The Best Cafe Bike Locks for 2022

best cafe bike lock

sometimes a biker like you needs to stop for a cup of coffee, lunch or an afternoon drink. but not all the time you can keep an eye on your bike. Today I will review six of the best coffee bike locks, which are the best way to secure your bike in this situation. While a traditional bike lock will secure your bike, most of them are too big or bulky, creating inconvenience for the rider.

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The best alternative is pocket locks or more commonly called coffee bike locks. our team went deep and did extensive research on the best mini bike locks available today. We also include comments from our cycling friends as we provide additional information related to all recommended coffee bike locks. This review is our way of helping cyclists choose the right cafeteria bike lock for their bike.

reviews of the best coffee shop bike locks

1 .seatylock foldylock compact folding bike locks

seatylock foldylock compact folding bike locks

Coffee bike locks are characterized as a compact, small and firm bike lock, but it can give your bike the optimal security it needs. Also, when using a traditional bike lock becomes so cumbersome because of its sheer size, coffee bike locks can be a great option for securing your bike. Just like this bike lock from foldylock, which offers several features to prevent theft from taking your bike when you leave it alone.

One of the outstanding features of this bike lock is the strength and durability to secure your bike. Physically, this lock is super strong, even with its compact size. Although there are no locks that cannot be cut by a determined thief, I am so confident that this lock can stand on its own without being cut.

Another feature that caught my eye is the high-quality frame mounts, making it easy to transport. When not in use, you can fold this coffee bike lock and store it in its frame holder. installing the rack on the bike brings many advantages as you can place and hold the lock inside when not in use.

Physically, this is one of the strongest and toughest bike locks I’ve ever used. it is very well built and easy to use. what i used to do was run this bike lock through the tire and then around the frame, then clip it on the outside post. I have been doing this for a long time and it gives me confidence that my bike is well secured and safe all the time.

Overall, this is the most beneficial coffee bike lock I’ve seen. be strong and tough and it will be difficult to cut or break. I’m impressed that it can be easily folded, and having a mounting frame makes it easy to transport when not in use. the length is enough to provide much-needed security for your bike.

2.abus pro tectic 4960

abus pro tectic 4960

Most cyclists complain when using the traditional bike lock, it’s the size and weight that causes discomfort when riding. the best alternative is to use a pocket bike lock, which is smaller and more compact in size. The Abus Cafe Bike Lock is a great option for securing your bike when it’s parked outside by itself.

Compared to the first product, the foldylock cafe bike lock, this abus bike lock is completely different in terms of features and design. Regarding the type of lock, it is not a folding lock similar to the foldylock. In fact, this slim bike lock is a steel shackle lock which can lock the wheel on the bike frame. plus, the way you secure your bike is completely different.

This coffee bike lock is convenient to use because you don’t need a post or bike rack to permanently secure your bike. plus, the lock itself means that it will prevent the rear wheel from turning, which means that it will be impossible for the thief to jump on your bike and steal it from you.

I also like the versatility of this product as it can be used as a cafeteria lock for electric bikes. however, this lock will fit on the rear wheel and is small enough to fit on the rear rack of your bike. mounting hardware may be required to fit into frame without mounting tabs. wearing a stainless steel strap is also an option.

Overall, this lock provides more security than I expected. even if you remove the bolts that hold it in position, the lock will still prevent it from turning. however, if you want to secure the bike to a post, I suggest using a cable or other lock option to support this coffee bike lock.

3 ultra-secure combination locks .bosvision

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bosvision ultra-secure combination locks

The main purpose of a coffee bike lock is to prevent you from losing your bike if you want to take a coffee break, go to the supermarket for fast food and other similar activities that require your absence on the bike. your bike should be securely locked without worrying about some people stealing your bike. One of these bike locks is from bosvision, a high-quality retractable bike lock that will secure your bike even without your presence.

One of the benefits of using this coffee bike lock is its security, even with its compact size. physically, it is so tough and strong even with the compact and small size. and I like that it keeps my bike safe anywhere without having to destroy the overall style of the bike while riding.

another benefit of using this product is the keyless function. Most of the time, forgetting the key to your lock can be annoying, but having a combination of numbers brings many benefits to the rider. all you need is to remember the number combination, and it will be easy for you to lock or unlock the bike without having to carry the key all the time.

Size wise, this cable lock is physically small. however, the presence of an adjustable vinyl coated steel cable will be able to lock and tighten around your bike or any other item you wish to secure. Plus, the three-foot cable is long enough to wrap around your bike while securing it to a bike post.

however, the only downside to using this product is the challenge of resetting the number combination. this situation will occur if you forget your unique number combination, which is quite rare.

