Cake Mix Mug Cake

This recipe for Mug Cake with Cake Mix is not really a recipe. they are instructions for magic. With just three ingredients, you can make an individual mug cake in just one minute using the microwave! This fluffy treat is instantly ready whenever a snack attack hits. customize your cup cake with some candy, chips or fruit bits, and the cup cake variations are endless!

When the instructions for this 321 cake appeared in the food section of our newspaper seven years ago, I had to try it. I was amazed at the results and shared the fun recipe here on the Monday box in March 2013.

Reading: Coffee cup cake using cake mix

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I thought microwave cakes would be a unique novelty, but I was wrong! this post has been very popular and inspired many additional popular recipes such as Molten Lava Mug Cake and Pina Colada Mug Cake.

The mug cake recipes in the Monday box are unique because they are made with only non-perishable ingredients. that means the ingredients can be shipped in a special package (or kept on the kitchen shelf) for when you crave a snack.

They’re the perfect care package for anyone with a sweet tooth and access to a microwave—in other words, most college students and deployed military service members. many of the recipes use plugins that are safe to mail, even to hot desert deployment locations.

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The numbers in the name of the 321 cup cake come from the proportions of the ingredients used. all you need is cup cake mix (made from a box of angel food cake mix combined with a box of flavored cake mix) and water. Combine 3 tablespoons of the mixture and 2 tablespoons of water, then microwave for 1 minute. 3-2-1! that’s all!


  1. Use a permanent marker to label a gallon size ziplock bag with the name of the mix and the simple 3-2-1 instructions.
  2. To make mug cake mix, pour one packet flavored cake mix and one packet angel food cake mix into prepared ziplock bag. seal the bag, then shake until the two mixtures are completely combined.
    1. To make a cake, use a microwave-safe paper cup or mug. if using a mug, lightly coat the inside with nonstick spray. the spray makes cleaning easier.
    2. add 3 tablespoons cup cake mix and 2 tablespoons water. stir to combine.
    3. mix 1 tablespoon of toppings, such as syrup, chips, or jam.
    4. microwave on high for about 1 minute. every microwave is different. watch your cake carefully so it doesn’t overcook.
    5. Remove from microwave and let cake cool for a few minutes before adding frosting and sprinkles.
    6. mug cake tips

      • add-ins provide additional flavor and moisture. follow the instructions for one of the many mug cake recipes here in the Monday box, or create your own!
      • When shipping cup cake mix in special packaging, I highly recommend sending paper cups or snack bowls. college students don’t like to wash dishes, and nonstick spray cans can’t be shipped in military airmail packages.
      • Using non-stick spray on reusable cups will make them much easier to clean after cooking a cup cake.
      • Do not fill any cup more than half full to prevent overflow. an 8-ounce cup is the smallest container for this recipe. adding extra ingredients like chips or syrup increases the amount of batter and requires a larger cup.
      • eliminate the spongy texture often found in microwave baking by adding extra moisture to your cake (and delicious flavor) with 1 tablespoon syrup, jam, or condensed milk.
      • To make a chocolatey cake add a tablespoon of chocolate syrup or a tablespoon of cocoa with an extra teaspoon of water.
      • Watch your first mug cake carefully to see if it’s done. every microwave oven is different and your cake may take a little longer or less than the recipe calls for.
      • microwave cakes cook instantly and are meant to be eaten instantly. they are not meant to be stored and eaten later.
      • help package tips

        For a care package that’s the answer to midnight snacks, send a cup cake care package with these items.

        • bag of mug cake mix
        • measuring spoon
        • disposable paper cups and plastic spoons.
        • add-ons such as candy, chocolate chips, and canned or dried fruit.
        • toppings such as canned frosting, chocolate or caramel syrup, and sprinkles.
        • printed microwavable mug cake recipes from Monday’s box.
        • frequently asked questions

          mix up some microwave magic! Ingredients for 3-2-1 Cakes are a fabulous care package and quick snack anytime!

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