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The coffee knot, as its name implies, was a style favored by coffee-goers in the early 20th century.

is an elegant and unnecessarily complicated knot, designed to draw attention to the dresser’s skill at tying knots (and generally his silk tie as well) fine) . It’s definitely a great conversation starter at a casual party.

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the coffee knot summary

  • size: medium
  • symmetry: no
  • difficulty: difficult
  • formality: casual/social wear only
  • recommended collars: pointed, buttoned
  • the brown knot – description and use

    The brown knot is not quite symmetrical, as one “side” of the triangle overlaps the other.

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    the finished product has a distinctive pair of downward diagonals that frame the center of the triangular knot. it is not quite symmetrical, since one “leg” of the triangle overlaps the other.

    Although the finished knot is not as bulky as a windsor or balthus, it does require quite a bit of length to tie. ideally, the two framing “legs” should be tied with the thin center of the tie; otherwise they will completely hide the knot between them.

    This is a great knot to wear with a casual suit or dressier sport coat, or even with shirt sleeves in a social setting. it should not be used for office work or any kind of serious event.

    The brown knot is interesting because it is tied primarily with the narrow end of the tie, unlike most knots, which work primarily with the thick end.

    the thick end will only form a short loop at the end, so start with a half inch or more of where you want the tie to end.

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    It may take several tries to get it right. it’s not a beginner’s knot, and it’s not particularly functional, beyond its decorative purpose.

    #3. the coffee knot – step by step

    1. Hang the tie around your neck with the seam facing in and the thick end to your right, about a half inch lower than you want the finished tie to hang.
    2. Cross the thin end over the thick end, forming an x. then bring the thin end up through the loop you just made, behind the x.
    3. flip the thin end over the top of the knot.
    4. bring the thin end behind the knot from left to right.
    5. then thread the thin end across the front from right to left.
    6. now bring the thin end behind the knot and up through the loop around your neck. this will leave a horizontal band at the front of the knot.
    7. flip the thin end over the front of the knot so it hangs down.
    8. bring the thin end slightly to the left of the thick end, then fold it behind the knot, going from left to right.
    9. bring the thin end to the front of the knot, pointing the point up and toward your left shoulder.
    10. Put the thin end through the loop around your neck, behind the rest of the knot and out the left side of the thick end.
    11. Pull down firmly on the thin end and take a moment to fix the center of the knot. you want the diagonal legs to rise at the same angle, meeting directly under your chin.
    12. flips the thick forward and up. you can throw it over one shoulder.
    13. turn the tip of the thin end up and slide it through the single horizontal loop at the back of the knot.
    14. pull the thin end all the way through the loop and close tightly.
    15. flip both ends of the tie down.
    16. tighten carefully by holding the knot with one hand while pulling the fat end with the other.
    17. You must tighten the brown knot carefully. because the thin end is the working end (unlike many ties), it is actually tightened by holding the knot with one hand while pulling on the thick end with the other. tighten until the knot is snug against your neck, and then adjust the tie loop until the knot is centered.

      slide the thin end through the tag or loop on the back of the thick end, if it still has enough length. if not, use a tie bar or similar accessory to hold the ends together.

      bravo! Now you have a beautiful three-legged knot that shows off your knot-tying prowess! You’ve mastered one of the trickiest tie knots out there, so pat yourself on the back. and of course, allow others to bask in your glory.

      But since you’re now a pro at tie knots, you should also know a few other different ways to tie ties… after all, there may now be people asking you for advice.

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