4 bike cable locks .uiizic

uiizic bike cable locks

A coffee bike lock is the quickest and easiest solution if you want to secure your bike without using additional bike accessories. In addition, the small and compact size offers convenience, especially when it comes to storing it during the trip. A good example is this uiizic product, which is made up of two short cable locks designed to protect the motorcycle in your absence.

One of the purposes of this coffee bike lock is to provide convenience to the cyclist by having easy to use locking features. This bike lock uses various combinations in the form of a four-digit code to unlock the bike lock. More importantly, the number dials look solid and have a great click between each number, making it easy to open the lock using the code.

physically, this is a lightweight lock that should benefit the rider when carrying the lock anywhere. i’m using it to lock my bike if i want to run to a store for a few minutes. otherwise using it as a secondary lock for my bike is the best way to increase security.

In terms of size, you will have the smallest lock when purchasing this lock for your bike. if you need something to fit in a tight space when locking your bike, this lock is the best option to do it.

Overall, this cafeteria bike lock will slow down the theft of your bike. I have used this product before to lock up my bike as I leave it for a short time, but not for a longer period.

5 .kryptonite evolution series 4 disc bike locks

kryptonite evolution series 4 bicycle disc locks

The advantage of using coffee bike locks is their lightness and ease of transport, especially when not in use. in fact, many riders complain about the discomfort that the larger standard brings due to the size and weight. but using the coffee bike lock like this kryptonite product is the answer with its small size and light weight.

Physically, this is an excellent bike lock due to its durability and toughness. The size of this coffee bike lock is small, which means it can be easily carried around. however, if you check further, this bike strap lock is strong enough to seem strong enough to secure the bike. If you don’t like to carry a chain when you bike, I suggest you use this pocket lock similar to what I have done many times.

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Meanwhile, the locking mechanism is very smooth and can be easily accessed. It is powered by a double deadbolt system that is known for its holding power. meanwhile the shackle is excellent and it is very wide. meaning it fits around most bikes and still has enough room if the rider plans to use a chain.

I also like that the color is red which increases your visibility and can deter thieves from stealing your bike. Also, the led light on the key is awesome, especially when trying to unlock it in the dark. And the best thing about it is that it comes with three keys in one package, which means you never have to worry about possible replacements when a key is misplaced or lost.

Overall this is a fantastic coffee bike lock due to its durability and toughness. the lock is well made, especially the dust cover on the keyway and the coated bar, which is very impressive. plus, the padlock is large enough to combine with a chain and is strong enough to resist and prevent bolt cutters.

6 bike locks with .ottolock combination

what to look for when buying a cafeteria bike lock

cafe lock for e-bike

When looking for a coffee bike lock, there are things to consider before purchasing. it is essential that you know all these factors so that you can select the right one for your bike. please review the list below:

weight and size

It’s not a cafeteria bike lock when it’s big and heavy. In fact, coffee bike locks, also known as pocket bike locks, are known for being small, compact, and lightweight. therefore, the main factor is to look for a small and light lock because it will bring many advantages, especially when you carry it during cycling activities. Remember, cafe bike locks are primarily used when making quick stops between cycling activities, which means small, lightweight locks should be the ones to go for.

type of locking mechanism

Even the smallest bike locks come in different locking systems depending on your preferences. regular locks use keys that are used to unlock the locking system. other locking mechanism includes combination locks, cable lock system and chain lock. I always prefer combination locks because you need to bring your keys every time you use the lock. you just need to remember the combination code to unlock the lock system.

resistance and durability

One of the most important factors to consider is the hardness and durability of the coffee bike locks. You will need to choose the bike lock, which should resist threats of theft and criminals stealing your bike. With its toughness and durability, the coffee bike lock should be able to stop the thief from doing their evil plan or at least deter them from stealing your bike.


If you like chain or cable locks, you should consider the thickness of coffee bike locks. Even with the compact size, the lock must be of adequate thickness so that it can resist any threat coming from criminals, especially when it is cut or opened.

added features

You may want to consider a cafeteria bike lock that offers additional features. For example, I know of a bicycle lock with a key with an LED light that lights up when used in the dark. This feature is useful especially when using the key in the dark where it will be difficult to insert the key into the slot. If you find a bike lock with additional features to increase its effectiveness, the better for you.


The best coffee bike lock is the best for securing your bike while you’re away momentarily. this type of lock is more convenient, especially when making quick stops during your cycling activity. it also offers several advantages, particularly in the comfort it provides when carrying it during the trip. therefore, it is essential that you choose the right cafeteria bike lock for you based on your cycling needs.

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