8 of the Best Coffee Shops in Mobile Alabama

no city can have too many coffee shops, and mobile devices have their fair share. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to study and work or a casual place to spend time with friends, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

best coffee shops in mobile alabama

carpe diem

Located across from Spring Hill College, Carpe Diem is a favorite place to study for many students and is probably the oldest cafe on our list. it is the perfect place to spend the day when you need to work with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. carpe has options for everyone, offering hot, iced or frozen coffee and a dozen varieties of tea. They also have delicious breakfast options served all day.

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address: 4072 path of the old shell, mobile, to 36608

phone: (251) 304 – 0448

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serda coffee company

serda’s is in the heart of downtown mobile. They not only offer coffee and tea, but also Italian ice cream. open until 11 am; this is the perfect place for night work. Starting in Costa Rica, they continue to offer a selection of coffees from around the world.

address: 3 s royal st, mobile, 36602

phone: (251) 415-3000

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caffeine of the soul

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Started across the bay in Daphne, Alabama, Soul Caffeine is new to mobile. they have a calm and warm atmosphere that works to foster community development. They have a wide variety of menu items including different waffles for breakfast and paninis for lunch.

address: 1714 dauphin st mobile, al 36604

phone: (251) 408 – 9386

rooted and grounded

New to mobile, rooted and grounded had their grand opening in 2020. They are a faith-based coffee shop dedicated to fostering faith and community. they fill the store with worship music for a peaceful atmosphere perfect for studying or catching up with friends. In addition, they offer worship nights throughout the year with coffee at 5 and worship starting at 6.

address: 2754 dauphin st. mobile, at 36606

phone: (251) 408 – 9210


satori is located near the university of southern alabama and is another favorite study spot for mobile students. They offer a relaxed feel with outdoor seating and cafes. they are open until 9 o’clock, making it the perfect place for meetings or late-night study sessions.

address: 5460 mobile road shell old, to 36608

phone: (251) 344 – 4575

new espresso

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Another relatively new coffee shop is located just outside the center of mobile. They have a light and airy space with indoor and outdoor seating. They are known for their espresso and have a smaller menu. the outdoor mural is the perfect place to take a photo.

address: 306 anthony street, mobile, 36603

phone: (251) 287-1379

coffee monster

coffee monster has a more modern feel with lots of open space and greenery inside the building. They play contemporary alternative music that provides a lively atmosphere. They have a variety of unique seasonal drinks that change throughout the year.

address: 100 n florida st, mobile, at 36607

phone: (251) 378 – 5305

yellow hammer

yellowhammer is a local favorite for many mobile residents. In addition to their established store on Dauphin Street, they also have the Yellowhammer trailer that moves around mobile. They offer a variety of coffee, tea and smoothies.

address: 3249 dauphin st, mobile, 36606

phone: (251) 402-0717

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