Closings: Emery Bay Café, Oleis Fusion, Karas Cupcakes, Avis Rental, Walgreens Openings: Western Dental

Our openings typically every two months & Reports of closures have increased in frequency recently. in the span of two months, emeryville has lost roba’s, moomie’s, hip-hop juice box and now emery bay café, which has been a city staple for over 23 years.

Emery Bay Café

closed: avis budget car rental

The avis budget rental car near the amtrak station is no more after 15 years in business.

Reading: Emery bay cafe

car rental facilities have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic with many locations selling their fleets of vehicles.

The business was the only one of its kind in emeryville leaving zipcar as the only short-term car rental option.

walgreens closes southwest berkeley location

– berkeleyside (@berkeleyside) November 4, 2021

closed: ashby walgreens

the walgreens pharmacy on avenida san pablo & ashby in west berkeley closed permanently on November 17.

A national debate recently erupted linking pharmacy closings to high retail theft. Others have challenged this theory pointing to the fact that Walgreens announced in 2019 that it would close some 200 stores across the country.

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According to berkeleyside, the corporation did not specify the reasons for this particular closure. the closest open location is just over a mile away at 2801 adeline street.

closed: emery bay cafe

emery bay café announced its permanent closure through a sign posted in its window. “Thank you for your support for 23 years. It has been a pleasure meeting you and your families.” The note was read outside its Christie Avenue location.

bay bridge shopping center has been undergoing redevelopment for years, including a proposed 54-story tower (removed) and more recently acquired by oxford properties with the intent to develop a mixed-use life sciences project.

Allegro dance hall is another business displaced by the imminent demolition of the plot. the wells fargo branch is in the process of moving to nearby powell street plaza.

Closings: Emery Bay Café, Oleis Fusion, Kara‘s Cupcakes, Avis Rental, Walgreens; Openings: Western Dental

closed: kara cupcakes on bay street (again!)

berkeleyside also broke the news that kara’s cupcakes on bay street have closed once again. they originally closed in September 2020 only to surprisingly reopen six months later.

The new owners of Bay Street are looking at the building as a site for a new grocery store, which would require demolition of the entire parcel.

Closings: Emery Bay Café, Oleis Fusion, Kara‘s Cupcakes, Avis Rental, Walgreens; Openings: Western Dental

closed: fusion oleis

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oleis fusion together with arizmendi has closed permanently the owner elisha lei confirmed through instagram. oleis opened earlier this year replacing the meat upstairs (and pleasant burger before that).

It has been a difficult road for oleis, as they suffered a break in in August, as well as other personal tragedies suffered by lei. oleis tried to increase income through a gofundme campaign but did not reach his goal of $60,000.

“I didn’t want to renew the lease,” Lei said when she contacted us. “It was a struggle as a single mom and solo business owner & cook.”

oleis hopes to make a comeback at another, smaller venue and encouraged fans of their kitchen to follow them on instagram for updates.

Closings: Emery Bay Café, Oleis Fusion, Kara‘s Cupcakes, Avis Rental, Walgreens; Openings: Western Dental

open: western dental & orthodontics

The space vacated by a mattress company on San Pablo Avenue has a new tenant. western dental amp; Orthodontics is a national chain headquartered in Orange, CA, with nearly 250 offices in the western United States.

More information at

Closings: Emery Bay Café, Oleis Fusion, Kara‘s Cupcakes, Avis Rental, Walgreens; Openings: Western Dental

reopening: cafeteria back

Apparently, Comeback Café will make another comeback (see what I did there?). the little vietnamese cafe on christie avenue closed shortly after the pandemic began and there was no word of reopening.

they recently put up signs in their windows indicating they will reopen in January 2022.

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