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welcome to the fantasy football café, your destination for all things fantasy football. Our forums have been online for over 10 years and we pride ourselves on providing the best advice to fantasy football coaches in a timely manner. we produce valuable written and video content every day to give the coffee community an edge. our latest addition to the cafe network – daily fantasy cafe offers a fantasy football cafe with daily fantasy football content from proven experts. we hope you enjoy the coffee shop network and become a valued part of the coffee shop community.

2020 fantasy football preliminary strategies

This is my favorite time of the year! preparing for the fantasy football draft. The 2020 NFL schedule is out now and my favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons, has a tough road ahead of it. I use lineups.com for all my nfl fantasy research because i own the site! lineups has fantasy football rankings, sports betting reviews and the best betmgm bonus code online . they rank every player in every position with up to 350 players and rate every mobile app.

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According to lineups.com, the Falcons open as a 4-point underdog against the Vikings. When preparing for your draft, remember to keep the NFL’s bye week schedule in mind. the hawks have a bye in week 9 which means i need to draft or pick up some offensive firepower on the waiver wire. my team will be loaded with hawks from matt ryan to julio jones.

nfl bye weeks lineups.com

atlanta falcons depth chart lineups.com

Let’s move on to one of the classic draft strategies, going back to the stone age. a running back with your first two picks. simple, reliable, secure, there’s a lot to like about this strategy. the runners have now become by committee, and only an incredibly outdated selection to choose from. missing out on an elite back can set you back big time. I just don’t like to play with fire when it comes to running backs. It’s like going to a restaurant and always ordering the same dish. You know it’s going to be good, and you won’t be disappointed. the other positions are much deeper than the running back spot, so catching two solid running backs early is a safe strategy.

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The league has become a passing league whether you like it or not. there are quite a few elite wide receivers, who are first-round options. antonio brown, dez bryant, those kind of players. It’s not like wide receivers have never been a big position, but in recent seasons, these guys have made teams league champions. Randal Cobb’s, Mike Evans’, they’ve all flourished in the passing league, whereas perhaps in an earlier era this wouldn’t have. 16 touchdowns from a wide receiver are very valuable. now, this strategy considers both running backs and wide receivers equal, regardless of the scarcity of positions. take the best available from a pick by pick and try to hit one of those mid-level players later in the draft. When you end up choosing between the likes of Mark Ingram, Carlos Hyde, and Lamar Miller for a reliable defenseman, you just have to hope your research pays off.

about the passing league thing, we don’t need quarterbacks in the first three rounds anymore. 25-30 touchdowns seem to be the standard for half of the quarterbacks in the league, and they also flirt or pass for 4,000+ yards. There are elite arms like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Andrew Luck who somehow get a pass, but still Tony Romo in the second half of the draft is a steal. so skip the quarterbacks early, land all those skill position players, and then worry about an arm. phillip rivers, matthew stafford, ryan tannehill will probably be there when you feel like you need a quarterback.

Shooting new players can be risky, but the odds are starting to turn in your favor. wide receivers are coming in at a record rate and making an impact in this league. in a passing league, they are starting to produce earlier and have more of a fantasy impact. this season also features some rookie running backs. two risky choices don’t always make the right one, but it can happen. recruiting jonathan stewart in hopes of staying healthy, while recruiting ameer abdullah later to minimize risk. the odds are one hit, so two risky picks can often lead to fantasy gold. Whether playing old-school with back-to-back running backs, or charging into the passing game, strategies can change throughout a draft. the best strategy is not to think too much, you know because that’s easy to do.

journey to daily fantasy football

I’ve been playing fantasy sports for a little over ten years. I started at yahoo sports. Jumping into my dad’s work leagues when they needed replacement players, or having fun with family leagues, fantasy sports have been a hobby for some time. recruiting the likes of shaun alexander, brian westbrook and even larry johnson for those few seasons of dominance, those were the fantasy heroes of my childhood. Coming home from football for a quick draft before dinner was my thing, needless to say, I loved the world of fantasy sports.

