the worrying health effect of drinking coffee from a plastic cup, then this is just a scratch on the issue. the small dose of plastic elements that are included in the coffee in the cup can affect your health.

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