¿Cómo pedir en Starbucks en inglés?

have you ever walked into starbucks and don’t know how to order the coffee you want in english? Don’t worry, we’re going to teach you the basic vocabulary so you know how to order at Starbucks in English.

what size do you usually order?

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  • short (8oz) – short (2.3cl)
  • tall (12oz) – small (3.5cl)
  • large (16oz) – large (4.7cl)
  • venti (20oz) – very large (5.9cl)
  • thirty (30oz) – extra large (8.8cl)
  • starbucks sizes can be a bit confusing, it should be noted that those offered in any other cafeteria are: small/medium/large – small/medium/large. if you’re not sure what you want, you can say: smallest/largest size please – smallest/largest please.

    What is your favorite type of coffee?

    • American – American
    • cappuccino – cappuccino
    • espresso – espresso, black coffee
    • latte with milk
    • macchiato – spotted
    • mocha – mocha (with milk and chocolate)
    • Iced coffee – with ice
    • frappuccino – with ice, cream, etc.
    • Do you want to add an extra or modify your coffee?

      • milk – milk /melk/
      • foam – foam – eye! is pronounced /fom/, not /fo-am/.
      • whipped cream – whipped cream /wept krim/
      • syrup – syrup /syrap/
      • caramel – caramel /caramel/
      • decaffeinated /díkaf/
      • skinny – with semi or skimmed milk /skéni/
      • Let’s watch a video in which the main character, Niles, tries to order a coffee.

        what did niles ask for?

        a) a short double latte without fat or foam. b) a short double latte, low-fat and without foam. c) a double short fat-free, low-foam latte. d) a short, low-fat, low-foam double latte.

        did you choose the correct answer? A little vocabulary will help you understand better: a) a double short no fat no foam latte – a short double, with skimmed milk and no foam. b) a short, low-fat, no-foam double latte: a double short, with semi-skimmed milk and no foam. c) a short, low-fat, no-foam double latte: a double short, with milk skimmed and with little foam. d) a double short low fat low foam latte – a double short, with semi-skimmed milk and little foam.(correct answer: b).

        Practice with these mini dialogues!

        conversation 1

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        barista: hi, welcome to starbucks. what would you like to have today barista: hi, welcome to starbucks. What would you like to drink today?Taylor: Can I have a big iced caramel latte? Taylor: Can I have a large iced coffee with milk and caramel?

        barista: anything else?barista:anything else?

        taylor: that’s it. taylor: that’s it.

        barista: can I get your name for your order?barista: can I get your name for your order?

        taylor: of course. my name is taylor.taylor: of course, my name is taylor.

        conversation 2

        barista: good morning! what can I offer you today?barista: good morning! what can I serve you today?

        taylor: I’d like a tall vanilla cappuccino with low-fat milk, please.taylor: I’ll have a small vanilla cappuccino with semi-skimmed milk, please.

        barista: would you like a snack with that?barista: would you like a snack with that?

        Taylor: I’d like a croissant, too, please.Taylor: I’ll have a croissant, too, please.

        barista: is it to have here or to go?barista: is it to have here or to go?

        taylor: to go, please.taylor: to go, please.

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        barista: okay, that’s $7 please. Cash or card?barista: okay, that would be $7, please. cash or card?

        taylor: I’ll pay cash.taylor: I’ll pay cash.

        barista: ok, here you go!barista: okay, here you go!

        taylor: thank you. bye!taylor: thanks, bye!

        conversation 3

        barista: good afternoon! welcome to starbucks! how can i help you?barista: good afternoon! welcome to starbucks! How can I help you?

        Taylor: I’d like a thin frozen mocha, light ice, with hazelnut syrup and no foam, please. Taylor: I’d like a low-fat frozen mocha with a little ice, with hazelnut syrup and no foam, please.

        barista: ok, what size would you like?barista: okay, what size would you like?

        taylor: oh, a venti, please.taylor: oh, venti (very large), please.

        barista: great. Anything else besides coffee?barista: great. Anything else besides coffee?

        Taylor: A blueberry muffin, please. taylor: a blueberry muffin, please.

        would you be able to order at starbucks in english without problem? don’t forget to keep good manners when doing it, you can read more here. If you have any questions, leave us a comment!

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