Season-long fantasy holds a special place in my heart, and with the changing times of daily fantasy sports, it will always remain there. a year after turning 18, i moved from arizona to massachusetts, which plays a big part in all of this. Arizona does not allow residents to play fantasy sports every day for money, and still does to this day. sitting at home watching football on a cold winter day, my dad sent me an invitation to join fanduel. fanduel was the first big site to really come up in daily fantasy sports. already a seasoned fantasy player, I jumped right in. it was the divisional round of the 2012 playoffs and I’ll never forget it.

I bet $25 in a tournament, with only one lineup. the 49ers were taking on the packers, and this is the game where you had to have players to win. Colin Kaepernick torched the Packers defense for 444 total yards and four scores. He had also paired him with Michael Crabtree, who had 119 RBI yards and two scores. this set me up for a nice $300 profit on my first try. so i played again the next week, july jones went for 182 yards and two scores. he was the player he needed while everyone else around him contributed. boom! $400 for two weeks of playing fantasy football in the playoffs.

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Those two weeks changed my life in a different direction. I have been an avid fan of all sports, and the sites offered daily tournaments for the major sports leagues. I started playing basketball, hockey, and baseball, to make it a year-round job. seeing the growth from the beginning has been very impressive. the $35,000 prize pools have become $10,000,000. espn, cbs, yahoo are all covering daily fantasy sports, and now yahoo has launched its own platform. This is a booming industry, and it’s a lot of fun to be a part of. I don’t want to be corny, but that saying, “do what you love” is exactly this. this hasn’t stopped me from participating in leagues all season, it just keeps me busy.

As you begin your dfs journey, you will inevitably find the resources that will help you the most. daily fantasy cafe offers everything you need, including what I consider to be the best fanduel nfl lineup optimizer. no other alignment generator allows the type of customization and features. this tool helps a newbie to play like a shark.

daily fantasy landscape

the full season fantasy football industry had already been growing in the last 5 to 10 years. espn segments, podcasts, magazines, you name it. now things are changing again and moving towards a different style of fantasy football. daily leagues incorporate many aspects of the fantasy football season, just in a much smaller sense of time. You can blame the plug-in generation as our attention spans get smaller and smaller every year, but daily fantasy football is here and ready to be the mainstream way to play fantasy sports. The entire season won’t be wiped off the map, now it’s only for those who still love the classic vinyl sound of music. I’m one of those people, but that doesn’t mean I don’t use a streaming service too.

the daily fantasy industry really began with the advent of fanduel as the big site, which was later rivaled by draftkings. Both sites have continuously grown year-over-year in contest prize payouts, advertising, experiences, and acquisition of smaller sites. these sites have used guerrilla marketing tactics and have relied heavily on large television advertising budgets. Their commercials can be seen all day every day, each offering a promo code on TV for new signups. draftkings tv promo code allows users to log in and enter a code to receive a bonus when making a deposit. the fanduel promo code does the same and with millions of users seeing these codes, subscriptions increased dramatically. these two sites are the big sharks but now yahoo is trying to get in on the action. they launched their platform this summer, which had some glitches but was another simplistic daily fantasy site on the market. soccer is the great sport that all sites point their best prizes at, and that will be no different with yahoo. they are the first of the major sites to enter the world of daily fantasy and could possibly lead the way for others. draftkings and fanduel have partnered with many professional sports teams for publicity and other benefits. draftkings has offered fieldside seat tournaments, suite seats at baseball games, these contests are about more than just money. although money is a big part of why we play.

Prize payouts were in the thousands in 2012 and have gradually grown to a considerable amount. draftkings offered the industry’s first million dollar prize last season, giving them an advantage over fanduel. This didn’t stop players from filling out fanduel contests, showing just how big the industry already is. In 2015, draftkings now offers a $2 million prize tournament, and fanduel has made the leap to a million dollar prize tournament. draftkings seems to be a step ahead of the game. so where does that leave yahoo? they are in third place behind the two, and quite a ways off. It’s not that there isn’t room for a third major site, but even more so right now we have a good thing going. I see them making a big splash soon, but draftkings and fanduel will be leading the way for a long time to come.

Overall, this is an industry focused on sports fans who enjoy fantasy sports. the games are fun, the industry is creating business for others, and overall it feels like one big league. the first few years have been a lot of fun and I’m excited to see where we are in another five years.

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